Allsaints Coming to Kuwait in February

Post by Mark


Allsaints is one of my favorite fashion stores and they’re opening up in Kuwait next month. Their first location will be at 360 Mall right across from Nike where Desigual used to be located. It’s not Alshaya who are bringing them but instead the UAE company Majid Al Futtaim. Majid Al Futtaim are the same company that brought LEGO to Kuwait so I’m hoping the pricing scheme of Allsaints won’t follow LEGO’s formula which is just doubling the cost of everything.

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The Urban Analyst

Post by Mark


I don’t follow any “fashionistas” on instagram but every now and then a few appear on my explore page and I usually end up flipping through their accounts just to check them out. Majority don’t really capture my attention or stick out but @theurbananalyst is one of the accounts I actually spend more than a second on just because she has a sort of emo look I like as well as her photos having a great color grading style. So last week I ran into her and asked her what she did for a living and she told me she was a student and that she was only 15. I was like say whaaaaaaaaat?

I don’t think I had any talents or skills when I was 15 so I thought it was pretty cool that she’s managed to create a look and style that separates her from the rest. So if you’re looking for a cool fashion account to follow, check her out @theurbananalyst

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No More Yeezys in Kuwait?

Post by Mark

No idea if my previous post is related to this but the all black Yeezy 750’s that launched world wide 10 days ago didn’t get released in Kuwait. The all tan Yeezy Boost 350’s that are scheduled to launch world wide today also aren’t making it to Kuwait. My guess is that Adidas found out that Harvey were selling the Yeezys at a jacked up price and got pissed and pulled the brand from them. But this is just my guess, there could be other reasons to why we aren’t getting the Yeezys anymore.

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Prices of Yeezy Boost 350 in Kuwait vs World

Post by Mark

So Harvey Nichols released the Yeezy Boost 350 “moonrock” edition in Kuwait today and for some odd reason sold them for nearly twice the world wide retail price. According to a reader who queued up this morning to get his hands on a pair, Harvey Nichols in Kuwait sold the Yeezys for KD115 ($380). In comparison they sold for KD60 ($200) in the United States, KD66 (AED800) at Levels Shoe District in Dubai and for KD69 (£150) in the UK. So why is Harvey Nichols in Kuwait selling the sneakers for KD115?!

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Paid to Look Pretty

Post by Mark


Essena O’Neill had half a million followers and made an income off her posts. She boldly quit the platform last week to bring attention to problems spawned from social media.

I generally don’t link to articles I read on Facebook but I felt this one relates a lot with whats going on in Kuwait with most of the female celebrity instagrammers. [Link]


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Yeezy Season 1 Launching in Kuwait

Post by Mark


The Kanye West, Yeezy Season 1 collection is launching worldwide on October 29th and Kuwait will be included as part of the launch. Like with the Yeezy Boosts, Harvey Nichols will be carrying the Yeezy Season 1 collection exclusively in Kuwait. I’ve got my eye on two pieces which I’m hoping (a) I will be able to pull off and (b) will be worth the price. I’ve seen some price lists floating around the web and most of the pieces looks pretty expensive. According to my contact at Harvey there will be no shoes released with this collection, the only accessory will be bags. They’re also just releasing menswear so tough lucky ladies. If you’re interested, the pieces are launching this Thursday, October 29th at 10AM at Harvey Nichols in Avenues. I’m assuming they’re going to sellout pretty quick.


One interesting tidbit I learned from my contact is that they will be releasing the white Yeezy Boosts sometime November/December. According to rumors online, Adidas might be releasing a new colorway for the Yeezy’s next month but no official announcement has been made yet. In fact, Adidas are expected to make a Yeezy Boost announcement tomorrow so it could be in regards to these white boosts.

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Hosting My First Event

Post by Mark


I’m going to be hosting my first event tonight at the Avenues. A couple of weeks back I was approached by the brand ECCO telling me they were launching their Soft 7 series and if I would be interested co-hosting the launch with Monstariam. I told them it sounded cool but I needed to see the shoes first because if they were ugly I wouldn’t be able to do it. So they emailed me pictures of the shoes (pictured above) and they actually looked good so I agreed to do it.

They let me and Mo choose the DJ so we’re getting my favorite guy Empty1/4 to take care of the music. We also got to put together a small list of invitees mostly made up of interesting people we know like musicians, artists, athletes and actresses (no Instagram celebrities). On top of all this I’m actually getting paid to host this event. So basically they’re paying me to wear sneakers, hangout with interesting people and listen to good music. I should seriously start considering hosting more events.

If you’re interested in dropping by and saying hello, we’ll be at the Ecco store in Avenues Phase II from 7PM onwards. Monstariam will also be customizing sneakers on the spot for anyone that buys a pair.

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Bloomingdale’s Coming to Kuwait

Post by Mark


I just found out and was able to confirm that Bloomingdale’s, the American chain of luxury department stores is coming to Kuwait end of 2016. They’ll be opening up at 360 Mall although I have no idea where in 360 exactly. Sadly Bloomingdale’s in Kuwait will only be catering to women and not men.

Thanks Khaled

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Kuwait based designer dresses Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and Khloé Kardashian at the VMAs’

Post by Mark


For Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Britney Spears donned an attention-grabbing, mostly sheer minidress. Not to be outdone was Nicki Minaj, who flaunted an equally eye-popping gown that landed the star on many a best-dressed list.

No, these gold body-hugging looks weren’t by red-carpet faves Atelier Versace or Givenchy. They were by a nearly unknown brand called LaBourjoisie, leaving fans asking: Who is that?

LaBourjoisie turns out is a local based brand run by 35 year old Lebanese designer Antoine Salameh. His shop in Shaab is dressing A-list celebrities located on the other side of the world. Just writing that sounded so weird, it’s insane. [Link]

Thanks James

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Yeezy Boost 350 – Kuwait Launch

Post by Mark


For the sneaker heads in Kuwait you’re probably already aware that Kanye’s third release with Adidas will be launching world wide this coming Saturday August 22nd. If you weren’t aware, the previous grey 350’s were surprisingly released at Harvey Nichols in Kuwait and now they’re also part of the world wide release of the “Pirate Black” edition (full list of stores). But don’t get your hopes up. Like all the stores world wide, Harvey is also getting a very limited quantity of around 12 pairs. To make matters even more difficult, Alshaya has a no raffle policy so unlike most of the stores around the world, Harvey Nichols won’t be holding a raffle on the Yeezys. Instead, like what some stores around the world do (Colette as an example), “VIP” customers will be given a chance to own a pair while the rest will be up for grabs on a first come first served basis.


I’m still trying to get a pair for myself but as of yesterday Harvey Nichols still hadn’t received the shipment yet so they will most likely be releasing them after the August 22nd world wide release date. I even heard September 21st as a local launch date although I find that hard to believe. Once I get a confirmation on a local launch date I’ll post it here but your best bet might be to check their instagram account daily just to be safe.

FYI, the previous grey release of the Yeezy Boost 350 are now selling for $1,000+ on the grey market while the Yeezy Boost 750 are selling for $2,250+.

Update: They’re launching tomorrow morning (Sunday, August 23rd) at Harvey Nichols. First come first serve, doors open at 10AM and there are around 12 pairs only. Good luck not getting trampled.

Update2: I just realized because this is Kuwait, everyone will probably send their drivers from 6AM to wait in line.

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