New Ducatis

Posted by Mark

Ducati 848

I just found out from Gringo in Kuwait’s blog that Ducati have just released two new bikes, the 848 and the new Monster 696. They both look incredibly stunning and I soooo have my eyes on the 848, its like a 1098 which I can afford.

Ducati 696

Check out the Ducati 848 [Here]
Check out the Ducati Monster 696 [Here]

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Gulf Run here I come!

Posted by Mark

gulf run

Just booked my tickets to Bahrain via Jazeera Airways. They are practically giving them away, it cost me only KD23. Weird thing is after I booked I was checking the passenger name and it was written TESTTT, TESTT. I called Jazeera Airways up a few minutes ago to fix it and I am actually still on hold waiting for someone to pick up while I am writing this post.

So anyways, Gulf Run is next week, I am going to be taking both my video cam and digital camera so I can take a ton of shots. Marzouq, Bader and Khalid are also going and I don’t know if there are any other bloggers also going. If you want to find out more about Gulf Run you can check out their website on

And Remember, Magic is the Natural Energy Drink ;)

By the way, I am done writing this post and I am still on hold!

update: After waiting for like 10 minutes they hung up on me, I called again and I am now still on hold

update2: Finally got a hold of someone who was very professional and straight to the point. Fixed my problem instantly. I guess they just need more operators.

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Posted by Mark

I hate the sneakers that are available at Foot Locker and Athletes Foot here in Kuwait. In the past few years I don’t think I’ve even purchased any sneakers from here, I always ordered them from Amazon and other retailers online. Other than the fact that they don’t carry certain brands here, most of the retailers play it pretty safe and just get your average looking regular dull models. In the UK for example Foot Locker isn’t even counted as a trendy store for sneakers, Size?, Offspring and Foot Patrol for example all have better taste and carry funkier collections. Athletes Foot barely even exists outside of Kuwait!

One of my favorite TV shows is Entourage and one of the characters on the show is called Turtle who is a sneaker collector. That gave me the idea to also start my own sneaker collection. Its still really small but I only just started so it should grow a lot more in the coming year. You can check out some of my sneakers below.

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Online stores in Dubai

Posted by Mark

Can anyone recommend an online store in Dubai where I could order electronics off? I don’t need them to ship it to Kuwait but to someone in Dubai as a gift.

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Adidas ZXZ 123 Oddity

Posted by Mark

adidas zxz 123

I want these sneakers!! I saw them online for the first time yesterday and today I got some more info on them. Basically they will be sold exclusively at Offspring in the UK and thats it, no other place anywhere. Now the bigger problem is Offspring don’t have an online store just a stupid myspace page. The sneakers aren’t out yet but once they are I am sure I will figure out a way to get them. [Link]

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Review: Sbarro Sausage & Pepperoni Stromboli

Posted by Mark


I think Ramadan put me out of touch with food in Kuwait. This is like the third time since Ramadan ended that I discover a new item at a favorite restaurant. Today for lunch I passed by Sbarro, I hadn’t been there since before Ramadan and today I found out they had a new item that seemed interesting. Its a stromboli and up until today I hadn’t heard of it before. It’s something like their stuffed pizzas except the dough is rolled up.

I usually order the stuffed sausage & pepperoni pizza but I decided to try the stromboli version today. Although it looked interesting it turned out to be let down. The stromboli was very dry and in some places there wasn’t any sausage & pepperoni just dough. Compared to the stuffed pizza, the stromboli was boring and bland. It costs 950 fils which is the same price as a stuffed pizza except I would choose the stuffed over it easily. Its worth a try though. Final score 3 out of 5.

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Night Rider

Posted by Mark

Night Ride

I just got back from a late night ride. I hadn’t ridden since the beginning of summer and ever since TriStar had picked up my bike and serviced it last week my bike has been begging to be taken out. Tonight was his lucky night.

I was walking Geo and noticed the weather was just amazing so when I got home I suited up and went out for a ride. Salmiya was deserted and I had all the streets to myself so I took full advantage and rode up and down at my pace enjoying my time. I was a bit rusty so I felt a lot more comfortable riding alone with no traffic just in case I made a mistake.

One thing I realized, the weather is a lot nicer in shorts and a tshirt. My full bike gear which includes thick riding pants and a thick riding jacket kinda made things hot but it still felt great riding. I think I will do this every night, its very peaceful and mind clearing.

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Are you Kuwaiti, having trouble getting married?

Posted by Mark

Khitba is dedicated for Kuwaities interested in getting married and searching for their life partner. You can do your own search and contact members registered at until you find your life partner. makes finding your life partner easier and achievable. The intention of is to provide these services in a manner that reflects a genuine respect for the people that are using the site as well as with a sincere and sustainable concern for the Kuwaiti culture and society.

They can’t be serious, isn’t this like a dating site? and wouldn’t that be illegal here in Kuwait? [Link]

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Best motorbike riding tip

Posted by Mark

This has to be the best riding tip I’ve read so far:


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Kuwaiti copywriters required

Posted by Mark

World Writers

I got the following email from Agnieszka and it seems like an interesting opportunity for anyone whos interested.


I am currently looking for freelance copywriters based in the Kuwait market, working in Arabic, to work on some of our projects.

World Writers is a centralised creative and language resource based in London. We work with both agencies and direct clients to create international advertising. Our services include international copy adaptation, copywriting, cultural filtering, brand name screening, local client liaison and TV/print production management.

Over the years we have worked with numerous agencies such as Weiden & Kennedy on Nike, Vodafone and Siemens; with Springer & Jacoby on DaimlerChrysler; with Ogilvy on Huggies and so on.

Creative copywriting: Our work is mostly adaptations, based on the approved global English version. But we do understand the need for local improvisation and we do not want literal translations!

You will be involved mainly with international adaptation of advertising and marketing copy, from English into your own language and market.

Excellent understanding of English, translation skills and creative flair in your target language are crucial; knowledge of your local market – essential.

If you are interested to work as a freelance copywriter for us, please do drop me a line.

It would be great if you could send me your updated CV showing your experience in copywriting or translation (marketing, advertising preferably), a few samples of your work and let me know your availability and contact details.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Agnieszka Jablonska

World Writers
phone: +44 (0)20 3217 2418
fax: +44 (0)20 7251 9710
29 Clerkenwell Road

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