Jarir Opening at The Avenues

Jarir Bookstore is opening a new location outside The Avenues, near the Ikea and Xcite entrance of phase 1. Nothing ever survived in that corner block of The Avenues including Nandos, Johnny Rockets, and Chilis so I’m really curious to see how Jarir will end up doing. There isn’t really a large bookstore or an art and office supplies shop in Avenues, so this could potentially work.


True Value Now Inside Sultan Center

If you’re a customer of the main Sultan Center in Salmiya you might have noticed how the upstairs area was pretty dead. Xcite and Intersport opened there a few years ago but the homeware section was pretty poor, like they stopped caring about it.

Well yesterday I found out that True Value has now taken over that department so I decided to check it out. Basically the whole top floor of Sultan Center Salmiya is divided between Xcite, Intersports, Dawa Pharmacy and True Value. True Value takes up majority of the space and covers all the homeware items with a very tiny hardware section.

It’s a pretty good idea and great for shoppers, but mostly because they’ve restocked the area and its packed with stuff now instead of it looking abandoned.


Sirdab, a Second-Hand Furniture Store

Sirdab is a new local online store that just launched yesterday that sells furniture that’s second-hand, antique, vintage, or handmade. Even though they launched yesterday their store has a ton of items for sale already including chairs, tables, lamps rugs, and various accessories. The website is also surprisingly good, it’s fast, easy to navigate, and easy to sort.

Delivery starts a 2KD for small items and goes up to 10KD for the larger stuff. If you want to check them out their Instagram is @shop.sirdab and their website is


Xcite Have a New Website

I just noticed Xcite have updated their website with a new design and it’s super fast. The design itself isn’t that special but the speed of navigation is. Check it out

One thing I did find weird is navigating through the drop-down menu requires clicking and not hovering to open up sub-menus. Seems very old school.

The Best Electronics website seems will also be getting an update but in the meantime have strangely shut down the whole website to do so.

Update: A reader highlighted a major flaw with the Xcite website which is the fact you can’t open products in separate tabs. Hopefully, that’s something they’re planning to fix because it’s a major navigation flaw the way it is now.

Update2: Looks like they heard us, products can now be opened in new tabs!

Information Shopping

My New Favorite Flowers Wholesaler in Kuwait

Last year I posted about Flora, a hidden wholesale florist in Salmiya that I used to get my flowers from. Tahani is another similar wholesale florist but since I found out about it, it’s become my new go-to flower shop.

Tahani Flowers have multiple locations but I’ve only been to the ones in Salmiya and Hawally. The Salmiya one is larger and has a bigger variety so that’s the one I frequent the most. The store is located in the basement of a building on the same street as Jothen Cosmetics, Barakat, and Tibawi Sweets. The store is divided into two areas, the large main area is where you’ll find pots, plant accessories, dried flowers, and some plants and flowers like Orchids. But, the most important area is their extremely large walk-in fridge.

The fridge is where all the fresh flowers are displayed and is divided into two large sections with a corridor connecting the two areas. The fridge is filled to the brim with flowers, from popular and common, to rarer and harder-to-find ones. Since they’re wholesalers, the prices of the flowers are cheaper than anywhere else and their collection is the largest I’ve seen so far in Kuwait (if you know a place with a larger collection let me know!).

Here is the location on Google Maps, and they’re also on Instagram @tahaniflowersalmiya


Urban Outfitters Now Open in Avenues

Urban Outfitters, the lifestyle retailer opened its first store in Kuwait at The Avenue this past weekend. I passed by to check out my favorite section which is the lifestyle area that usually has vinyl records, film cameras, and various books but they didn’t have any of that here instead they had just homeware items. My guess is that wasn’t really in their control.

Pricewise we are pretty similar to the Dubai store prices if not exactly the same, but we’re around 7-10% more expensive than the stores in Europe (the tags all have the Euro prices on them to compare).

Urban Outfitters is located in Avenues Phase II, between Dean & Deluca and Baroue.

Food Shopping

Heineken Beer Now Available in Kuwait

Heineken’s 0.0 non-alcoholic beer is now available in Kuwait and Sultan Center has them for sale. I love the way the cases look stacked up because for just a second, it helps you visualize what a supermarket in Kuwait would look like if alcohol was actually legal. The price for a 6-pack is KD3.9 or 650 fils per bottle.


Alo Yoga Opening this Wednesday

Alo Yoga, the Los Angeles-based premium lifestyle/yoga brand is opening at The Avenues this coming Wednesday afternoon. It will be their first store in Kuwait and it’s going to be located next to the Mercedes showroom in the Grand Plaza.

To stay posted on the launch or to check out pictures from their event this past weekend, check them out on Instagram

Food Shopping

Singarea Asian Market Now in Salmiya

Singarea, the popular Asian supermarket has officially opened their new location in Salmiya. This is their third location in Kuwait, the other two being in Shuwaikh and Mahboula.

The new location is around the lake in Boulevard Park, right next to the restaurant Izmir. When I dropped by they were still unpacking some boxes but the space was looking good although didn’t seem as big as their Shuwaikh location, neither did it have as many freezers and fridges will all those food items.

Their Salmiya branch is open daily from 10AM to 10PM and if you want to pass by and check it out, here is the location on Google Maps. Just a note, at the time of this post there was no signage outside but just head to Izmir and it’s the building right next to it.

Food Shopping

Honest Grocer

Honest Grocer is a new local grocery store that sells only healthy food products. That’s not really new in Kuwait but what sets Honest Grocer apart from the competition is the fact that their selection of products is curated using their stringent nutritional and ethical guidelines. These guidelines include:

  • No artificial additives
  • No preservatives and emulsifiers
  • No fillers
  • Non-GMO
  • No Soy Lecithin
  • Free from or the lowest possible levels of sugar alcohol and refined sugar
  • Organic (the majority of which are certified)

Navigating their different products is really simple on their website since their interface is very basic. So for example, if you’re looking for keto products or products that are sugar-free, you can get access to them easily from the main page with just a click. They’re also located on Deliveroo which makes ordering from them easy although their products are only categorized by brand on that platform.

The only downside like everything healthy is the price. Because you’re getting the best quality ingredients you’re going to have to pay for it and that can mean 5KD for a chocolate spread or 600fils for a bag of chips. They sent over goodies to my office and the first thing we did was replace all the unhealthy snacks we had in our pantry with their products. Now I just need to convince the accountant why he needs to increase our pantry budget so we can continue to stock up on these healthier but more expensive snacks.

If you can afford it, then definitely check out Honest Grocer either on Deliveroo or their website


Weighted Blankets Back in Stock

Back in March, I posted about a local shop called Onebase that sold weighted blankets. Not a lot of people managed to grab one before they sold out but I noticed last night that they were back in stock.

Weighted blankets are considered to be therapeutic and can benefit people with anxiety, autism, and insomnia. Some people find sleeping with a weighted blanket very calming like they’re being hugged.

If you want to check out the weighted blankets at Onebase, click here.


Selfridges and Unlimited Free Shipping to Kuwait

Every time we get heavy rainfall and Kuwait floods I tell myself I should get rainboots. For the past few years, I’ve been wearing my Yeezy 950’s during floods but they aren’t really that waterproof. Plus I just checked to see how much they sell on StockX and I definitely shouldn’t be using them as rainboots anymore. A couple of weeks ago while out exploring in Jahra I got into a situation that involved mud and had to turn back because I was wearing sneakers. So I decided I’d buy a pair of rain boots and just keep them in the back of my Hilux for when I need them.

I wanted to get a pair of dark green Hunter wellington boots but couldn’t find any place locally selling them and so started looking online. I was hoping to find a shop online that offered free returns in case the size wasn’t the correct one and after looking at a bunch of places, I found out Selfridges did free returns. So I ordered the boots from there. Turns out there are actually a bunch of good reasons to shop on Selfridges online which is why I’m posting about it.

Free Returns
So firstly the point I just mentioned is they have free returns. This is great because you could order stuff, try them on, and if anything doesn’t fit the way it should you can return them.

The second good reason is that shopping is tax-free. Because you’re shipping from Selfridges straight to Kuwait, they remove the VAT from the price which is an instant 17% discount.

Cheap and Unlimited Shipping
Their shipping rates are really really cheap. The boots I ordered are fairly heavy, came in the biggest box I’ve ever seen and it cost me only £25 (KD9) for shipping. And it’s not like they shipped it with regular mail, they shipped using Aramex. To top it off it didn’t matter what I added to my cart, or how many items I added, the shipping price stayed fixed at £25. What’s even crazier is the fact they have unlimited deliveries for £40 (KD14.5) a year which is like wtf, how do they even make money? I’m seriously contemplating just signing up for their unlimited delivery plan and just doing all my shopping there. And just to be clear, this is unlimited shipping to Kuwait.

The boots ended up fitting me fine so I’m keeping them but I was kinda curious to try out their return policy. I should also mention they were selling the boots for pretty cheap as well compared to other places. After removing the VAT I paid 37KD for them without shipping. So great prices, cheap shipping and free returns, basically everything you want when shopping online.


Getting Ready for Desert Trips

Over the weekend I visited the Outdoor Sport & Safari Expo and found out we now have a Solo Stove dealer in Kuwait. Solo Stoves are really great outdoor fire pits that are very practical for lighting a fire in your backyard or when out in the desert. Their firepits also have the added benefit of being smokeless due to the way they’re designed. Since winter is coming you might want to pick one up before they sell out. Here is the price comparison between the local price and Amazon if you were to ship them:

Solo Stove Ranger (Small)
Kuwait: 105KD
Amazon: 116KD

Solo Stove Bonfire (Medium)
Kuwait: 138KD
Amazon: 154KD

Solo Stove Yukon (Large)
Kuwait: 215KD
Amazon: 290KD

If you’re interested, here is the link to the local dealer

The expo was actually pretty cool, I ended up picking up a few things that were on sale including a couple of collapsable camping chairs (8KD each), a small collapsable table to go with it (also 8KD), and an ARB recovery snatch strap (priced 22KD instead of the usual 28).

I was planning to get these camping chairs so I can throw them inside one of my storage trunks in the back of my Hilux and had one by a company called OneTigris on my Amazon wishlist. But, the total for two shipped to Kuwait was coming out to 40KD which was overkill considering I might only use them a couple of times. Then I found similar chairs but obviously not the same quality at JYSK for 5.5KD and bought a pair. I decided to buy those and figured if I did actually get some use out of them I could then splurge on better quality ones.

Right after buying the chairs from JYSK I headed to the expo and found better quality ones on discount for 8KD from a place called Extreme Outdoors. So I ended up picking up a pair from there and a small table to go along with them and they fit in my storage trunk with plenty of room left for me to store other things. Now I need to return the ones I got from JYSK but they’re actually really good value if anyone is looking for chairs to take into the desert this winter (pictured above). Here is the link for them on the JYSK website.

Music Shopping

IKEA x Swedish House Mafia Collab Coming to Kuwait

IKEA and electronic music artists Swedish House Mafia have teamed up to make everyday life easier for those who produce, perform, play, or listen to music. They’ve come together to launch the OBEGRÄNSAD collection which contains more than 20 products (including a record player) that are being launched globally this month. IKEA Kuwait confirmed their products will be launching here soon but hasn’t shared a date.

Personally, I need to pick up a couple of the records stands to replace the current IKEA wooden crates I’m using. They also have a cool records bag which I might pick up. You can check the full collection on the US IKEA page here.

You can also access the IKEA Kuwait OBEGRÄNSAD collection page but there isn’t anything there yet. Here is that link.


Order from Amazon UK

Since the British Pound is so low right now I figured I’d post a reminder about the fact that you can order stuff from Amazon UK to Kuwait directly.

Why should you order from Amazon UK?

  • As of this post, 1KD = £3
  • When you ship stuff to Kuwait directly, the 20% VAT is removed reducing the price considerably
  • Even after shipping and local customs, the price pretty much evens out to the UK listed price

This works best with expensive items since the more expensive the item, the more money you save with the VAT removed. The money saved with the VAT you then put towards the shipping cost. This obviously doesn’t work on everything but its worth giving a shot.