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Padel Inside a Mall

The padel obsession has gotten so out of hand that courts are starting to pop up inside malls. Symphony Mall in Salmiya now has a padel court inside and oddly, I don’t think that’s even the weirdest place a padel court has popped up in Kuwait. I think the weirdest is the one located inside a car paint protection center and then there is another one located inside a car garage. I don’t think padel is even a thing anymore, is it?

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First Kuwaiti NFL Player Inducted into the Hall of Fame

Last year I posted about Maher Barakat, the first and only Kuwaiti to ever be drafted it to the NFL as well as being the first football player from his college to go pro. Maher broke college and division records and became really well known in his town back in the 1960s earning him the nickname Bear-Cat.

Last night, the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology decided to honor Maher with an induction into their hall of fame. The ceremony was streamed live and Maher’s grandson accepted the induction on his behalf with a heartwarming speech. As of this post, the induction ceremony is available to watch online at the following link (Maher gets inducted at the 51min mark)

If you missed the post on how Maher made it to the NFL, click here.

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24H Series Coming to Kuwait

The 24H Series sports car and touring car international racing series is coming to Kuwait. Kuwait Motor Town is set to host the final round of the 2022 24H SERIES, marking the first time a venue in Kuwait has hosted an international circuit racing event.

The inaugural Hankook 12H KUWAIT will take place from 30 November to 2 December, just over two months after the final European round of the 24H SERIES at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on 9-10-11 September and just six weeks before the 2023 season opener at the Dubai Autodrome on 13-14-15 January, with a format and a date for the event also confirmed.

To summarize, this is a pretty big deal. KMT opened in 2018 with the aim to eventually host international racing events and this will be the first of eventually many more racing to come. We have a pretty great track layout (video above) so I’m really interested to see how it works for races. To stay posted on this event and other, Kuwait Motor Town is on Instagram @kmtkw

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Kuwaitโ€™s Largest Indoor Climbing Wall Opening Soon

During the holiday I got a sneak peek tour of the new indoor climbing wall arena opening in Sabah Al Salem (Map). I knew it was pretty big before I got there but in person, it was even bigger than I imagined. The climbing wall covers three sides of a very large space and will be able to handle over 25 climbers at the same time.

There are different climbing difficulty levels and one section is even dedicated to sport climbing. The sport climbing section has timer start buttons at the bottom of the climb and a stop timer button on the top of the wall. That section is certified for competitions and is similar to the one athletes compete in during the Olympics.

While there I also checked out Ozone next door, the indoor skydiving which I posted about a couple of weeks ago. This is going to be the third indoor skydiving center in the region with the other two located in Bahrain and the UAE, but our center will have the most powerful wind tunnel of the three. Both Ozone and the Climbing Wall are expected to open very soon, within 2-4 weeks, they’re just waiting for the electricity to be turned on so they can finish up the remaining work which is minimal.

Right now Ozone is running an early bird promotion where you can get 20% discount on your first flights in the wind tunnel, if you want to take advantage and pre-book, here is the link.

Climbing Wall is on Instagram @climbingkw while Ozone is @o3_kw


Kuwait Wins the GCC Games

The 3rd GCC Games ended yesterday and Kuwait ended up winning the games with 36 gold medals and a final tally of 96 medals.

Really impressive considering it wasn’t even close between Kuwait and second place.


GCC Games: Kuwait is in the Lead

As of this post, Kuwait is currently leading the 3rd GCC Games with 69 points and 25 gold medals. The games end on the 31st and there are still a lot of medals to grab so Kuwait isn’t in the clear yet. To stay posted on the games visit


Watch the 3rd GCC Games Online

The 3rd GCC Games started yesterday and the dust storm didn’t stop them. You can check out some pictures from yesterday’s events on the @kuwaitolympic twitter account. Currently, Bahrain is leading the games with 6 gold medals while Kuwait is in fifth place with 2.

The games are being broadcasted on KTV3 so if you can’t attend the games you can still watch it on TV or online via the MOI website. If you want to stream the games online, click here.


3rd GCC Games Start Today!

To stay up to date on the 3rd GCC Games which are being held in Kuwait, make sure you follow @kuwaitolympic and visit the website

If you want to check the schedule, click here.

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Join the SUP Race Series!

Registration for the first race of the stand-up paddleboarding race series is now open. The series is organized by the Kuwait Sailing School and will take place this coming Friday, May 20th. If you don’t have a paddleboard you can still take part by renting one from them.

There will be prizes for winners including a KD100 cash prize for first place while every participant will also leave with a medal. After the race, there will be food, drinks, and lots of socializing. Here are some more details:

Registration Fees: KD15
Equipment Required: SUP board not longer than 12’6″
SUP Board Rental: If you don’t have a board you can rent one for KD6

Friday’s race is part of a four-part series that will take place throughout this summer. For more information and to register, click here.

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GCC Games Schedule Now Available

The 3rd GCC Games will be held in Kuwait in three days’ time and the Kuwait Olympic Committee yesterday published the schedule of events on their Instagram account along with the venues. Sadly the schedule isn’t very legible because it’s too tiny and it also doesn’t include any timings. They also haven’t updated their website with any information yet nor is there any mention if people can attend the events or if we need to get tickets.

Also, how come the streets aren’t decorated with flags and posters celebrating the event? It sounds like a big event but you wouldn’t tell that it’s taking place in Kuwait.

The GCC Games include a number of sports including sailing, basketball, swimming, tennis, gymnastics, weightlifting, futsal, padel, ice hockey, table tennis, esports, and more. The games are held every 4 years but the last one was held in 2015 in Saudi Arabia. At the first GCC Games Kuwait came first with 14 gold medals, 8 silver, and 7 bronze.

For more information visit @kuwaitolympic

Update: Thanks to a reader I found out that the games have an official website that includes the full schedule including the timings and venue locations. No mention of tickets so I’d assume it’s open for all on a first come first serve basis. The GCC Games website is


Is Padel getting Banned?

The short answer is no, it’s not getting banned. Well, not yet at least. Yesterday an MP tweeted that a padel tournament was shut down because of inappropriate clothing and the mixing of opposite sexes which led to people thinking that new stricter measures were coming to the sport. But, according to @kuwaitnews, this isn’t true. The padel tournament didn’t get shut down and is still on.

So padel isn’t on the chopping block for now.

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Watching Formula 1 in Kuwait (2022 Edition)

Every couple of years I post an update on the easiest way to watch Formula 1 and this year has gotten a tad bit easier because there is now an F1 TV app for the Apple TV. F1 TV is the best way to watch Formula 1 since it’s their official streaming app and has a lots of great features and F1 content. The only issue is that it doesn’t work in Kuwait, but there is a way to get around that.

Firstly, you need to get an F1 TV Pro subscription. You can’t use your credit card because it won’t accept Kuwait based cards so you’re going to need an Apple device and have a US Apple Store account. If you have those two then can subscribe to F1 TV from inside the F1 TV app and pay for the subscription using your Apple Store account.

The biggest change over my previous post is the F1 TV app for Apple TV. You don’t even need a VPN if you already use SmartDNS to access streaming services like HBO, Hulu, Disney etc. If you don’t have SmartDNS then you need to get one, I use Smart DNS Proxy (affiliate link) and it’s around $5 a month.

Once you have your SmartDNS set up, it’s just a matter of launching the app whenever there is a race and you’re set. Easy.

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Padel has taken over Kuwait

Pretty much every football field in Kuwait is being turned into a Padel court.

Comic by @hb.comics

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Rally Driver Crashes Because of Quad Bike

Qatari rally driver Abdulaziz Saadon Alkuwari got into an accident yesterday during the FIA Middle East Rally Championship when a quad bike got across the race track. Abdulaziz narrowly missed hitting the quad bike but then lost control of the car and hit a rock causing the car to flip and crash.

You can watch footage of the crash in the tweet on top but he also has more photos and clips in his instagram story @alkuwari_rally. Luckily both he and his co-pilot escaped unharmed.

Thanks Mohamed

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Fencing at the Qadsia Fencing Academy

Around 5 years ago I posted about fencing courses at the Qadsia Fencing Academy. Since then the academy has gone through an overhaul and they’ve now revamped it with new coaches, management, and a new look. They are open again to anyone who is interested in learning to fence including both males and females, kids and adults.

The fencing academy operates three days a week from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays. They will be introducing private lessons soon but currently, they’re only offering group sessions with the first class being a free trial. The monthly membership is a very reasonable 40KD and they provide all the equipment for you. So if you’re looking for something new and interesting to try, it doesn’t get better than this.

For more information and videos you can check out their instagram @qadsiyafencingacademy. They also have a website with updated information