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The Video Club Before it Closed

Found some old photos of Video Club in Salmiya I had taken back in 2011 before it closed down. Cassettes were being sold for 500fils and CD’s for 1KD.

At this point the store had shrunk to half the size and I don’t think the video rental upstairs still was around then.

50s to 90s Kuwait

An old Video Club membership card

A reader emailed me this old Video Club membership card he found dating back to the mid 80’s. Back then you’d pay to be able to rent a certain amount of videos and every time you rented a video they’d punch a hole in the card. That was back when The Video Club was one of the coolest video rental places in Kuwait.

Thanks Kyle

50s to 90s Kuwait

The Video Club

Still aliveā€¦ just not kicking.
Tapes are for 500fils while CDs are for KD1.

Kuwait Music Shopping

The Video Club Salmiya

I had some time to kill last night so me and Nat decided to pass by The Video Club in Salmiya. I used to go there a lot when I was in highschool and buy atleast 1 music tape a week. It used to be the best music shop, they used to get all the cool alternative bands and all the tapes were original. So I passed by yesterday to show Nataly my old favorite music shop but the place at the moment is just a sad story, I don’t know how they fucked up (don’t blame Virgin). On the bright side for us consumers, they have a huge selection of KD1 CDs. I found Pearl Jam’s No Code album (one of my favs) for only KD1 and I found a large collection of Sound Garden’s Down in the upside album also for KD1. Ofcourse there is a lot of crap like Captain Hollywood or Mr President but thats to be expected. I wasn’t able to browse through all the CDs since I didn’t have that much time to kill but I probably will pass by tonight to continue the search.


New Music Video: Ghost by Cobra Club

Tareq Almulaifi is a Kuwaiti singer/songwriter who officially launched his new band Cobra Club this past summer with the 80s inspired track “Razor“. They had also previously released the single called Ghost and this past weekend they finally launched the music video for it. You can check out the video above or listen to the track on Spotify. Some really good stuff.

Funny Sports

Jahra Football Club Fans

This is the most random thing ever, I can’t tell if they’re trolling or not. YouTube


New Music: Cobra Club & Fabrice

Cobra Club – Ghost @cobraclubmusic
Tareq Almulaifi is a Kuwaiti singer/songwriter who officially launched his new band Cobra Club earlier this month with the 80s inspired track “Razor“. They’re back again with a new single called “Ghost” which sadly doesn’t have a music video. The new track also has the same retro vibes to it and you can listen to it on Spotify.

Fabrice – Leave us alone @fabriceroots
Fabrice is a French musician with a unique Caribbean voice that’s living in Kuwait. Earlier this month he released a new single titled “Leave us alone” which is available to stream and download on his Bandcamp account. So check it out here or just click play below.


New Music: “Razor” by Cobra Club

Tareq Almulaifi is a Kuwaiti singer/songwriter whom I previously posted about a few years ago when he was living in New York. Since then he’s moved to LA and just a couple of days ago released his first track with his new band, Cobra Club.

For the past few years I’ve been really into 80s inspired cinematic synth pop music and Tareq’s new track “Razor” falls right into that category. It’s a great track which I’ve probably already played a dozen times since last night and the music video, which supposedly was shot on a low budget, is really well made and carries over the whole 80s vibe. Can’t wait to hear more of their stuff.

Make sure you check Cobra Club out on Instagram @cobraclubmusic and Tareq on @tarequlous. If you’d like to hear more music similar to this then check out my Spotify playlist “Not the 80s” where you’ll find some of my favorite tracks including Tareqs.

50s to 90s Videos

Videos of Ahmadi from the 1950s

I have a series of old posts called “Life in Kuwait back in the 1950s” that still attracts some of the most amazing comments today by people who used to live in Ahmadi in the 50s. I’ve even previously posted about how a bunch of kids who grew up in Ahmadi together were able to reconnect after 60 years in the comments of one of these posts and now someone left another very interesting comment. Mike Green grew up in Kuwait in the early 50s and he converted some of his parents old 8mm film to digital and uploaded the footage to youtube. Below is his story along with the videos:

My Dad (Cliff Green) arrived in Kuwait in 1953, and the rest of the family left rainy Manchester in a Dakota the following year. My final time in Ahmadi was 1968 when I started work in the UK, and Dad left in 1971. I have converted some old Standard 8 film to digital and that along with some interspersed photos and modern film I have posted on YouTube.

Many of the “second generation” along with now very few older generation meet each year for an Ahmadi reunion which has been running now for nearly 50 years. In 2010 my sister and I visited Ahmadi on our way to Dubai and it was very strange to see the old haunts still there but there have been many changes to the housing (etc).

The Hubara Club has been renovated but there are still some remnants of the old days which were not destroyed during the invasion. Particularly (and how strange is this memory) the power socket on the outdoor stage is still the same one I used back in 1966 with Chris & Glyn Gustar, and Kerry Scott as our “holiday band” got into full swing – supporting, if I remember “The Twisters” I must consider putting down on paper more of the life we had as “privileged kids” during the 1950’s and early 60’s.

Activities Sports

Rowing with Kuwait Pilot Gig Club

out at sea

If you’re looking for a new fun activity, then you should consider rowing with the Kuwait Pilot Gig Club. Back in April of last year, I posted about them, but it was towards the end of their season and I wasn’t able to try them out. Then a friend reminded me about them a couple of weeks ago so we both signed up for a trial session which turned out to be a lot of fun.

the oars

The meeting point for the trial session was the Nino’s parking lot on the Gulf Road at 4PM, I had gym nearby till 3:40PM and then headed to Nino’s once I was done. I had leg day at the gym which turned out to be the worst thing to do before rowing since I later found out that 90% of rowing involves using legs. My legs were sore for days after!

The trial session is for people who have an interest to row, but have never rowed before and are curious to try it. Each rowboat can take up to 6 people, we were 5, just me, my friend, the coxswain (captain) and two experienced rowers. We started the session off on land with information on the boat and the oars. Once in the water, we were then taught the basics of rowing and how to row as a team. I loved being out at sea and I hadn’t done that in forever because I get seasick so easily. But, I had taken some amazing motion sickness pills (Betaserc) and really didn’t feel sick at all. Rowing wasn’t very difficult, but it obviously will take a number of outings before getting comfortable with the techniques and motions. You do have to be fit and have some strength but other than that, they’ll teach you everything you need to know.


If you’re interested in rowing this is what you need to do. Firstly you have to contact them on 99031123 or [email protected] and arrange for a trial session. If like me you enjoyed the experience and want to take part in this activity, then here are the prices:

Intro Course
Involves 6 rowing sessions + 1 social row. The cost is KD75 and the course needs to be completed within two months.

Monthly Membership Packages
You need to have completed the intro course and then it’s:

– 4 Rows KD 30/- monthly
– 8 Rows KD 55/- monthly
– Unlimited Rows KD 75/- monthly

Make sure you also check out their instagram account for more pictures and videos @kwt_pilot_gig

Video Games

My 5 Favorite Video Games of 2016

Usually I let my brother write all the video game posts but in this specific case I wanted to share my favorite games of last year. I went through a lot more games than usual this past year but the list below are of the ones that did it for me:

50s to 90s Movies

The Cinema Club Show

An Episode from Farouq Abdul-Aziz’s Cine Club Show on Kuwait TV from Farouq Abdul-Aziz on Vimeo.

Wow I can’t believe I just found this! Those of you who used to watch KTV back in the day will remember a show that came on once a week called The Cinema Club where a host would first talk a bit about the movie he was going to show and it’s importance, and then play it for us. The host Farouq Abdul-Aziz uploaded one episode of the show on Vimeo and you can watch it above. Sadly the sound quality isn’t that great but the opening sequence still managed to bring back so many memories.

Automotive Events Kuwait

Event: Jeep Club Kuwait Mud Festival

On Friday April 10th the Jeep Club in Kuwait will have an off-road mud festival. Here are some details:

– Location: Subiyah Hights.
– Gathering: 1pm behind Sultan Center, Salmiya.
– Events: Mud Bogging, Mud Drag Racing, Speed Test

For more details please contact the phone numbers below.
All 4X4 vehicles are welcomed.

Jeep Club Kuwait Pictures
Jeep Club Kuwait Videos
[email protected]
Tel: 99504315 and 66533100

Kuwait Music Strange

Kuwait Britney Fans Video Tribute

Oh my God, this has to be the scariest thing I have found on YouTube. There is actually a Britney Spears fan club in Kuwait and they’ve put together this tribute video for Britney! This is whats posted about the video on YouTube:

Kuwait Britney fans speak out for the first time showing love and support to a legend.

Yes we do support Britney. If you don’t like it then deal with it! Hate comments will be deleted. Please be respectful.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

What is the world coming to? [YouTube]

50s to 90s

Golden Beach Hotel – Kuwait 1963

Last year I bought a vintage map of Kuwait and although there is no date on it, I think it’s from the early 70s because there is a Hilton ad on it and Hilton opened in 1969. You can view a photo of the map on my twitter and right now I’m trying to scan it so I can make a proper copy available online. The only issue is it’s taking too long to scan one section at a time with my small scanner and then stitch it together in Photoshop.

Anyway, one thing that caught my attention was an ad for Golden Beach Hotel. Not to be confused with the Golden Beach Casino that was located in Salmiya, Golden Beach Hotel was located where the National Assembly building is today. I hadn’t heard of the hotel and couldn’t find any information online so I left it at that. But then yesterday, while trying to dig up information in one of my books on the Spring Continental Hotel that was located in the Dalal Complex in Salmiya (where Video Club used to be), I found a photo and information on the Golden Beach Hotel. So here is the obscure info that nobody requested:

Golden Beach Hotel
Telephone: 39521
Location: Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait

Rooms: 44
Baths: 44

Single Occupancy Prices
R/Bfst K.D. 5.000
Half K.D. 6.000
Full K.D. 7.000

Double Occupancy
R/Bfst K.D. 9.000
Half K.D. 11.000
Full K.D. 12.000

Breakfast K.D. 0.350 / 0.450
Lunch or Dinner K.D. 0.900

If you want to check out higher-res versions of the images here, they’re also on my twitter account.

Update: So my mum just saw the post and messaged me to tell me she spent a night at the Golden Beach Hotel in December 1972. She was heading to Abadan in Iran from Lebanon to see her aunt and she took the Kuwait Airways flight which transits through Kuwait. When she got to Iran turns out her aunt hadn’t gotten her a visa so they sent her back to Kuwait. Her flight back to Lebanon was the day after so she spent the night at the Golden Beach Hotel.

Once she was back in Lebanon her aunt got her the Iran visa and she headed back again. This time on her way back to Lebanon during her stop over in Kuwait she saw an ad to become a flight attendant for Kuwait Airways and she applied. And that’s how she became a flight attendant. So because of this random post I found out how my mum became a flight attendant.