Kuwait will be a Huge Travel Destination in the Next 10 Years

Posted by Mark


Based on data from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the home swapping site “Love Home Swap” compiled a top 50 up-and-coming countries to watch list and Kuwait came in #15 as a new and upcoming holiday destination. Business Insider has even picked up the story further adding to the credibility of the list. So strange, check out the top 50 destinations [Here]

Thanks Taz

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1st Healthy City in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


Yarmouk became the first healthy city in Kuwait this month by fulfilling the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO). Some of the requirements they fulfilled included:

– Fighting against obesity
– Having a walk marathon
– Beautification and cleaning of the city
– Setting up a well-equipped walking track
– Planted trees
– Saved power and water
– Washed streets with water and soap
– Organized exhibitions for young entrepreneurs a
– Established an environment-friendly park
– Organized cultural, social, educational and health symposiums and lectures
– Urged people to donate blood
– Combatted smoking
– Fighting swine flu

I think thats really great now if only the same formula could be applied to my area or other areas around Kuwait. Checkout the article on KUNA [Here]

Photo by Samira

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Exclusive: Official Images of the New Kuwaiti Currency

Posted by Mark


A few hours ago the Central Bank of Kuwait revealed the new design of the Kuwaiti currency and a few moments ago I obtained the official images of the currency. The new Kuwaiti Dinars were designed by the famous De La Rue company in the UK. They’ve been around since 1821 and they sell high-security paper and printing technology for over 150 national currencies around the world. The new notes have plastic polymer in them making them difficult to tear as well as making them a lot more durable for day to day use.


I love the new designs and can’t wait till they go into circulation in the next couple of months. My only criticism is the lack of a KD50 note, KD20 just isn’t large enough today. Check out all the notes below.

Thanks Patrick

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This is the New Kuwaiti Currency

Posted by Mark


The Central Bank of Kuwait just released images of the newly designed Kuwaiti Dinars at a press conference a short while ago. The photo above is taken from the video presentation and clearly shows the new designs. First impression, I like them.

Thanks Asrar

Update: Another friend just sent me the below images of the new currency.



Thanks Mana3ee

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Posted by Mark

The Vault Fundraiser
Shakshooka Nomadic Farmers Market
Cinemagics: Short Term 12
Exhibition: 50 Years of Printmaking
Exhibition: Once Removed – Kevork Mourad
Exhibition: Nuwa Creations – Katia Al Tal
Exhibition: The Tour – Barry Iverson
Exhibition: Re-Cast

Mapping Meetup 9

Food Revolution Day
Cinemagics: Trances
International Museum Day

If you’d like to share an event on the blog click [Here]

Update: Just added the International Museum Day event

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Posted by Mark


Exhibition: 50 Years of Printmaking
GAME Expo 2014
Cinemagics Rooftop Movie: Frances Ha
GAME Expo 2014

GAME Expo 2014
3rd French Short Movie Festival
Guided Tour: Grand Mosque
Cinemagics Rooftop Movie: Nostalghia

Photo above by Allan Santiago

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Sea City – Building the Impossible

Posted by Mark


A couple of years back Discovery Channel aired an episode of Building the Impossible that featured Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City. Back then I hadn’t heard of the project but ever since I did I’ve been frequenting the place as often as I can mostly for activities like wakeboarding. Anyway a reader left a comment on my old post letting me know you can now watch “Sea City – Building the Impossible” online. I’ve already watched them before but if you haven’t check out this [Link]

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Sneak Peek: Kuwait Cultural Centre

Posted by Mark


Last month when I posted my photographic journey of Salam Palace I mentioned that right next door to the palace a huge project is currently under construction. I was shown renderings of the buildings and they looked out of this world but due to the secretive nature of this project (they want it to be a surprise to everyone) I wasn’t allowed to take any photos to share on the blog. Luckily with a little help from a friend of mine (thanks Khaled!), I was able to source out the images of the project online.


The site of the huge project is the old flag square opposite the church in Kuwait City [Map] and when completed will house four structures, an opera house, a music center, a theatre and a library. The official name for this cultural centre I believe will be “Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre”. The buildings will be made out of titanium shells and will have no pillars at all on the inside. When I met with Al-Diwan Al-Amiri they told me the project was expected to be completed in 18 months and I truely believe that will be possible due to the amount of resources they’ve assigned for this project. The project is already two months ahead of schedule.


As you can see from the images this project looks really stunning and like nothing else we have ever done in Kuwait. Its also located on the coastal road so it’s in clear sight for everyone to see. This is the quality of design all government projects should have but sadly don’t and I personally can’t wait until the project is completed.




Enjoy the renderings, I found them [Here]

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Deera App – Together, making Kuwait better

Posted by Mark


Deera is an iPhone app which allows you to report issues with public services. The way it works is very simple, you snap a photo of the problem, specify what the issue is along with the location and then submit it. According to a reader who emailed me about this last night, he tried it by reporting waste left on an empty plot next to his house and the next day he received a notification that the problem was fixed. I haven’t tried it yet myself but I’m going to later today.

If you want try this app you can download it from the Apple Store either by searching for Deera or by clicking [Here]

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Saving Kuwait’s Heritage #hadam

Posted by Mark


I just got back from the protest outside the original Chamber of Commerce and Industry building and I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed. There were only around 30 people there mostly consisting of young Kuwaiti architects which makes me wonder, where was everyone else? I know a lot more than just 30 people care about saving Kuwait’s architectural heritage but they just weren’t there.

I was kinda joking around with a friend that maybe if there was valet more people would show up but I’m starting to think that it might have actually attracted more people. In any case the owner of the building was there and he actually wants to preserve the building but the baladiya only gave approval on demolishing and not refurbishing. Too much politics, but hopefully this is going to get solved and the building will be saved. But even if this building is saved today, there will still be more that need saving tomorrow.

Photo on top by @jassamino

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