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For those of you who didn’t know this already but there are a ton of other Kuwait based blogs out there. One way you can check them out is by using 248PM.com. Its based on Safat except its got a cleaner and simpler layout. Using 248PM you can stay up to date on the latest posts by other bloggers in Kuwait who cover a lot of interesting topics. So check it out. [Link]

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Hell on Earth

Post by Mark

Here is a video of a convoy in Iraq that made a wrong turn and went down a dead end road. On the way back out things turn to shit real fast. The army did an investigation into this but say they lost the report. Also Halliburton fired this guy because he got shot. [Video] #

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I love you a google

Post by Mark

Ummmm, a weird google search page.. [Link]

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Crusing the streets of Salmiya

Post by Mark

I just came back from riding my bike around Salmiya. What a big difference from last week. Last week it felt the bike was in control while this week I was in control.

My ride tonight was really fun and I didn’t want to come back home. I took the bike for a cruise around old Salmiya and then got onto Amman Street where there was a hand full of cars for me to maneuver around, I wanted to get a feel of riding around cars and I managed to do a bit of that. I then drove back and fort around my neighborhood a few times but then decided to come back home. I didn’t want to but I don’t have my license yet and didn’t want to get stopped by a cop which I doubt would have happened since it was around 6:15PM and the streets were nearly empty.

Surprisingly the biggest challenge for me tonight was getting used to the different seating position. The bike I have been riding all week in my lessons is a lot taller and the seating position is more upright, my Ducati on the other hand is much more lower and the seating position is tilted to the front, sports-bike like. That was my only issue tonight which means I think I am ready to get my riding license and start legally riding in public. I can’t wait!

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A Choowy Goowy Night

Post by Mark

Choowy Goowy Treat-X

Yesterday night Choowy Goowy sent me a whole bunch of cookies.

Firstly they now have 3 new flavors:
1- Choowy Light: Choowy Original Cookies but with 50% reduced fat
2- Toffee Choowies: Choowy toffee chips
3- Choowy Solo: Plain Choowy Cookie

The second thing they now have is something called Treat-X. Treat-X is a luxurious box filled with 50 small pieces of cookies of different flavors. When I first got it I was like in shock, it looks really fucking cool and totally unexpected. The whole presentation looks very classy and its filled with sooo many cookies inside and they are like bite size and it had 5 different flavors!

Finally I also got an email from Choowy Goowy guy today telling me that their Booza Booza ice cream is now available on 6alabat.com.

Anyway for more information on Choowy Goowy you can visit their website on ChoowyGoowy.com. The picture above is from the inside of the Treat-X box.

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How to make my favorite Ramadan dessert

Post by Mark

Chocolate Crescent

Here are instructions on how to make my favorite Ramadan dessert, I call it Chocolate Crescents.

1- you need a jar of nutella and a packet of Katayef. I don’t know what Katayef is in English but you can find them at Sultan Center

2- you take an Katayef and you spread chocolate on the back side and then you fold it in half and squeeze the two edges together

3- there is no step three, you are done

Chocolate Crescent

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Riding Lesson #9

Post by Mark

I am practically done with my lessons, I think I might have one more left. I have learned nearly everything that needs to be learned, I no longer have any fears or problems. All of my problems got ironed out around 2 or 3 lessons ago and basically all I have been doing the past 3 lessons is just gaining more experience. It was getting kind of boring so today I got to try out some new things.

First thing I learned was how to climb over sidewalks, turned out to much easier then I expected. At first I thought it was going to be something like on a bicycle where you have to lift up the front wheel but in fact on a bike its much more easier.

Now the second thing I learned and really enjoyed a lot was driving on sand. The bike I am currently on is a road bike but it can go off road. Since there is a sand field next to the parking lot I spent sometime riding there. At first it was a bit scary because whenever I hit a deep patch of sand the bike would start swaying left and right. Then my trainer told me whenever that happens I should just give it some gas, watch the ass slide off a bit and then take off. After that the whole thing was just an incredible adrenaline rush.

Its basically a lot more fun to drive on the dirt then on the road. I now know my second bike has to be a dirt bike, I can imagine having a lot of fun with that.

Nat on the other hand is doing good, she had some problems yesterday where she dropped the bike like 5 or 6 times but today she didn’t drop it and never stalled so I think she has got the hang of it. Maybe she will post something about that.

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Salaries in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I was just given this link by a friend (Holla), the site helps you figure out how much of a salary you can make in a certain proffesion in a certain city. Its only meant to check US cities BUT, if you type a certain proffesion and for the city you put Kuwait you still get funny results. Here are some interesting ones we found:

What – Where – Average Salary
Creative Director – Kuwait – $84,000
Dentist – Kuwait – $128,000
Ministry – Kuwait – $34,000
Hooker – Kuwait – $41,000
Crack Whore – Kuwait – $208,000
Egyptian – Kuwait – $12,000
Black People – Kuwait – $89,000
Whitey – Kuwait – $72,000
Hot Chick – Kuwait – $48,000
Hot Guy – Kuwait – $16,000
Shark – Kuwait – $75,000

Try to find some cool ones and post them in the comments below [Link]

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Review: Kobe Burger by Auskobe

Post by Mark

Kobe Burger

I don’t eat at home since I don’t know how to cook nor do I want to learn how to cook. I know how to make the basics which are sandwiches, omelets, burgers and cookies and I don’t see a need to learn how to make other dishes.

Since its ramadan all restaurants are closed till like 5:30PM, this means when I am done with work at 3 I have over 2 hours before I eat. The thing is I can’t go out to eat at 5:30 because my riding lessons are from like 5 to 6:30. Thats why I have to eat at home.

Yesterday while shopping at Sultan Center in Salmiya I decided to pick up 2 packs of Kobe Burger, I have been wanting to try it for a long time now but since I don’t eat at home I found no need to get it. After picking up the burgers I picked up a packet of sliced American white cheese loaves, 1 white onion, a bottle of Heinz Ketchup and some burger buns. Nat didn’t want Kobe Burgers since she doesn’t like thick burgers so I picked up a packet of regular frozen burgers for her.

I have a Kenwood grill at home and I use it mainly to grill my burgers on and this is how I do it:

– I grill the burger for 5 minutes, flip it, let it grill for another 5 minutes, flip it, let it grill for another 5 minutes and finally I flip it one last time for a final 5 minutes.

– Once I am done I put a slice of cheese on the burger, leave it on the grill for another minute then I take the burger with cheese and place it on the bottom half of my bun.

– I then place it in the microwave for 10 seconds so the cheese can melt.

– I then put some ketchup on the burger and top it off with diced white onions

– I cover my burger with the top half of the bun and my burger is ready to eat.

Kobe on the grill

I am sure Gastronomica is better at making burgers then me since if you check out his website you will notice all his meals are very gourmet like. Hopefully he will be nice enough to share a tip or two in the comments below but until he does this is how I make my burgers.

How did the burgers come out? Fanfrigintastic! I like my burgers well done and I was expecting this burger to come out dry but it didn’t. It was soft, juicy and tasted like something you would find at a posh restaurant or hotel room service. It was surprisingly very good and it turned out to be the best burger I ever made.

Now the biggest problem with the Kobe Burger is the price. Each patty costs KD1.250 which isn’t cheap if you compare it to other frozen burgers. BUT without getting into the taste or quality of meat please look at the picture above of the burgers on the grill. Do you notice the 2 large patties on the left? Do you notice the tiny patty on the top right? Guess which patty is your average everyday frozen one? These kobe burgers are big and thick. Kobe beef also comes from Wagyu cattle which are “renowned for its flavor, tenderness, and fatty well-marbled texture”. So yes KD1.250 is worth it specially if you have a passion for burgers.

From now on if I ever need to make burgers at home this is the only burger I will get. I can no longer have those crappy frozen burgers that come 8 in a pack. I have been spoilt. Final score is a 4.5 out of 5. I would have given it a 5 but they are a lot messier to cook then the regular burgers because these are bigger and juicier so they spray more grease. This means more cleaning for me which always sucks.

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Yehya Celebrity Photographer

Post by Mark

Lexicon emailed me this link to a clip on YouTube of this Egyptian guy called Yehya. Yehya likes to take pictures with famous celebrities and he has over 1600 pictures so far, this video clip is of him on the Jimmy Kimmel show and its extremely funny. Fasttelco users might have trouble viewing the video since its on YouTube. [Video]

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