Steak ‘n Shake Opening Soon

Post by Mark


The American burger franchise Steak ‘n Shake will be opening soon in Bneid Al Gar opposite KFC on the Gulf Road. They’ve taken over the building where Fuddruckers was supposed to open.

As you are aware there aren’t that many burger options available in Kuwait so I can’t wait for it to open. /sarcasm

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Fuel Prices will Triple

Post by Mark


A letter has been circulating via social media purportedly from KNPC on the new pricing for diesel and kerosene. The new prices are nearly double triple the current prices and will go into effect starting from January 1st. The letter does not mention if gasoline prices are going to increase so I guess we’re fine for now.

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Hard Rock Cafe Demolished

Post by Mark


Back in March I posted about Hard Rock Cafe closing down and how possibly Alshaya would be taking over the location. I assumed they would just refurbish the location but turns out they’re completely tearing it down. The location became a landmark of a sort on the Gulf Road with its large glass pyramid and it was pretty popular with photographers as well.


Last year Alshaya acquired the franchise rights for the Lebanese restaurant Babel and rumors are this is where they will be opening their first location.

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Tesco Coming to SaveCo

Post by Mark


If you’ve been following my blog for a few years then you’ve probably seen my previous posts on Tesco (here is a link that summarizes them). Originally I had posted that Alshaya were bringing the Tesco brand but then it turned out they were getting Florence & Fred, the clothing division of Tesco. I then posted that Sultan Center was bringing Tesco but that deal fell through and Sultan ended up getting Waitrose products. Now though my source tells me the new SaveCo supermarket will be bringing the brand to Kuwait.

The company that has an exclusive agreement with Tesco to supply their products to the Middle East is called MH Group and they already supply Spinneys in Lebanon and Qatar with Tesco products. Now they’ve supposedly signed with SaveCo who will start stocking the products in around a months time once they arrive.

Based on the order list my source sent me it seems they will mostly be stocking non-perishable food items like canned goods, sauces and spices. That’s similar to the Waitrose items Sultan Center stocks although it looks like SaveCo might be bringing in a much larger selection.

I can’t publish the list of products they’re bringing but if there is a specific Tesco product you’re interested to know if they’re getting, let me know and I’ll check and see if its on the list.

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What’s going on here?

Post by Mark


There’s currently a mega project that’s currently under way in Maidan Hawalli. Just over a month ago they demolished the Al-Maidan Cultural Centre and the Abdullah Al-Salem School that were both located there and since then they’ve been working day and night (literally) at the construction site.

My guess is its one of the projects that is being led by Al-Diwan Al-Amiri, the people who are also leading the Kuwait Cultural Center project. The reason I am assuming they’re behind it is because when I last met with them they hinted there were 5 projects in the pipeline and they mentioned one of them was going to be in Hawalli. The fact that this project is also moving really fast with work taking place around the clock is another sign that this could be them.


I was pretty upset at first when I found out they had demolished the Al-Maidan Cultural Centre but if the Al-Diwan Al-Amiri is behind this project then I know whats going to come up in its place is going to be something much better. If it’s anything like the Kuwait Culture Center I’ll be more than pleased.

If I find out what the project is I’ll post an update. The exact location of this site is near Shaab Park on the Gulf Road. Here it is on [Google Maps]

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The Cube Update

Post by Mark


The Cube is a new plaza that’s opening up next to Ibis Hotel in Salmiya near Sultan Center. I originally posted about it back in 2012 but it looks like it’s nearly done now and there are a bunch of places set to open there. From what I could see Xcite will be opening there and my favorite Lebanese restaurant Leila. BGR The Burger Joint, Health Stop and Caffe Vergnano 1882 will also be opening there. If anyone knows what else is opening leave a comment below.

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New Restaurants Opening Soon

Post by Mark


Instead of separate posts I figured I would combine all these into one. First up is Alfredo’s Gallery Restaurant which is opening soon in Avenues Phase III. According to their Facebook page they were originally supposed to open back in April but I guess they ran into some issues. According to a sticker on their store front as well as their homepage, Alfredo’s Gallery is the birthplace of the Fettuccine Alfredo.


The second restaurant thats opening is Wok Hay located outside the main entrance to Green Island right next to the new Egyptian restaurant that opened Abou El Sid. Wok Hay is an Asian dining restaurant and according to an employee I saw there it should be opening up any day now. Wok Hay is owned by Ruby Tuesday Inc. and last year they shut down all their US locations after running into financial difficulties.

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Sahara Restaurant Village

Post by Mark


Last month I mentioned that Edo was opening a new branch at Sahara Country Club and it turns that they are not the only restaurant thats opening there. A new “village” is being built right next to the resort and it’s going to be called the Sahara Restaurant Village. I was able to obtain some names of the restaurants and shops that will be opening there but this list is unconfirmed. The places I’ve been told that will open there are:

Slider Station
Burger Boutique
Villa Fayrouz
Tatami Japanese Restaurant
Edo Japanese Restaurant
52 Degrees
Caribou Coffee
Costa Coffee
Inspire Fitness
Athletes Foot


Construction recently started but all the restaurants and shops are expected to open at the same time on November 1st.

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Hot or Not? The Kuwait Version

Post by Mark


There’s a new instagram account called @selfiekw with main purpose of posting selfies of people from Kuwait. Its become Kuwait’s version of the old hot or not website where you ranked people on looks and in this case, the hotter the person is the more likes they get. Lots of fun although there isn’t an option to view just the girls or just the guys. [Link]

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Edo Opening New Location

Post by Mark


Edo, the popular Japanese restaurant located in Shaab is opening a new second location at the Sahara Kuwait Resort. The new location is nearly complete and is expected to open in the next couple of months.

I also heard that the Inspire gym will be opening there as well although don’t have much details on this.

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