Learn Archery at the Mayadeen Shooting Complex

Post by Mark

Here is another new activity if you’re looking for something new to experience. the Mayadeen Shooting Complex is now offering archery lessons. The lessons are open to every one, men, women, Kuwaitis and expats. The cost is KD7 for 30 minutes and all equipment is supplied. Long term coaching is also available.

Previously, archery lessons were only available to Kuwaitis at the Kuwait Shooting Federation so its great that Mayadeen is now offering it to everyone. For more information check out the Mayadeen Shooting Complex instagram account @mayadeenq8

Thanks Rajesh

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Kuwait Wins GCC Wheelchair Basketball Championship

Post by Mark

The Kuwaiti team on Saturday won their 8th GCC Wheelchair Basketball Championship in a row after beating Saudi Arabia 62-56 in the final. The winners are likely to be honored late Sunday in Abu Dhabi following the match between UAE and Bahrain for the third and fourth places. Saudi Arabia dominated today’s game at the beginning, but the Kuwaiti players managed to perform well in the second half, raising their points until the end of the match. [Source]

8th championship in a row!

via @AlMotizzle

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Learn Fencing at the Qadsia Fencing Academy

Post by Mark

Yesterday I was contacted by the Qadsia Fencing Academy letting me know they are now offering fencing lessons to adults. Previously when I had contacted them, the program was only available for children and teenagers so I’m pretty excited the program is now open to adults as well. So excited in fact that I’m heading there tomorrow to start.

Their prices are extremely reasonable, it’s KD40 a month (for 12 sessions) and KD8 for half and hour of personal training. So if you’re interested in trying out something new and different, check out their website for more information [Link]

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Inside the Kuwait Bowling Sports Club

Post by Mark

Looks like the Kuwait Bowling Sports Club is nearly done and will be ready way ahead of the 2017 World Bowling Championship which will take place in Kuwait next year. I walked by yesterday and they had the lights on and damn the place is huge. In total they have 58 bowling lanes, 350 seats and nearly 1000 parking spots.

The World Bowling Championship takes place once every four years and the last time it took place was in 2013 in Nevada, USA. The next championship event will take place here in Kuwait from December 4th to the 18th, 2017. To see a large version of the picture above, click [Here]

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Kuwait National Women’s Cricket Team

Post by Mark

Kuwait National Women’s Cricket Team is going to participate in the first ever nine-day UAE International Women’s T20 tournament from 14th. Dec. In Sharjah [source]

Kuwait also has a men’s team.

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Kuwait International Jiu Jitsu Open Recap

Post by Mark

This past weekend the Kuwait International Jiu Jitsu Open was held at the ice skating rink and they just released two short videos recapping the event. They really gave the ice skating rink a proper makeover since the arena looks so good in these videos, like a world class event. Check them out.


Update: I updated the video links

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Followup on MMA Manager, Mishal Abul

Post by Mark

Mishal Abul on the left with Lorenz Larkin, Audie Attar, & Ramsey Nijem

Back in 2012 I posted about a friend of mine on the blog, Mishal Abul since every now and then I like to highlight a local talent or achievement. Back then I posted about how he was a partner at Paradigm Sports Management, a US based company that manages Football, Baseball and MMA athletes. The most popular fighter they were managing when then was Michael Bisping, and I thought that was a pretty cool achievement, that a guy from Kuwait was part of the team managing Bisping. Bisping wasn’t even that big of a star in 2012 but this year that changed when Bisping caused one of the biggest upsets in the UFC title fight history to become the UFC Middleweight Champion. So the fact that a Kuwaiti is a partner in a company that manages Michael Bisping is already an amazing feat.. but that’s not even their biggest star anymore. Paradigm Sports now manage a ton of other high level fighters including arguably one of the most popular fighters on the planet right now… Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor winning his second belt at UFC 205

Yup, a Kuwaiti is part of the team that manages Conor which is also how I got into Conor’s afterparty last year after UFC 189 (best wasta ever). It’s crazy! Their whole roaster of fighters is now insane, like no exaggeration here are just some of them:

Artem Lobov
Chris Weidman
Conor McGregor
Gunnar Nelson
Jimi Manuwa
Lorenz Larkin
Michael Bisping
Rick Story
Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson
Tony Ferguson
Uriah Hall

Mishal Abul with Amir Aliakbari in Rizin

In 4 years they’ve managed to grow so much and these are just their MMA stars, they also manage other athletes but since I don’t follow any other sport (except for Formula1), I’m not really interested in the other athletes. Mishal is also now a partner in Tough Prints who do most of the printing for the UFC Reebok fight kits and he’s also now the point of contact for the Japanese Rizin Fighting Federation who are exploding because of their fight matchups involving the likes of Fedor, Wanderlei Silva, Mirko Cro Cop and Shane Carwin.

Anyway, to most of you the above is going to sound gibberish, but for those of you who’re into MMA I thought you’d appreciate this random info. If you’d like to find out more about Paradigm Sports Management you can check out their website [Here]

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Fly High Kuwait

Post by Mark


Aerial yoga seems to be the current “in” activity to do. I haven’t tried it and don’t think I will, but it seems fun and it takes place outdoors so should be great to do in this weather. Aerial yoga is similar to traditional mat yoga but instead of the mat you’re suspended in the air with soft fabric hammocks.


Fly High Kuwait are holding classes aerial yoga classes in Jumeirah and the classes start from KD15 a session. If you’re interested to find out more, check out their website [Here]

Update: I thought they were ongoing till Thursday since that was written on their website, but turns out they made a mistake and the last day was actually yesterday. So it’s over now.

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Zumba Event 2016

Post by Mark


A friend is hosting a huge outdoor Zumba event this coming Tuesday. She holds a Zumba event every year and this year she’s bringing Ecem Kuntay and Didem Zeybek (pictured above) as her special guests. If you’re interested in taking part then click [Here] for more details.

As usual, I always have to link to my friends video of her impromptu dance in Japan with a bunch of strangers. You can watch that [Here]

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Kuwait Open 9-Ball Championship

Post by Mark

I just found out that the Kuwait Open 9-Ball Championship is currently taking place. I’m not a big fan of pool but this looks like a legit setup, no idea why it wasn’t advertised properly. The video above is from the opening day which was October 24th and its a 10 day tournament so its ongoing until November 5th.


The Kuwait Open 9-Ball Championship is sanctioned by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) and has the highest prize money and highest ranking points. The total prize money amounts to $275,000.

If you’d like more information on this event, click [Here]

Thanks Raoul

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