Is Majlis Dissolved?

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Cereal Killer Cafe Opening in Kuwait

Post by Mark


Cereal Killer Cafe is a British franchise that serves over a 100 different kinds of cereals. It’s one of those places people tell you to visit after posting a picture on instagram showing that you’re in London and now they’re opening up in Kuwait. The cafe is going to be located in the same building as Arabica coffee in Kuwait City, just at the other end of the building. According to their instagram account @cerealkillercafekw, they will be opening before the end of this year so pretty soon.

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Sponsored: – Connect with local professionals

Post by Sponsor

We wanted to take advantage of the sponsored posts to reach out and give you guys a walk through our website,

The website aims to give people access to professionals that can solve their contracting needs, and, make the whole contracting process a bit less of the struggle than it already is. We have a little over 500 companies across different categories registered right now, hopefully all with the aim of giving people a bit more power and reach.

With the permission of one of our users, we’ll use their project as an example of how the process works. To kick start a project, click on the request quotations tab where you’ll be required to input your projects detail as in the image below. In this case, the user wanted to install security cameras, and used the space in “Other Info” to add some details to the request. In this case, the user needed 10 security cameras with the ability to record up to 3 months with night vision.


Once submitted, all contractors in the category (“security systems and camera” in this example} will be notified of your new request for free. If you’re curious, they’ll be notified by email and through the moqawalat website. To get more eyeballs on your project, you can feature it on the website, and/or send an SMS to all relevant contractors with your request for 10KD each. The SMS notification in particular has proven to be pretty effective if your goal is to get as many quotes as possible. Rest assured though, you will still be reaching everyone needed if you opt to not pay anything.


Now that the contractors are notified, you will start to receive some quotes. Depending on the details you have provided in your original request, some will be able to give you a quote right away as you can see in the picture above, while others will want further details.

To give further details (or bargain), you can use the website itself to message the contractor and upload additional pictures or layouts if needed.


Hopefully once you’re done with all that, you’ll have found your contractor and agreed on a fix for your problem. Admittedly, the process itself has not been perfected yet as we keep on refining, but it certainly works and hopefully offers a slight improvement on how things are currently done.

One final but key point, several users have complained about finding their registration emails landing in their spam folders, so if you’re going through the sign up process make sure to check your spam folder while we try to figure this out (Sorry!).

If you face any problems using the website or want to get in touch, leave a comment otherwise here’s where you can find us –
Cell: +965 90094055
Twitter: @moqawalat
Instagram: @moqawalatkw

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Majnoon Qahwa – Kuwait

Post by Mark


Friday night a friend of mine sent me a video (watch it below) of a coffee shop which I assumed was in Dubai because of how big and pretty it looked. I was watching the video and in my head I was trying to figure out why he would send me a video of a coffee shop in Dubai. But, when I got to the end of the video, it turned out the coffee shop was called Majnoon Qahwa, was in Kuwait and had just opened up. So yesterday morning I headed with a friend of mine to check it out.

Majnoon Qahwa is actually a Jordanian brand and they’re located at The Spot, a new food complex opposite Messilah Beach. The place is pretty big, two floors and an outdoor terrace, the top floor has a bit of a sea view, lots of seating and even a small study area. The ground floor has a smaller seating area but a cozier one with two large coffee roasters at one end giving the space a slightly industrial feel.


We didn’t end up having any of their food, I just had a latte and a pain au chocolat. The latte was ok but the pain au chocolat was terrible, super dense and tasted more like a cake. Not sure how they got that wrong (Al Nata, you guys should hook them up with your stuff). But I really did love the space, the couch we were on was super comfy, the whole interior was beautifully lit up with daylight that came through golden Mashrabiyas and I loved the super high ceiling. Would I go back? Probably not since its out of my way but if I lived in the area then yeah for sure, I’d just skip the pain au chocolat next time.

Now if anyone wants to get the best teapots ever, for some odd reason they sell FORLIFE teapots at the place. They’re reasonably priced as well, around KD10 which is KD2 more expensive than Amazon. They’re really the best teapots, I love them and I personally have 4 different colored ones myself.

If you’re interested in checking the place out, here is their location on [Google Maps] and their instagram account is @majnoon_qahwakw

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Post by Mark


A bunch of things taking place this weekend. The only one I’ll probably be going to is the Revive.Nine Popup thats taking place at the new Elevation Burger in AlSeif since I’m curious to see their new outdoor events space. Check out all of this weekends events below and if I missed anything let me know:

Exhibition: Attraction
Play: Part of a Whole
Revive.Nine One Day Pop Up
The Divan’s Movie Night: Memento

Tai Chi in the Park
Breast Cancer Awareness Workshop
Good Game: Magic The Gathering
Quiz Night

Yoga with the 3
Discussion: How Literature Shapes the World
Pink Saturday Carnival

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]
For a full list of upcoming events click [Here]

Sometimes events get canceled or have details changed so always double check with the organizers.

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Sponsored: The Best Solution for Hair Transplants in Kuwait Using the Latest Technology

Post by Sponsor

Are you suffering from noticeable hair loss or balding? Why put yourself through the hassle and cost of traveling when the best and most effective treatment is available right here in Kuwait.

The Istanbul Hair Transplant Center provides a modern day solution to an age old problem using the latest techniques and technology. An average of 40% of men suffer from hair loss by the age of 35, while women have also experienced hair loss issues due to hormonal, chemical, and environmental changes. Other hair loss issues include eyebrows, eyelashes or beards as well as for those who suffer from a traumatic accident or injury that has caused loss of hair in specific areas. The Istanbul Hair Transplant Center includes a team of qualified and trained Turkish doctors who have had extensive experience in addressing those hair loss issues and are able to complete the entire procedure in just one day with a high success rate.

Please call our center in Salmiya, Amman St. for more information on 18821883 or visit our website [Here]

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Movies Now Showing in Kuwait

Post by Mark


The movies below are now showing at Cinescape and Grand Cinemas:

New This Week:
Inferno (7.1) ♦
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (7.7) 4DX Release

Other Movies Showing:
Deepwater Horizon (7.2)
Don’t Breathe (8.3) ♦
Lights Out (6.7)
Mechanic: Resurrection (6.5)
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (7.2)
Snowden (6.2) ♦
Storks (7.2)
Sully (7.9)
Tank 432 (3.6)
The Disappointments Room (4.3) ♦
The Magnificent Seven (7.0) ★
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage (5.1)

Numbers in brackets refer to the IMDB rating at time of publishing.
★ is for movies I’m interested in. ♦ implies movie might contain censorship.

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Matchadose – Popup Matcha

Post by Mark


So usually before I actually sit down and write a post I start writing it in my head. I visualize everything and then I just sit down and type it out. So today I had the perfect plan, there is a new place that was serving matcha drinks and ice cream at the Mishref Coop. So I started planning my post in my head and decided I would pass by today, take a few shots, try out the ice cream and then come back home and write about it.

That plan turned out to be a complete fail since the matcha place turned out to be a popup and they had already left the Mishref location. But, since it’s a slow news day and this was going to be my second post for today, I decided I’m still going to go ahead and post it since it would still be informative.


The matcha place is called Matchadose and they serve a variety of matcha drinks and ice cream. As I mentioned they’re a popup so they move around from location to location. They should be announcing their next location soon so if you’re into matcha then you should check out their instagram account for updates @matchadose

Update: They’ll be popping up next at AUK on October 16th.

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The Kuwait Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale

Post by Mark

Between East & West: A Gulf

Kuwait is participating at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale which is the largest architecture show in the world. The Kuwait Pavilion is called ‘Between East & West: A Gulf’.


I had seen photos of the Kuwait Pavilion exhibit over the summer but didn’t post about it since I had difficulty understanding the exhibit myself and so would have trouble writing about it. But one of the architects involved in the project recently sent me the video above which made things a lot clearer so I decided to share it on my blog. If you can’t hear the audio in the video because you’re at work, here is the project description from their website:

Hundreds of islands dot the waters between the Arabian and Persian shores. An afterthought in the political maneuverings of their respective coasts, these islands tell an alternative narrative to the one which drives conceptions of the region. They represent a possibility greater than spaces of political contestation and hesitant demarcation. These islands are the sites of identity in formation, places of experimentation and architectural invention. Their historical roles were as varied as places of leisure, spirituality, planning, war, exile, and health. The island is an entity both isolated but also crucially connected through the waters of the Gulf, and thus not an exception to the national but the rule which defines it.

This year’s Kuwaiti pavilion looks beyond the shores of the country and argues in favor of a masterplan for a united Gulf. By presenting the untold history of the region and proposing an alternate future, the pavilion casts the hydrography as a singular entity of neither East nor West, but as an untapped archipelago which defined the region and offers the greatest possibility for its reconciliation.


What is unique about this exhibit is that it was conceived and executed by a fairly small and young team of architecture students and recent graduates. Here is a list of everyone that was involved and you can find their full bio on the pavilion website:

Commissioners: Zahra Ali Baba – National Council for Culture Arts and Letters / Kuwait (NCCAL)
Curators: Hamed Bukhamseen, Ali Karimi
Art Director / Graphic Designer: Fahad Alhunaif
Publication Coordinator / Editor: Muneerah Alrabe
Project Designers and Research Architects: Saphiya Abu Almaati, Shahab Albahar, Mai Albusairi, Nada Alqallaf, Rawan Alsaffar, Yousef Awaad Hussein
Financial Team: Mohammed Al Ajmi, Mohammed Al Jameel
Administrative Team: Abdullah Albeeshi (Head of team), Noora Al Musallam, Jaber Al Qallaf, Jassim Al Shamali.

The 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale opened up this past May and is running until November 27th. For more information and photos on the project, check out the Kuwait Pavilion website [Here]

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Listen To This: #KuwaitMusicScene

Post by Amin Fari


So, last week we talked about the different venues around town where you’ll likely find music-centric events beginning to pop up as the season gets back into gear. The week before that we talked about birds a lot, but mostly only to highlight the local music releases which took place over the summer when said birds take time off from live performances to work on creating, producing and ultimately releasing new material. That’s also where I did the “it’s not ‘me’, it’s ‘you’” speech and asked you to go out and be part of the local music industry, and the fact that if a music industry were to not only exist in Kuwait, but thrive, it is only if the fans were to reciprocate. That brings us to this week.

This week I’d like to expand on that idea, to provide a more realistic approach to how you, the fans, can help start archiving this reality. Enter, #KuwaitMusicScene. What I would like to see happen with this hashtag is for people to start using it to tag any of their pictures/posts on social media that have to do with music in Kuwait, or musicians in Kuwait. That way, whether a fan or a musician new to the scene, all they’d have to do is look through the hashtag results and can get a pretty good idea of what our music scene has got going on. Although there have been other hashtags floating around in support of the local music scene, #SupportLocalMusic is a good example, #SupportLocalArtists is another, the problem these hashtags pose is that they’re too broad a spectrum. Yes, you’ll find artists from Kuwait, but you’ll also find artists from all over the world – everyone is ‘Local’ to someone. What using the word ‘Kuwait’ does is filter through all the ‘locals’ to bring you those local to Kuwait. It also means it increases our chances of, let’s say, someone looking up #KuwaitCars, to stumble upon #KuwaitMusicScene. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd, so this is our way of making sure we stick out. Now, lest we find ourselves with videos of exchange students documenting their homesickness and new-found love of Kuwaiti music, let’s lay some hashtag ground rules.

Rule no.1 – Only use #KuwaitMusicScene if an artist is performing in Kuwait; so not a musician from Kuwait, but rather in Kuwait. To put it simply, it is not your nationality that matters, but where your GPS locator says you are. This will help us create a musical archive of what’s going on here, in this time, in this space. Now, there’s actually a lot of space in this hashtag for inclusion. For starters, DJ’s – I do believe DJ’s should be included. I also believe local radio show hosts talking about music should be included because both of those still represent music action in Kuwait. The aim is to make this archive as big and as comprehensive as possible, and to show that there are big enough numbers to create a sustainable industry.

Rule no. 2 – #KuwaitMusicScene applies to more than just events open to the public. A lot goes on behind the scenes in the music industry; from rehearsals and jam sessions, to that one time the artist found the perfect spot in the hallway with killer acoustics and thought it necessary to document it on YouTube – hashtag it all. But, just like rule no. 1, let’s keep this within the borders of Kuwait. This is not a “You can’t sit with us” stance, but an attempt at keeping this archive consistent, and therefore relevant. So, I’m trusting you musicians with this responsibility.

So, if you’re an artist, take a moment and go back to your Instagram and Facebook posts and edit them to include the #KuwaitMusicScene hashtag. If you’re a fan, and maybe remember catching a live performance in the middle of the desert one time, look it up, hashtag it, and help us build this industry. Now here’s the part that’s even better, this doesn’t only go to serve “us”, the musicians and the fans, but event-organizers and event-promoters can benefit from this hashtag when it comes time to market shows which feature some aspect of local music. That way, by the time you get to your weekend, and are looking to see what music is out there, or which musicians are performing, all you’d have to do is look up #KuwaitMusicScene and that would hopefully generate a pretty good, up-to-date response for you to sift through.

Here is a good example of A Lebanese musician that performs and records his blues music in Kuwait.

Instagram: @Bluesman81

Now that I’ve laid out my hypothesis, it’s time to experiment. The end of this month, October 28th to be precise, brings us one of the coolest music events of the season – brought to us by Kuwait Rising, hosted by Zahed Sultan with the support of Red Bull, it will feature incredible artists for all over the Middle East. So, if you attend this event, which I absolutely think you should, please take the opportunity to use the #KuwaitMusicScene hashtag along with, what I’m sure is already an existing hashtag, #KuwaitRising.

Here is the link to the [Event]

And, finally, just in case you missed it, Dar Al-athar has already started their music season, and just last week hosted an Arabic-style Flaminco event. If you were there, and have some pictures or videos you plan to share, or have already shared, I ask that you take the time to hashtag them, as well.

Also they have an open call for musicians check their instagram @dai_kuwait and the following [Link]

If anyone out there has a better idea or a more constructive perspective on hashtags in the social media world, please comment below and share your thoughts.

Peace, Love and Music

Post by Amin FARI
Are you a musician looking to perform? On the flipside, are you a host looking for musicians to book? Or maybe you’ve just got an awesome idea you’d like to share? Get in touch / Instagram: @xxmrfarixx

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