Apple Watch Now in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


I was at LuLu in Salmiya earlier tonight and noticed they were selling the Apple Watch. They only had the 38mm Sport version in white and priced at KD229. To compare, the same model in the US costs KD165 KD105 before tax and shipping. Like the iPhone, as the Apple Watch becomes more readily available the price should drop.

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Short Animation: Sandarah

Posted by Mark

Sandarah by Yousef

Sandarah is a short animated film by Kuwait animator Yousef Al Bagshi. The film was uploaded 7 months ago but it seems to have just been discovered recently. It’s Yousef’s first animation and it took him nearly a year and a half of work to complete it. The film is gorgeous, I really love his illustration style and the way he renders the light in all the scenes. The story is also captivating and from what I’ve been told based on a true event that took place during the 1990 Iraqi invasion. The film is under 7 minutes long so make sure you watch it.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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McDonald’s “Create Your Taste” Launching in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


I didn’t know what “Create Your Taste” was until last week when someone in Australia built a colossal burger and the video below went viral. Now it turns out the same concept is launching in Kuwait by the end of the week.


The way it works is pretty simple, you go up to the “Create Your Taste” kiosk at a McDonald’s and you create your own burger using a touch display. You choose the kind of bun you want, the amount of patties, the different types of cheeses, how many cheeses, the sauces etc.. etc.. and you then head to the cashier and pick up your creation. The guy in Australia basically tried to build the largest burger the kiosk would let him and ended up with the burger below.


Right now it looks like they’re launching the concept at the Gulf Road location since I spotted the kiosks set up there. Should be interesting to see what some kids are going to end up building.

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Another huge fight at the airport

Posted by Mark

With all the fantastic HD cameras on every smartphone at the moment I don’t understand why we still get videos that look like they’ve been shot with an old school Nokia. [YouTube]


via Frankom

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Expo 2015: Kuwait’s Pavilion

Posted by Mark


The world’s fair officially launched in Milan on Friday and with it Kuwait’s pavilion pictured above. Here is some information on the architecture being the pavilion:

The Pavilion’s architecture evokes the Kuwaiti Dhow, the triangular-sail boat still used in the Arabian Gulf. The lateral facades display examples of the greenhouse and hydroponic cultivation used in Kuwait.

The first section of the visitor’s itinerary illustrates the country’s features and climate. The second shows how scientific study and research have made it possible to create fertility in arid landscapes. In the last section, guests can immerge themselves in Kuwaiti culture. [Source]

The three mini water towers in the front seem a bit tacky but other than that I like the sails structure. For more information on the pavilion check out this [Link] and also check out the Kuwait Pavilion instagram account @kuwaitexpomilan

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Dairy Queen Locations

Posted by Mark

As I’ve previously mentioned, Dairy Queen is coming back to Kuwait after being absent for nearly a decade. Based on their tweet above it looks like they’re starting off with two locations, Marina Mall and The Avenues. No word on when but looks like it’s pretty soon.


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Local Tap Water Wins Again

Posted by Mark

Last summer I posted about how tap water is safe to drink even though the general consensus was that it wasn’t. Now a video is making its rounds around social media where four different bottled water brands have their pH levels tested alongside tap water and it seems tap water scores another win by being alkalized. According to proponents, alkalized water can neutralize acid in your bloodstream, boost your metabolism and help your body absorb nutrients more effectively. Check out the video above or on [YouTube]

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Ordering Supplements Online to Kuwait

Posted by Mark


A couple of weeks back I asked if anyone had any difficulties ordering fitness supplements online. I got a variety of answers back but generally the response was that customs wouldn’t give me a hard time unless they were in a bad mood. So I went ahead and placed an order of seven different supplements and sent them to my Aramex Shop & Ship mailbox. Earlier this morning the courier dropped them off without a hitch.

So the answer is yes you can order supplements online and save a ton of money compared to buying them locally. Two of my supplements turned out to be pretty heavy (one was basically a kilo) and that kinda screwed up my savings but, for my next order I will be leaving those two heavy supplements out. The amount of savings I can achieve range anywhere from 50% to 75% off the local cost including shipping and customs. The only thing to keep in mind is not to order from the brands I’ve listed below since according to Aramex, the customs department are instructed to hold these brands:

– Muscle Tech
– Vitol Products
– Ultimate Nutrition Inc.
– Labrada Nutrition Inc.
– Bio Engineered Supplement & Nutrition Inc. “BSN”
– Nurtex Research Inc.
– USP Labs LLC
– Pharma Freak
– ISS Research
– Diamond Nutrition Inc. “DMI “
– Nutrabolics
– Experimental and Applied Sciences “IAS”

I ordered all my supplements from Amazon since they have some of the cheapest prices I found online [Link]

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Posted by Mark

The weather last weekend was horrible so hopefully we’ll get clear skies this week. If the weather is good then I would recommend hitting one of the outdoor movies on Thursday evening and then on Friday head out to Khiran for the Wakeboarding Competition. Since I’m half Armenian I would also recommend the Armenian Cultural event for Friday night. On Saturday there isn’t much going on except for the Madeenah night at the Secret Garden which should include great food and music. Here are all the events for this weekend:

Kuwait Dino Park
Exhibition: New Species by Hunt Slonem
Palestinian Culture Exhibition
Sirdab Lab Movie Night: Lord of War
Rooftop Movie: La Promesse

Kuwait Dino Park
Palestinian Culture Exhibition
18th Asian Individual Squash Championships
Wakeboarding Competition
Toastmasters Conference 2015
Book Club Meeting
Armenian Cultural Evening
David Hanners Live at The Southern

Kuwait Dino Park
Palestinian Culture Exhibition
18th Asian Individual Squash Championships
ManateqMe – Somu Square Clean-up
Madeenah: End of Season Mixer
Rooftop Movie: Before Midnight

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]

Update: Added the Squash Championships and the Somu Square clean-up to the list.
Update2: Added the live music event at The Southern
Update3: Added the Cinemagics rooftop movie on Saturday

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No Oil For You!

Posted by Mark


I watched some of the Ahmadi snaps today and I was like damn we’re screwed.

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