I Love You Apples

Posted by Mark


I was at Sultan Center Shaab last night and spotted a pile of Valentine apples. The apple have “I Love You” written on them which is achieved during the growing process by wrapping the apples in a special bag.


Unlike the heart shaped watermelons Sultan was selling last year, these apples are actually affordable at just KD1.5 per KG.

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The Kuwait Concours d’ Elegance

Posted by Mark


The Kuwait Concours d’ Elegance will be taking place next week starting from February 11th and last till February 18th. The Concours d’ Elegance first came to Kuwait back in 2010.

What is the Concours d’Elegance?
Concours is a French word meaning competition. The concept of Concours originates in 17th C. France when aristocrats used to choose their best horse carriages to parade around parks of Paris during the summer week ends and holidays. Later these traditions changed to automobiles from the 20th C. Concours today have strict regulations and cars are inspected by qualified judges. Trophy winners are carefully chosen.

A reader sent me the full schedule of events that are taking place that week, if you’re interested in checking it out click [Here]

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Review: The Domain Hotel – Bahrain

Posted by Mark


Last week I ended up going to Bahrain for the GulfRun event but also because I was taking refresher riding lessons with Harley Davidson. Harley have a few of riding events every year that take place in different countries where they invite the press on road trips to check out their bikes. I’ve had to pass on the last two rides since I hadn’t ridden a bike in years (Vespa not included). So they decided to give me refresher lessons and since they have a training center in Bahrain I decided to do it there during GulfRun weekend. I ended up being put up at The Domain Hotel and since I was fairly impressed with the hotel I figured I’d write about.


The hotel is located around 12 minutes from the airport and in a skyscraper, one of the tallest in the area. The hotel reception area is located on the 16th floor and honestly didn’t look so great. The ceiling was low, the furniture a bit tacky and overall it just didn’t look impressive. Once I checked in though I headed up to my floor which was the 30th and thats when things started looking a lot better.


Since the hotel wasn’t very busy I got upgraded to “The Corporate” room which was a corner suite. The room was spacious with a living area, a guest bathroom and an insane view. The main bathroom was also humongous with it’s own large window near the shower which is pretty convenient for exhibitionist.


My favorite part about the room was the fact I could control various aspects of it using a tablet including the lights, the air conditioning and the curtains. I liked waking up in the morning and clicking a button on the tablet to have all the curtains in the room open up automatically.

During my previous trips to Bahrain I stayed at the Ritz Carlton which I loved. Although I prefer the room at The Domain (the Ritz rooms feel outdated), the rest of the hotel can’t really compete in anything else… except the price. While rooms at the Ritz start at around KD120 a night, at The Domain the prices start at around KD40 which is a big difference. So if you’re looking for an affordable place to stay while in Bahrain The Domain might be a good option. [Link]

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Kuwait Towers are Trippy

Posted by Mark

Have you guys passed by the Kuwait Towers at night? I kinda love how the towers now have some pretty trippy graphics animated on them. The video above kind of gives you a glimpse of how they look like but its actually even cooler in real life especially with the 70s style kaleidoscope effect. I’m kinda hoping this isn’t just a temporary thing for Hala February but something they’ll keep for a bit longer. [Vimeo]


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Inside the New Kuwait Airways Planes and Airport Lounge

Posted by Mark


Last month Kuwait Airways started receiving their first batch of leased planes and alongside these planes, Kuwait Airways have also gone ahead and given their premium class checking area a facelift as well as the Dasman Lounge.


In the first video on top we get to the see the business class and economy class of the new planes as well as a tour of the new media system. In the second video we get taken on a tour of the new check in area followed by a tour of the lounge. Both the plane interiors and the lounge look outdated to me but I guess its better than what we had.


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No More Bunny

Posted by Mark


Hungry Bunny is a popular burger franchise that used to be open back in Kuwait during the 80s pre Burger King and McDonalds days. When Al Homaizi got the Burger King franchise, they shutdown all the Hungry Bunny locations and killed the brand. But the original creator of Hungry Bunny ended up launching the brand in Saudi Arabia and then a few years ago brought the brand back to Kuwait. Al Homaizi Group sued them and it now seems Hungry Bunny has been told to stop using the bunny logo until a verdict is reached in the court case.


I passed by Hungry Bunny for a quick bite yesterday and the majority of the items had the Hungry Bunny logo without the bunny (like in the placemats pictured above). But, some items like the burger wrapper still had the bunny on them. According to the shop manager this is just a temporary issue and the bunny will be coming back soon. They’ve even removed the bunny from the shop signage as well so it’s a pretty awkward mess right now.

Update: Al Homaizi have commented with the following:

Dear Mark and Loyal Hungry Bunny Customers,

It is great to see Hungry Bunny still having that nostalgic feeling within Kuwait and we thank you for your post which we appreciate and are proud of as the founders of the Hungry Bunny brand.

With regards to your post, we would like to mention that Hungry Bunny was developed in 1982 by Al Homaizi Foodstuff Co. in Kuwait and is 100% Kuwaiti.

As the first local franchise in Kuwait, Hungry Bunny led the way and opened the doors to decades of innovative local concepts within Kuwait which we are very proud to see are still growing today.

The Hungry Bunny restaurants that launched in and outside of Kuwait following 1997 were not the original Hungry Bunny developed by Al Homaizi Foodstuff Co.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal Hungry Bunny customers! We would love to hear more about your experiences and memories that you, your family and your friends had in the 80’s and 90’s at the much-loved Hungry Bunny.

Please share your memories with us by sending us an email to HungryBunny@koutfood.com

Best Wishes,

Al Homaizi Foodstuff Co.
Member of Kout Food Group, Kuwait

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Whats going on at the PAWS animal shelter?

Posted by Mark


The last time I heard of PAWS was when John of K’S PATH posted about the cruelty investigation that took place there but now it seems an employee of PAWS has taken over the Facebook page and is calling out for help. The message above (plus a few others) were posted a couple of days back on the PAWS page and since then I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me to post about it. The chairperson herself has been denying all the claims and has been asking people to visit the shelter to see for themselves. Whatever happens I just hope the sheltered animals come out of this ok. Check out all the messages on the PAWS Facebook page [Here]

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GulfRun X

Posted by Mark

Last weekend I went to Bahrain to attend the GulfRun X event that was taking place there at the Bahrain International Circuit. GulfRun is a yearly event where guys in Kuwait take their cars to Bahrain to race on a race circuit over a two day period. The last GulfRun I attended was GulfRun 6 but since this was their 10th year anniversary there was no way I was going to miss it. I spent most of the day socializing at the tracking and the evenings enjoying the dining experience Bahrain has to offer. My good friend at 8IGHTYONE Productions just released a video of the event and I just love it. Check it out above. [YouTube]


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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Posted by Mark


Super busy weekend again but the biggest thing going on is the Kuwait Rising Music Festival which shouldn’t be missed. Other than that if you haven’t watched the movie The Americans, you should and you’re lucky because it’s playing this Saturday at the Cinemagic rooftop. Check out the full list of events below:

Exhibition: Al-Seef
Exhibition: The Replacement by Mahmoud Obaidi
Exhibition: Van Leo – Master Cairo Portrait Photographer
InfoConnect 2015
Nuqat: Workshop with Karim Jabbari
Rooftop Movie: The Past

InfoConnect 2015
Nuqat: Workshop with Karim Jabbari
Musical: Poptastic
Book Club Meeting
Music Festival: Kuwait Rising
Concert: Prayaan
Extreme Powerboat Run

InfoConnect 2015
Nuqat: Workshop with Karim Jabbari
Musical: Poptastic
Generation Z Winter Bazaar
Madeenah Tour: Baghdad Street Salmiya
Rooftop Movie: The Americans

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]

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Five Guys Coming to the Region

Posted by Mark


Five Guys are opening in Dubai Mall soon which means they’ll most likely be opening up in Kuwait as well. Also according to The Avenues instagram account another burger joint opened up there yesterday called BGR so that’s two franchise burger places that have opened up this week. I think the only place left to open that I’d be excited for is Arby’s. Where you at Arby’s??

Thanks David

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