Jumo Coffee Now at Al Hamra Tower

Post by Mark


With all the coffee shops popping up around Kuwait, it’s going to be pretty difficult for the different coffee shops to stick out. Jumo Coffee already have an advantage since they’ve got a great location at Sadu House but they’re also approaching the coffee scene a bit differently. Instead of just serving their coffee at their location, they’re also providing other restaurants with the ability to brew Jumo Coffee. Yesterday I found out one of those restaurants is Junkyard in the Al Hamra Tower food court.

Junkyard now has a small Jumo Coffee corner which means you can finally get a decent cup of coffee before heading to the movies. Since my office is in Al Hamra Tower, this is going to be my morning go to coffee place until Arabica opens up across the street. And to top it off, if you work in Al Hamra (like Alghanim and Ministry of Youth employees), you get a 25% discount. Just make sure you have your tower badge with you.

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Americans React To Arab Fashionistas

Post by Mark

I thought it would be funnier but oh well. [YouTube]


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Listen to This: Music Venues in Kuwait

Post by Amin Fari


A Music Column by Amin FARI

Picking up where we left off last week, talking about music project releases of this summer, let us now talk about the venues where these artist are to perform. I feel like I still want to stick with last week’s bird metaphor, so If I am flying too high with this one, making you feel lost, read the past column to catch up.

As with any animal, many factors come into play when analyzing the environment necessary for their survival, but their growth and prosperity, as well. And, as any bird-watcher would, I like to pay attention to the factors that make said birds and their nests, happy, the lack of which would be equivalent to chopping down their trees. So let’s talk venue. The venue is key – where the artists perform, how they engage, how they perform – setting the tone for what I like to call, their “Live Expression”. It’s becoming more common to see musicians play in stores and in coffee shops, but there’s also the emergence of performances in places like Shaheed Park’s outdoor stage, and other venues that support community and culture. Today, I want to focus on venues that hosted music on a weekly, or even monthly basis.

That brings me to the “elephant in the room” (at this point, I’m committed to this animal metaphor system, but I digress). Last season, Bayt Lothan was a key venue, not only for musicians, but the local, creative community at large, and, as we all know, it closed down. This was, in a sense, a huge blow to the local music scene, leaving musicians feeling… lost, not knowing where they would now perform. The last few years of Bayt Lothan, organized by Mahmoud Kamel, a musician himself, supplied us with “Sidra Nights”, “Open Mic Jam”, and “A Night In”, thereby constantly helping the music to grow. After the shut-down, a few other entities tried to carry the torch as the music performance platform, one of which being Loyac. So, if you’re into music and youth theater programs, follow Loyac and watch to see if they’ll be organizing music events in their program for this season. [www.lapa.loyac.org]

Contemporary Art Platform
Now, there are other interesting venues to keep an eye on that cater to both Art and Music, one such venue – CAP, more precisely, their rooftop. And as the weather continues to get better, you’ll find that more events will begin to happen there. They, of course, host other kinds of events in their gallery space, the more obvious being art exhibitions, but, they do host music events, as well. [www.capkuwait.com]

Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah
Dar al Athar, Amricani Cultural Centre, and Yarmouk have always put on great cultural music shows, usually always on a Wednesday, and are considered more culturally authentic performances in the sense that their focus is either local traditional music, or traditional music from around the world. I, however, am hoping that this season, Dar al Athar and Yarmouk go a more… how can I say this; “current”, or maybe even “mainstream” music route. [www.darmuseum.org.kw]

Art Space
I can’t talk venues without mentioning Art Space. The reason I talk about Art Space is because they started small, and as they expanded, they started creating space for performances, small micro-shows, to slowly start coming in. I personally think Art Space is one of the coolest, growing creativity and community hubs in Kuwait, and are a beautiful example of a dream manifesting and coming to fruition. And, already up on their program for this season, they just got done hosting Red Bull’s Urban Culture Week, the second of its kind in Kuwait, aimed at helping individuals in learning, growing and cultivating their talents and interests around music, dance, art and fashion. I believe today is the last day of workshops. [www.artspaceq8.com]

As musicians start gearing up for the new season, and conversations about “where” and “how” start flowing, I’m noticing another interesting venue suggestion pop up; the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre. Now, we don’t know how it’s run, or where to even begin the ball rolling, but a lot of musicians have their eye on it because if they set the tone, it’ll create a ripple effect with all the other venues. If they go for a more traditional route, then Dar al Athar would have to compete, and if Dar al Athar has to compete, then maybe they would expand their program differently. As everyone seems to be looking at the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre to determine the trajectory of the upcoming music season, I recommend you keep an eye out for them because they carry the potential to open up new possibilities for performances.

Is there a birdie out there with knowledge of some of the Cultural Centre’s secrets that they can share?

That’s a wrap on venues, for now.

Love Music and Peace

Post by Amin FARI
Are you a musician looking to perform? On the flipside, are you a host looking for musicians to book? Or maybe you’ve just got an awesome idea you’d like to share? Get in touch aminfarilive@gmail.com / Instagram: @xxmrfarixx

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New Series: Westworld

Post by Mark


I’ve been waiting to watch the new HBO show Westworld ever since it was announced, and after a long wait, the first episode premiered a couple of days back. I watched it last night and I think its now one of my favorite currently running series alongside Game of Thrones and Veep. I just hope it stays this good and knowing HBO, I trust it will.

Westworld is a SciFi series starring Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris and with J. J. Abrams as one of the producers. Since its and HBO it means there’s lots of nudity, violence, gore and a huge budget. After watching the first episode I can’t believe this is actually a series and not a big budget blockbuster movie, it’s so well made, even the soundtrack is amazing. So if you have HBO Go you can stream it online or you’re going to have to download it illegally since I’m not sure there is another way you can watch it. Check out the trailer above.

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Table Otto Now Open

Post by Mark


Table Otto, the new restaurant by Kuwaiti chef Faisal Al Nashmi (the same guy behind Street by Almakan) is now open in Al Shaheed Park. They’re still in a soft launch phase so they’re only opening from 7PM to 10PM at the moment. The restaurant is located right across from the still to open Habitat Museum in Al Shaheed Park and you can get a better idea about the place by checking their instagram page @table.otto

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Richard’s Coffee Popping-Up Again Soon

Post by Mark


Richard’s Coffee came on the local coffee scene back in March as a temporary pop-up for 90 days. After the 90 days were done, they packed up and moved out. Now, they’re coming back again but this time in a new location.


Their new setup is going to be located next door to the new Elevation Burger branch on the Seef Strip [Google Maps]. I passed by a few nights ago and the place looked nearly done. According to the owner, they should be opening up in around 2 weeks time. I hadn’t started drinking coffee the last time they were open so I’m definitely going to try them out this time around. Check them out on instagram @richardscoffeebar

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Ordering Supplements from Sporter.com

Post by Mark


I’ve posted about ordering supplements online before because of how ridiculously inflated the local prices are. The last time I posted about ordering supplements online I was recommending Amazon but since then I’ve found a new alternative, Sporter.

Sporter has been around for awhile now, even before my previous post in which I was recommending Amazon. But the reason I never wrote about them was because their prices weren’t that much cheaper than the local prices and they were still double that of Amazon. Things have changed recently and I have a theory to why.

I think previously they had a warehouse in Kuwait with the products housed there which meant they had to purchase the supplements from local suppliers with their inflated prices. So the products they sold on their website cost similarly to the products sold locally. Now I’m assuming they shut down their local warehouse since the items are now getting shipped to you directly from the UAE via DHL. So they’re selling the items closer to UAE pricing.

I tried them last week since I ran out of ZMA and they didn’t have my brand available locally. When I looked at possibly getting ZMA from a different brand, their prices were more than double those listed on Sporter. I usually get the Optimum Nutrition ZMA but I checked out “Muscle Pharm Z-Core PM” at the Oxygen store locally and they were selling it for KD14. On Amazon it was KD5 (without tax, shipping and local customs and clearance fees), while on Sporter it was for KD8.24 shipped to Kuwait. So nearly half the price of that of Oxygen and cheaper than if you ordered it from Amazon.

Not everything is priced as competitively but Sporter are now definitely a viable option to check before buying supplements locally. And because the products are coming in from UAE, you don’t pay any Kuwait customs, at leasts thats my theory since I didn’t have to pay DHL anything. Here is a link to [Sporter]

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New Grendizer Mural up for Urban Culture Week

Post by Mark


Over the weekend two talented graffiti artists painted the above Grendizer mural on the side of a building in Sharq. The two artists were Mohamed & Omar Kabbani, identical twin brothers who go by the name ASHEKMAN. The mural is part of this weeks Urban Culture Week organized by Redbull that started yesterday and ends tomorrow. For more information on Urban Culture Week click [Here]


If you want to check out the mural in person, here is the location on [Google Maps]
Make sure you also check out ASHEKMAN’s instagram account @ASHEKMAN

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Emirati Street-racing Film Banned in Kuwait

Post by Mark

An Emirati drama set in the underworld of street car racing in the UAE has been banned in Kuwait, producers have told Gulf News. Hajwala, which follows two teams of drifters who go head-to-head in an all-stakes race against each other, is scheduled to release in 37 screens across the Gulf on Thursday.

“We are very disappointed, especially because they haven’t event explained to us why they have not allowed the film to release,” said producer Ali Al Marzouqi of Dhabi Gulf Film. “This is a double standard since they allow similar Hollywood films to release without any problem, even if they don’t have any message. Our film has a very strong message.” [Source]

I’m guessing it got banned because Kuwait has a growing problem with street racing and they’re worried this film might encourage it. But Saudi have a bigger street racing problem and if the film isn’t banned there, I don’t understand why it would be banned here. You can watch the trailer on top, it’s basically a khaleeji version of Fast and Furious.


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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Post by Mark

Below are this weekends events, if I missed anything let me know.

Exhibition: Indulgences – Reborn
Exhibition: Attraction
Fit & Fabulous
Red Bull Street Style

Fit & Fabulous
Taichi in the Park
Hatha Yoga with Rosie
Good Game: Magic – The Gathering

Yoga with the 3 – Women Only (Breast Cancer Awareness Week)
Fit & Fabulous

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]
For a full list of upcoming events click [Here]

Sometimes events get canceled or have details changed so always double check with the organizers.

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