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2 04, 2019

Road Repairs Start Today!

2019-04-03T08:58:07+03:00Apr 2, 2019|14 Comments

Our roads are finally going to get fixed starting from today. The project of repairing all of Kuwait’s roads (including residential) is expected to take three years but, for the first phase they’re starting off with the main ones.

The first road that will be repaired is the 1st Ring Road, starting from the Gulf Road and extending all the way to the Jahra roundabout. The second to be fixed is Highway 40 starting from the 1st Ring Road down to the Bayan area. Third road to be fixed is the 4th Ring Road from Amman Street all the way to the UN roundabout, then they’re going to fix the 6th Ring Road from near 360 Mall (Zahra) towards the Subiya intersection, and finally the Doha Road starting from near the Entertainment City down to the 6th Ring Road.

Repairs will take place from 6pm to 6am on weekdays, and 12am to 12pm on weekends.

I’m surprised the 5th Ring Road isn’t part of the first phase and I’m disappointed the Gulf Road isn’t also part of the first phase since that’s the road I use 80% of the time. But, I’m just glad they’re finally starting!

Update: 💃 [Link]

1 04, 2019

Watching Formula 1 in Kuwait (2019)

2019-04-01T12:44:13+03:00Apr 1, 2019|7 Comments

Yesterday the second Formula 1 race of the season took place and I’ve been getting questions by people asking me how I’m watching it. The answer is simple, I’m watching the races on F1 TV, the question of how is a bit more complicated.

Early last month BeIN decided not to renew their F1 broadcast rights and instead MBC picked up the rights. You can now watch Formula 1 live for free on MBC Action but there are two main issues, the broadcast is in Arabic and there doesn’t seem to be a way to stream the races for people like me who don’t have satellite TV. That also means you can’t watch the races on your phone.

Last year Formula 1 launched their own channel called F1 TV where for $9.99 a month you can stream the race weekends live as well as watch older races from their archive. Technically F1 TV doesn’t work in Kuwait but since I have a US-based credit card, I was able to subscribe and then watch the races over a VPN. It worked for a short while last year, and then F1 TV got strict and started blocking VPN’s, but my internet connection was also an issue since it wasn’t fast enough to stream properly through VPN. So last year I ended up giving up on F1 TV and had to go back to the BeIN digital service which I didn’t like. Since BeIN was out of the picture this year, I decided to try F1 TV again, and my experience this time around has been much better.

This time around my internet is a lot faster since I signed up to Zain Beam last month (for those wondering, I’m still getting a stable 30Mbps download speed with Beam). I also changed my VPN service from StrongVPN to SmartDNSProxy and so far, F1 TV hasn’t blocked a single stream. The F1 TV service has also been polished up since they first launched and there doesn’t seem to be any weird streaming issues (like their stream crashing at the start of the race). I also discovered a cool trick the other day where if I use my TV as a second monitor, I could use one browser tab to stream the race on my TV and then use the laptop screen with another browser tab open to a live race data stream or a driver cockpit view. And on top of all this, I’ve also been able to stream the race on my mobile phone using the F1 app.

So if you want to watch Formula 1 in Kuwait, your only options (at the time of this post) is MBC Action or F1 TV if you have a foreign credit card.

31 03, 2019

Bridge to Free Trade Zone Now Open

2019-03-31T13:58:12+03:00Mar 31, 2019|8 Comments

Highway 60 which is the long bit of highway that flies over Shuwaikh is now open again. The bridge which previously use to drop you at the start of the free trade zone now flies over it landing you at the very far end of it. This bridge will also soon connect to the world’s longest bridge, the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Causeway which is set to open next month.

I drove on the new bridge extension this past weekend and it reminded me of the old video game Tokyo Highway Challenge. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bridge turns out to be popular with street racers especially considering there is only one speed camera.

30 03, 2019

Arabica Featured in Wallpaper*

2019-03-30T22:17:15+03:00Mar 30, 2019|4 Comments

Arabica’s Mall 30 location was featured in the design and lifestyle magazine Wallpaper* last week. I haven’t been to that location yet because it’s so out of my way, but I had seen photos of it and it really is a beautiful space.

The interior was designed by the Japanese design studio Nendo and opened up last December. If you’re interested in passing by, here is the location on Google Maps.

Here is the link to the article on Wallpaper*.

The store was also featured on Design Boom where they have even more pictures of the space.

28 03, 2019

Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

2019-03-28T12:33:53+03:00Mar 28, 2019|1 Comment

Below is this weekends list of events. As usual, if I missed anything, let me know in the comments:

Exhibition: RE_USE
Exhibition: Laura Boushnak | Read | Write
Exhibition: Sami Mohammad
Kuwait Yacht Show 2019
Souq Buhayra
Spring Break Playground
Family Carnival at Arabella

Exhibition: RE_USE
Exhibition: Laura Boushnak | Read | Write
Exhibition: Sami Mohammad
Kuwait Yacht Show 2019
Souq Buhayra
Spring Break Playground
Spring Craft Market at The Promenade
Road Rush
Family Carnival at Arabella

Exhibition: RE_USE
Exhibition: Laura Boushnak | Read | Write
Exhibition: Sami Mohammad
Kuwait Yacht Show 2019
Souq Buhayra
Spring Break Playground
Guided Tour: Liberation Tower
KTAA Spring Bazaar
Dare to Do Mighty Things: Hitting the Road On Mars
Earth Hour

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]
For a full list of upcoming events click [Here]

Sometimes events get canceled or have details changed so always double-check with the organizers.

28 03, 2019

Movies Showing in Kuwait this Weekend

2019-03-28T07:32:11+03:00Mar 28, 2019|1 Comment

Screenshot from Dumbo

The movies below are now showing at Cinescape, Grand Cinemas and VOX:

New This Weekend:
Dumbo (7.1)
The Professor and the Madman (7.9)
We Die Young (5.7)

Other Movies Showing Now:
Alita: Battle Angel (7.6)
Captain Marvel (6.0)
Cold Pursuit (7.3)
Escape Room (6.4)
Five Feet Apart (7.2)
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (7.9)
Mirai (7.1)
Take Point (5.7)
The Hole in the Ground (5.8)
The Upside (6.4)
Us (7.3)
Wonder Park (7.1)

The movies below are also now showing at the Scientific Center IMAX theater:

Amazon Adventure 3D (6.6)
Fly Me to the Moon (4.5)
Galapagos 3D (8.6)
Oceans: Our Blue Planet (7.4)
Penguins (6.7)

Numbers in brackets refer to the IMDB rating at time of publishing.