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3 07, 2019

Vinyl Destination – A Local Online Vinyl Store

2019-07-04T08:30:46+03:00Jul 3, 2019|9 Comments

Vinyl Destination is a curated destination for vinyl lovers in Kuwait that was created by Farah Bishara (DJ Bonita) simply because we didn’t have any record stores in Kuwait. Even though CDs are dead, vinyl is still pretty much alive and no store sells them. When Virgin Megastore closed down we kinda lost our last music store since all our favorite music shops from the 80s and 90s had closed down including:

Bells (got my first CD from there, Paula Abdul Spellbound 1991)
Soul II Soul
Swan Lake (got my first tape from there, Ghostbusters soundtrack 1984)
The Video Club
White House

Vinyl Destination started off as a pop-up event back in October and since then it popped up a couple of times before going into hibernation for the summer. But recently, Vinyl Destination launched an online store. There is a pretty decent selection for sale, not too many and mostly one of each vinyl, but not a bad start and they’re also priced pretty reasonably from 10 to 15KD.

So if you’re looking for vinyl this is your best bet unless you want to go rummage through random piles in the antique basement. www.vinyldestinationkuwait.com

2 07, 2019

Shawerma Review: Shakir

2019-07-02T09:23:09+03:00Jul 2, 2019|15 Comments

I haven’t posted a shawarma review here in nearly a decade but that’s mostly because no new shawerma place has really interested me until now. Recently a new shawarma place opened up in Al Rai called Shakir and there has been a lot of hype surrounding it which is why I wanted to pass by and try it out. I think what grabbed my attention the most about the place was the fact they used freshly baked breadrolls for the shawarma, and after trying it out yesterday, I think that’s my favorite thing about the place.

Shakir is located pretty much walking distance from The Avenues, on the same street as Party Land and True Value. It’s a super busy area all day long so by the time you walk into the place you’re already stressed out from traffic. Your stress level will only get worse once you’re inside since there will most likely be a really long queue to order food. I stood in line at 5:47PM and got back to my car with the food by 6:22PM. That’s over 30 minutes just to pick up shawarma!

The place doesn’t have chicken shawarma, just meat with two sauces, either the regular tahina or the spicy tahina sauce. Other than that the menu only has fries, juices and laban. Pretty simple which I like although as a chicken shawerma guy, I would rather they have chicken instead of meat or the option to choose between either. While waiting for my food I spent most of my time watching them bake the breadrolls and I think that’s just the smartest idea and I don’t know why no other place does it. Plain fresh bread tastes good as is, so imagine how much better it would taste stuffed with juicy meat and tahina.

I ordered the regular shawerma as well as the spicy one along with fries and juice to go on the side. I think the regular shawerma tasted just ok with the spicy one tasting a lot better because of the more interesting spicy sauce. The best part about the shawerma was the bread as expected, and that’s what would probably make me go back, BUT, only after the hype dies down. It was definitly not worth waiting 30 minutes and I went at an irregular hour, so I can’t imagine how long the line would be during regular lunch or dinner timings. At 650 fils per shawerma I’d also expect the breadroll to be stuffed with a lot more meat which they weren’t. They’re pretty stingy with the shawerma which is a turnoff.

Shakir is on instagram @shawarmashakir and here is their location on Google Maps.

2 07, 2019

Pet Cat Lost at the Airport

2019-07-02T23:22:03+03:00Jul 2, 2019|32 Comments

My brother sent me this yesterday and it’s such a sad story. Laila who is a cat owner came back to Kuwait from the States with her cat and at the airport was told the cat would need to be seen by the airport vet. So they took the cat from her and three hours later tell her that the cat ran away when they were on the way to see the vet and the couldn’t find it. You can check out her instagram post on this below:

Im fucking crying my ass off while i type this. Winston is missing. When we arrived Kuwait the officer stopped us at the airport and told us we needed to get a paper signed to get winston in kuwait (even though i showed him all the correct paperwork specifying winston is healthy and up to date in all his shots, ect). Since they are too lazy to accept the documents they made me sign a paper. As i picked up winston’s bag they stopped me and told me that he needs to go see a doctor at the airport to make sure hes not carrying any diseases and apparently thats what happens to all animals that arrive the country. I fought with them and begged them not to take him but the officers said those were the rules.

I waited for 3 hours and in the end they told me that he fucking ran away in the cargo on the way to the doctor. He ran away out in the open where all the planes and trucks are. Ive been crying screaming and hysterical ever since and im not authorized to go search for him. We begged the guards to let us in and we were able to scout the area but i wasnt allowed to leave the car. It’s currently 95 degrees and will continue to get hotter to 114 degrees . I am so devastated and destroyed. I dont know what else to say. I am charging my phone and will be back at the airport in a few hours. If you are in kuwait and can help please let me know. .

They wont even let me SEARCH FOR MY OWN CAT please if anyone has authority and can help please let me know this cat is my entire life please help me

I think the worst part for me is the fact it took them three hours to tell her they lost her cat and then wouldn’t let her in to help them look for him. I understand there are security procedures since it’s an airport but there must be ways around that like by having airport security accompany her. Pets generally will panic in an environment like an airport and there would be a much higher chance of finding the cat if the owner was involved in the search. Cats especially aren’t like dogs and won’t just come to a stranger when been called for.

Laila is constantly posting updates on her pets Instagram account so if you want to know more about what’s happening, check @leya_and_winston

Update: Sadly, the cat was found dead at the airport earlier today. The National Aviation Services (NAS) who were responsible for transporting the cat to the vet posted the following statement on their instagram account:

We regret the unfortunate turn of events with Winston.

We extend our deepest condolences to Ms. Laila and her family during this difficult time.

We are very sorry for their loss.

We are conducting an in-depth internal investigation into the matter.

People will be held accountable.

We will also be putting in place more stringent procedures under “FOSTER” rules to ensure this does not happen again.

To ensure higher safety standards for each animal in our care, we are creating a $100,000 fund – “Foster” towards improvement of animal care facilities at the airport.

We carefully handled over 700 household pets last year without incident. We understand that each animal is unique and precious.

1 07, 2019

TrashTag x Sons of Yusuf

2019-07-01T08:03:21+03:00Jul 1, 2019|4 Comments

The popular Kuwaiti hip-hop duo Sons of Yusuf are joining forces with TrashTag Kuwait in a beach clean up this Tuesday. The TrashTag challenge has been pretty active in Kuwait cleaning up beaches and growing quickly with more and more volunteers taking part.

If you’re looking for something to do tomorrow (it’s a great way to meet new people), they’re meeting up at Abo Hassaniya Beach at 6PM. Check out the TrashTag instagram account for more info @trashtagkuwait

1 07, 2019

Shure Earphones in Kuwait

2019-07-01T07:24:38+03:00Jul 1, 2019|3 Comments

I’ve been a fan of Shure earphones ever since I got my first pair back in 2004 and have owned a number of different pairs since. But, I’ve always had to order my Shure’s from Amazon because I could never find them locally until now. Last week I found out that the local musical instruments store Salmeen carries Shure earphones and for the most part, they aren’t that overpriced. Here are the prices compared to Amazon (not including tax or shipping):

Shure SE215 Wired
Salmeen: KD49
Amazon: KD30

Shure SE215 Wireless
Salmeen: KD55
Amazon: KD45

Shure SE425
Salmeen: KD85
Amazon: KD82

Shure SE425 Wirless
Salmeen: KD99
Amazon: KD91

Shure SE535
Salmeen: KD150
Amazon: KD136

If you’re interested in getting Shure’s, Salmeen has two locations, one in Salmiya and one in Avenues but they also have an online shop with all their items.

30 06, 2019

Do You Use MyUS?

2019-06-30T10:50:49+03:00Jun 30, 2019|41 Comments

I’ve used the US mail forwarding company MyUS on and off since 2001. Originally they were the only option available, then Shop&Ship by Aramex came about so started using them, and it’s been a back and forth relationship with them ever since. I usually jump ship whenever I find a better deal since I ship a lot of items and the savings do add up. For the past few years, I’ve been using the MyBox service from PostaPlus since they were the most affordable offering but then last week I remembered one reader had previously told me MyUS had reduced their prices and were now cheaper than PostaPlus.

A couple of weeks ago I had ordered and shipped a bunch of parts for my Datsun 240z to my PostaPlus account and the total package weighed around 40lb. When I had originally checked the rate calculator on PostaPlus it told me I would pay around KD75 which I figured was ok. After I shipped the items, I decided to check the rate calculator on the MyUS website and was surprised to get KD45. That’s a pretty huge difference which is why I’m now thinking of moving back to MyUS.

But I have a few questions for those of you who currently are using them:

– Other than the shipping cost, what are usually the custom clearance fees you pay, for example with PostaPlus it’s KD1 for custom clearance and then 5% of the total shipment value for customs.

– Can you pay the customs fees online or is it cash on delivery?

– Are there any issues you’ve had with MyUS?

On a side note (and coincidentally), MyUS recently published an article about the top influencers in Kuwait and yours truly made the list. You can check that post out here.

30 06, 2019

Serv – Car Storage Facility

2019-06-30T08:30:28+03:00Jun 30, 2019|7 Comments

Not sure why there is a sudden influx in car storage facilities in Kuwait, but it doesn’t really matter since the more facilities like this the more competitive their prices will have to be. Last week I posted about a new car storage facility called Curated, and now this is another brand new facility called Serv.

Serv is also located in Kuwait City, specifically in the basement of the multistory lot behind Behbehani Complex, in the block across the street from Arraya Tower. I dropped by last week to check it out and it was actually pretty cool. If The Vault is the gold standard for these facilities in Kuwait, Serv comes pretty close to offering nearly all of their services.

Other than the usual offerings like air-conditioned parking, 24h security, and power sockets all around to connect battery trickle chargers to, Serv also has a dedicated parking area for bikes, private garages of different sizes in case you don’t want to park next to other cars or need car privacy, and probably most importantly, Serv is also fully insured so in case something happens to your car it’s covered by their insurance. To top it off their parking lot also looks pretty cool design-wise and so the cars parked there also end up looking good.

When it comes to pricing it’s closer to Curated than it is to The Vault. At the time of publishing the prices at Serv are as follows:

Normal Parking
1 Month: KD95
3 Months: KD255
6 Months: KD450
12 Months: KD780

Boxes (Private Garages)
12 Months: KD1,380 and up depedning on box size

Bikes Parking
1 Month: KD40
3 Months: KD111
6 Months: KD210
12 Months: KD360

If you’re looking for a car storage facility for your car and are interested in Serv then check them out on Instagram @serv.kw.

27 06, 2019

1954 Film House

2019-06-27T10:54:11+03:00Jun 27, 2019|11 Comments

Cinescape recently launched what they’re calling their “first ever boutique cinema”. 1954 Film House is a retro-looking cinema that reflects the history of cinema in the golden era when theaters were much more glamorous.

The cinema is decorated with posters of old films and contains three different theaters with distinctive looks, each representing a different story on the history of cinema. I haven’t visited this new theater yet because of the fact that it’s located in Al Kout Mall which is pretty far from where I live, but it’s definitely an interesting idea although it would have made more sense if it also played older films and not just the current commercial ones.

If you want to find out more you can check out their Instagram account @1954filmhouse