Just Like You, I Hate Dealing with Government Paperwork

Posted by Mark


Anytime I need to get any paperwork from the government I cringe. In the past month I had two papers I needed to get sorted and in both cases things didn’t go so smoothly. I hate how I have to approach all the employees in a way where it’s like I am asking them for a favor.

The first paper is related to a business I’m launching. To setup a company I need a paper from my sponsor giving me permission to start a company. I got that paper from him and went to Government Mall (located under the Liberation Tower) to get it notarized. When I presented the document the government employee took a look at it and told me the format was all wrong, he wrote down the proper format, I went downstairs got it typed and came back to show him. He told me it was fine and I now needed to get it signed by my sponsor. So I left and came back two weeks later with the document signed. I went back to the same employee and handed him the signed document, he looked at it and was like what is this? I explained to him what it was and he once again told me it was in the wrong format. I was like what do you mean its the wrong format? You wrote it for me, I got it typed and approved by you and all you said I needed to do was get it signed which I did! He was like no this is the wrong format. I asked him if he could write down what I needed to change, he told me he won’t write anything and then shooed me away. I’m now getting someone to get this document sorted for me since I can’t deal with that crap again.


The second paper I needed to get was permission from the police to replace my damaged bumper. I headed to the Salmiya police station and walked up to the information desk and told them what paper I needed. They instructed me to go into the first office on the left. I went to the first office on the left and the police officer there told me to go upstairs. I went upstairs and there were three rooms but only one was occupied. So I walked in and waited until the two police there finished their conversation before I asked the cop seated at a desk about the paper. The cop told me to go to the office next door. I told him I did but there was nobody there. He then got agitated and told me obviously there isn’t anybody there since its his office and he can’t be in two places at once. As if I was somehow supposed to have know that was his office. So I go wait in his office for a few minutes and then he walks in. He’s like I need you to get me a photocopy of your license, car registration booklet and your civil ID. I thought to myself why couldn’t you have told me that earlier instead of making me wait here. So I leave the police station and drive to the nearest photocopy shop and then come back with the copies. I go upstairs again and this time the same cop is sitting at a desk in the third room. In my head I thought that was hilarious because it felt like the police station had only one employee who changes offices and pretends to be a different person every time. He ends up filling up the papers and then sends me down to the Salmiya area commander for one last signature.

How I hate this. I know a lot of people (mostly Kuwaitis) would disagree with me on this but I would rather they replaced all the ministry employees with expats. When was the last time you walked into McDonalds and was greeted by a grumpy employee who made you feel like he was doing you a favor?

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The Kuwait Motor Show

Posted by Mark


Yesterday was the first day of Auto Moto 15 thats taking place at 360 Mall. I passed by awhile ago and although the selection of cars wasn’t that great, I did leave satisfied. For one thing they have the Alfa Romeo 4C on display, I hadn’t seen that car live before and damn it looks ridiculously cool in person. They also had the Volkswagen XL1 which I posted about last month on display plus the Porsche 918 Spyder.


For Toyota fans, there was a TRD display but all the cars on display just looked really really tacky. If that wasn’t bad enough, turns out all the cars only had TRD cosmetic kits with no engine performances available.

If you’re a car fan it’s worth passing by. For more information click [Here]

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Kuwait to Start Losing Money Soon

Posted by Mark


Kuwait now expects to post its first deficit in two decades by 2017, Finance Minister Anas Al Saleh has reportedly told the Kuwaiti Parliament.
Al Saleh said the recent decline in oil prices, which account for about 90 percent of export revenues, would see Kuwait fall into the red sooner than the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s 2017-18 prediction, according to Kuwait Times. [Source]

The price of oil is currently under $40 and Kuwait needs it to be at $78 to pay all its bills and stay in the black. So can an expert tell me what it would mean for us if Kuwait ends up in the red? Does everything continue as it is while the government digs into its savings until the oil price goes back again? Or would some of the amenities like free health care stop to help cut down costs? Will this cause inflation?

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New Kuwait Airways Business and Economy Class Interiors

Posted by Mark


Kuwait Airways have posted pictures of the interior of the new A320 plane they received last month. Kinda looks gloomy but that’s probably because the shots were taken at night and with a mobile phone. [Link]

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Gulf Bank Flash Mob

Posted by Mark

Someone should have an intervention with Gulf Bank before they release a Harlem Shake video next. Flash mobs are so 2009. [YouTube]


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Watch the Air Show online

Posted by Mark

If you missed the air show on Friday you didn’t really miss much from what I heard. But, if you wish you had watched the air show you can do so online since someone uploaded a video of it. Not very exciting. [YouTube]


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VOL.1 Cafe

Posted by Mark


I first heard about VOL.1 when I used to see their home made health bars at Circuit+. Now they’ve gone ahead and opened up a beautiful small coffee shop in Kuwait City in front of the fabrics market (blockat). They’re near Al Makan and are open from 12PM to 5PM except for Fridays. For more information check out their instagram account [Here]

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Posted by Mark

Another busy weekend this week. Only one market taking place this time around and it’s the Marina Market. I went to it last week and it was disappointing so I’m hoping its going to better this weekend. Anyway, here are my personal picks; Thursday I’d hit up the rooftop movie while on Friday I’d do the Two Chefs and a Waitress Brunch followed by the air show and then Marina Market. Saturday I would do the K’S PATH Shelter Open Day (it’s great if you have children) followed by the rooftop movie in the evening. There is supposedly an air show Check out the full list of events taking place this weekend below:

Exhibition: Al-Seef
Exhibition: The Replacement by Mahmoud Obaidi
Torch Sport & Health Event
Marina Market
Rooftop Movie: Before Sunrise

Torch Sport & Health Event
Marina Market
Two Chefs and a Waitress Brunch
Hala February Air Show
Cozmo Cades: Fifa 15
K’S PATH Beach Cleanup

Torch Sport & Health Event
Marina Market
The Secret Garden Project
K’S PATH Shelter Open Day
Rooftop Movie: Killing Them Softly
Madeenah Tour: Ahmed Aljaber St.

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]

Update: Added the Madeenah Tour on Saturday

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Torch Sport & Health Exhibition

Posted by Mark


I found out about Torch today by coincidence from a friend who’s taking part in the exhibition. It’s being held at the Kuwait International Fairground starting from today until the 17th. I passed by the exhibition awhile ago and I’m not really sure what to make of it.


The hall the exhibition is being held in is fairly large but the majority of the space is taken up by a fake green field which none of the vendors I spoke to seemed to know what it was for.


Most of the vendors at the exhibition were for healthy food products and most were selling their products at retail cost. I just didn’t understand the purpose of it since you could find the same products at Sultan Center and SaveCo instead of driving all the way to the fairgrounds. At events like this food vendors should consider running some kind of promotion in a bid to gain new customers.

If you’re into fitness and sports then pass by the event like I did just to check it out. Just don’t go with high expectations.

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Coma Chocolate Pudding

Posted by Mark


I had been wanting to try this dessert ever since I saw pictures of it floating around Instagram but I didn’t get the chance to until now. The dessert is called the Coma Chocolate Pudding and is served at the Dikakeen restaurant in Salhiya M2. It’s basically a chocolate pudding dessert with a KDD sandwich ice cream shoved in the middle.

The dessert takes 20 minutes to prepare which is a good sign since it means they bake it fresh. Sadly though the dessert looked better than it tasted since I thought it was flavorless. But, if you’re a fan of the KDD ice cream sandwich (who isn’t really) then it’s worth trying out.

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