Muay Thai in Kuwait

Post by Mark


I know there are a lot of people interested in Muay Thai training in Kuwait so figured I’d post about a new place that opened up that offers it. A new gym opened up in Shuwaikh called Empower 31 and one of the services they offer is Muay Thai training. They’ve brought in a world class trainer (Joesoef Henri) who has worked with top fighters all over the world including:

Remy bonjasky – Former K-1 Champion, One of the best kick boxers in the world.
Raphael Assuncao – UFC #3 Ranked Bantamweight
Andy Souwer – Dutch welterweight. Currently a Glory top contender. He is two time K-1 World MAX champion as well as a four time shoot boxing world tournament champion.
Dhiego Lima – #6 ranked welterweight in the world – currently in the UFC


The trainer is from Holland so he’s bringing the Dutch style of Kickboxing to Kuwait which is something new according to the owner (All of the K-1 finalists are usually Dutch or have a Dutch style background).

So if you’re interested in Muay Thai, Empower 31 is offering beginner and intermediate/ Advanced Muay Thai classes. The cost is KD85/month, KD220/3 months, KD385/6 months or KD620/year. This cost gives you access to their whole facility, not just Muay Thai, so you’ll have access to “strength and conditioning coaches who are all highly educated and have past experience within professional sports teams as their strength and conditioning coaches”. For more information including contact details, check out their instagram account @empower31

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Shakshooka Market at the Secret Garden Project

Post by Mark

The Shakshooka Market in the video above took place a couple of weeks back. For those of you who haven’t been to any of the Secret Garden events, this should give you an idea of what you’re missing. [YouTube]


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Prices of Yeezy Boost 350 in Kuwait vs World

Post by Mark

So Harvey Nichols released the Yeezy Boost 350 “moonrock” edition in Kuwait today and for some odd reason sold them for nearly twice the world wide retail price. According to a reader who queued up this morning to get his hands on a pair, Harvey Nichols in Kuwait sold the Yeezys for KD115 ($380). In comparison they sold for KD60 ($200) in the United States, KD66 (AED800) at Levels Shoe District in Dubai and for KD69 (£150) in the UK. So why is Harvey Nichols in Kuwait selling the sneakers for KD115?!

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review

Post by Patrick


What can be said about the Call of Duty franchise that hasn’t been said before? For better or for worse, the games don’t really evolve much. I enjoyed last year’s Advanced Warfare, I thought the campaign mode was fun and I enjoyed maneuvering with the EXO suits. It gave the game a sense of verticality that it was missing. Going into a Call of Duty game you already know what you’re going to get. So I expected a short, but fun, adrenaline filled campaign mode, great multiplayer and a decent zombie mode. Sadly, what I got out of the game was something much less. It’s disappointing how far the campaign mode strayed from what they created in Black Ops II which had had branching paths and multiple endings, and had a narrative that was captivating and intense. There’s a lot of content in Black Ops III, but it’s a case of quantity over quality.


I primarily enjoy playing single player games. So the first thing I did going into this new Call of Duty was just that. You start off by creating a character, choosing the gender and then a face. The problem is the majority of the faces all look the same. Not sure why they didn’t include a simple feature that allows you to pick a face and then a hairstyle or something along those lines. Being able to choose to play as a badass woman was cool though. But then I got referred to as “him” within the first few minutes of the game and that should give you an idea of how much attention went into campaign mode. It’s pretty lazy all around. The Call of Duty games aren’t known for their writing, but they have a reputation for being enjoyable. The campaign in Black Ops III was paced weirdly, the tutorial levels were too long and when major things happened, the game didn’t really do a good job at building any suspense or any sort of climax. Things just sort of happen. On top of that the narrative seems to be pieced together by borrowing basic themes and ideas from other games, like Deus Ex Human Revolution. Your character has a set of special abilities, some of them are cool like being able to control enemy robots or making enemies explode, but some of them are lame, like sending a swarm of cybernetic flies to distract human enemies. If you’ve played Bioshock, these should feel familiar, because they work kind of like Plasmids. When you finish a mission you’re sent back to your base where you’ll be able to walk around and interact with computers to upgrade your abilities, customize your character, look at the collectibles you’ve found or read more about the narrative, which is cool but I didn’t really care enough for the story to really spend my time there.

So what are some things that I liked in campaign mode? There were some fun firefights, some of the abilities you get are cool to use and the game ran incredibly smoothly. One other thing I really appreciated was the fact that you can play campaign mode in split-screen with a friend. It’s nice to see developers still include this especially when you have 343 Industries removing split screen from Halo 5, which I personally thought was a really dumb move since split-screen was such an important part of the Halo games. But I digress, that’s a different post for a different time. Finally, it was cool seeing Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica) in the game, I hope she does more work related to this industry.


So it’s pretty known fact that most players will spend most of their time in multiplayer. Unlike the campaign mode, I enjoyed my time playing against other people. Multiplayer mode in Black Ops III is slightly different than its predecessors. The biggest change in multiplayer is that you now have to choose from a set of characters called “Specialists”. You start off with four to choose from and you unlock more as you level up (there’s 9 in total). Each Specialist has their own personality, look, their own set of abilities and a unique special weapon. It’s a shame that you can’t customize them much. You unlock different kinds of cosmetic equipment as you play with them, but it just takes too long to unlock anything. There also isn’t a large variety of armor either. Another slight change in multiplayer is that the game doesn’t automatically unlock weapons for you as you level up. Instead “unlock tokens” make a comeback. You gain experience and level up, and you’re awarded with unlock tokens that you can use to unlock new weapons. You still get rewarded for using a weapon consistently with attachments, like scopes or paint jobs. There’s also a good variety of maps (12 to be exact) and most importantly most of them are fun. Like I mentioned earlier, I enjoyed Advanced Warfare and I enjoyed the way you were able to move through the maps. I think they’ve improved on that in Black Ops III, but instead of Exo suits you’ll be using thrusters, which is a momentum based system, allowing you to jump more than once, wall run and slide across the ground. All in all, multiplayer is pretty solid.


Zombie mode is now fully fleshed out and has its own campaign mode called Shadows of Evil. You take control of one of four characters who are voiced by Hollywood celebrities like Jeff Goldblum and Ron Perlman. You’ll be navigating through the fictional Morg City slaughtering zombies while you try to stay alive. This mode is only cool if you’re playing it with other people, it’s not worth investing your time in if you don’t have friends to experience it with. You can go online and play with random players but it’s not as fun, especially if you can’t properly communicate with them.

At the end of the day it’s unlikely Black Ops III will win over any new fans. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of the franchise then chances are you’re going to enjoy this and you’re going to welcome the new (albeit slight) changes to multiplayer. The question remains if the game has the longevity that the previous games had, especially since customization is extremely limited. Specialists are a cool addition, but I don’t believe they really change multiplayer enough. There’s a ton of content here, but there’s no real reason to go back to the campaign mode once it’s over and the zombie mode can be frustrating if you have no one to play with. I’m personally sticking with Destiny for my first-person needs because that game just has more things I enjoy. It’ll be curious to see what direction Call of Duty goes from here now that they’re futuristic. How far will they go? Or will they go back in time and bring back their World War II games? Or maybe they’ll play around with a time travel mechanic and develop a game that features World War II and futuristic stuff? Time will tell.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III was supplied by X-Cite. The game is available on PS3 (online only), Xbox 360 (online only), PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Post by Patrick

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Post by Mark


This is probably going to be the busiest weekend of the season with so many things to do. Firstly if you haven’t registered for the Nuqat Creative Conference, then do so now since it’s free to register and there are lots of interesting lectures taking place. Once you get that done take a look at all the activities taking place this weekend below:

Exhibition: Four Hands Can’t Clap
Exhibition: Behind the Crisis
Exhibition: King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture
UK Culture Week: Paper Cinema
Wonderland Charity Carnival
Nuqat Creative Conference
Preview of Constant Caricature – political cartoonist Ali Ferzat
Islamopolitan Exhibition – Kuwait Edition
JAMM Art Gallery
Rooftop Movie: My Dinner with Andre
Movie in the Park: Hidden Pictures

Wonderland Charity Carnival
Nuqat Creative Conference
Brunch at Lucy’s
UK Culture Week: Gandini Workshop
Kuwait Bibliophiles Book Club Meeting
A Designer’s Dream
Book Signing | Hilmi Al-Tuni
Monitor, Reflect, then Act

Wonderland Charity Carnival
Nuqat Creative Conference
Yoga at the Park
Winter Bazaar
A Walkathon for Diabetes
#WECANDOIT INSIDEOUT Pasting & Video Launch
Protein Sheikhas: Bootcamp
Rooftop Movie: Wild Tales
UK Culture Week: Gandini

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]
For a full list of upcoming events click [Here]

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Guy Scrawls “Claudia I ♡ You” Across Kuwait

Post by Mark


This is just insane, a guy called Wilfred scrawled the message “Claudia I ♡ You” across Kuwait using GPS. It took him 11 days to get it done and by the end of it he had ridden, driven and kayaked over 2,000km. The message itself is 615km long. He also took a ton of photos and videos of the whole journey and even has an animation showing the whole trip. I can’t even figure out the logistics behind this, it’s crazy. Here is some more info:

Software Used: Osmand, Google Earth, QGIS, ArcMap, Google Earth, CartoDB, Basecamp
Hardware Used: Samsung Note 2, Garmin GPSMAP 64s
Highlights: the struggle to fit the ♡ between the oil fields, an epic dust storm south of the I, getting beaten into submission by the elements when kayaking the U and seeing V-22 Osprey night practice flights west of the O. Two portions involved offroading at night – the NE shoulder of the O and the first part of the bottom of the Y. Click video points in these locations for more detail.

So check out the animation first [Here]
Then once you’re done check out all the videos [Here] (randomly flip through them)

Oh and yeah, Claudia obviously liked this.

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South of Sane at Nuqat

Post by Mark

South of Sane is a local movement by a group of underground artists, musicians, designers, engineers and architects who came together to revive the cultural scene in Kuwait and across the Middle East. Tomorrow at Nuqat they’ll be revealing their first piece so I asked them if they could send me a small tidbit I could post on the blog along with their teaser video above. They sent me the below:


a geneRation without cultuRe and aRt is a violent one, this is evident in how we as a nation have become; moRe Reliant on how ouR image is pReceived in social netwoRks RatheR be Respected foR what we stand foR. kuwait has always been and always will be the land of cReation and innovation, a haven foR the Region in fine aRts and humanities. I pRopose we put an end to Recycled aRt and let the undeRgRound come out and show the woRld that we R not all driven by materialism & trend, that this countRy has its Roots deeply founded in cultuRe and aRts, that we as a nation aRe fRee in soul and mind. if what we do is not seen as aRt then subsequently i pResent you with “the anti-aRt”

So if you’re interested to find out more then head to Nuqat tomorrow for their big reveal. From 1:45PM to 3PM they’ll be performing music followed by the reveal show at 6:15PM. Nuqat is being held at the Amricani Cultural Center [Map]

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Sista Brown’s Market

Post by Mark


The first time I heard about Sista Brown was when my best friend (who’s super ridiculously talented btw) posted about them a few months back when they had an event in Lebanon. I didn’t really have any idea what it was but the name was odd so it stuck with me. Fast forward a few months and I find out Sista Brown was having a pop-up shop here in Kuwait. It didn’t sound very exciting, their flyer graphic was ugly (even blurry) and there was no mention of what the pop-up shop was about. I didn’t even consider going until another friend of mine got in touch with me yesterday and asked me to pass by so I could possibly post about it on the blog. So I did.

Sista Brown turned out to be more of a market than a pop-up shop. I originally got the impression Sista Brown was one shop but it’s actually around 20 different designers and start up fashion brands mostly from Lebanon but also from other parts of the world all brought together under the Sista Brown umbrella. The market is being held at Shuwaikh Market and is only going to be there until tomorrow (Nov 12). The most interesting aspect to me was the Armenian food by the Lebanese Armenian bistro called Batchig. If you’re interested in trying out Armenian food, Sista Brown brought Batchig from Lebanon for this event and they’re there after 7PM serving food. That alone is actually worth going for.

So if you’re interested in passing by, the market is open from 4PM till midnight and the food from 7PM. Here is Shuwaikh Market on [Google Maps]

Update: Just found out there is Iraqi food from 4PM to 6:30PM today as well and then 7PM back to Armenian food.

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8 Modern Kuwaiti Residences

Post by Mark


Architizer have published a list of 8 modern homes in Kuwait and there are some great stuff there including my current favorite the Al Saif Residence pictured above. Check out the full list [Here]

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Archery Lessons for Expats in Kuwait

Post by Mark


Does anyone know where expats can get archery lessons in Kuwait? I contacted the Kuwait Archery National Team on Facebook asking about lessons and they told me the Kuwait Shooting Federation offers lessons but it’s only for Kuwaitis.

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