Promoted: Get Free Tenders with Burger King

Burger King Kuwait is currently running a pretty cool campaign where depending on the last number on your car plate, they’re giving away free tenders!

All you need to do is order any meal at one of their 39 drive-thru locations around Kuwait and whatever the last digit of your car plate is, you’ll get that number of tenders for free. I checked my cars and I have one that ends with the number 8 so I’m pretty much set.

It’s a limited time offer so if you want your tenders, go get them now.
To find out more, visit their instagram @Burgerkingkw


Pre-Order you iPhone 15 Tonight

The pre-orders for the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro will go live tomorrow September 22nd, but some authorized resellers like Xcite are going to go live from midnight tonight.

So if you were hoping to be one of the first to get the new iPhones at retail prices, you most likely need to pre-order to get your hands on one early. Here are the list of authorized Apple resellers in Kuwait according to Apple:

Lulu Hypermarket

Events Things to do

4 Things Happening in Kuwait this Weekend

The weather is getting cooler so the events are starting to pop up again. This weekend there are 4 interesting events taking place:

Colors of Armenia
If you’re into painting, the Armenian community and embassy in Kuwait is celebrating Armenian heritage with a vibrant painting event.

Powerlifting Competition
There is a power lifting competition taking place this weekend which is something different.

Storytelling with Omar Hamada
Qesati are holding a talk this weekend with Omar Hamada, the owner of Lyfe Cycle.

Is this thing on?
Art Scene are holding an open mic night featuring poetry, music, comedy and performance.

Movies Television

Movies & TV Shows to Watch this Weekend

I’m finally caught up with all the episodes of Yellowstone so started catching up to Billions. Billions used to be one of my favorite shows but this season I’m not really feeling it much so just powering through it for now. There are a couple of TV shows I added to my need to watch list this past week:

This show seems interesting but haven’t started it yet. Lots of big name actors and it’s based in the future so has the potential to be great if it wasn’t for the fact the show deals with climate change and if its one of those shows with “a message” I’m really not gonna like it.

Lessons in Chemistry
This show caught my attention because of the aesthetics and the fact it stars Brie Larson. It’s not out yet, comes out next month.

I’m also really looking forward to the new Frasier which comes out next month as well. Hopefully won’t suck because I have really fond memories of the show.

What’s on your “need to watch” list?

Movies at the Cinemas
The movies below are now showing at the local cinemas:

New This Weekend:
Expend4bles (5.1)
It Lives Inside (5.5)
R.A.D.A.R.: The Adventures of the Bionic Dog (5.4)

Other Movies Showing:
A Haunting in Venice (6.7)
Blue Beetle (6.8)
Cats Museum (4.4)
Elemental (6.8)
Gran Turismo (7.0)
Oppenheimer (8.7)
Rabbit Academy: Mission Eggpossible (5.4)
Retribution (5.3)
Sound of Freedom (7.8)
The Equalizer 3 (6.9)
The Nun II (6.3)

The classic films below are currently showing at the 1954 Film House:
Casablanca (8.5)
Space Jam (6.5)

The numbers in brackets refer to the IMDB rating at the time of publishing.


Winter Wonderland Season 2

The second season of Winter Wonderland is going to start soon and there will be a bunch of changes this year. Last year, the Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) was taken by surprise at the park’s unexpected popularity, but they are well-prepared for it this season.

Everything is bigger and better about the park for this season. Firstly, the physical footprint of the park increased by 40% which in return allowed the number of games to increase from 22 to 35 while also increasing the number of cafes and restaurants available.

The park will also be open for 7 months this year while longer operating hours that start earlier in the day.

The biggest challenge last year was the limited ticket availability. However, this year they’re making 15,000 tickets available for sale every day which should resolve the issue. The ticket price will also remain unchanged at 5KD but this year they will be sold through their soon to be released app.

They’re aiming to open the park by the end of September but depending on the weather it could be delayed to early October. The official Winter Wonderland account is @wwlkuwait, but for unofficial progress updates check out @mohamedalwazzan. Mohammad lives across from the park and is constantly posting video updates on the construction with short entertaining videos.


Medi – A New Mediterranean Restaurant in the City

Medi (@eat.medi) is a small Mediterranean restaurant that just opened in the city. The restaurant has a cozy 16-seat communal counter that serves small sharing plates. Their menu is up on their website along with pictures and the dishes look pretty good. I haven’t passed by yet since they just opened, but if you’re looking for a new place to try Medi seems interesting.

Currently, they only accept reservations due to their limited seating capacity; so no walk-ins. They open at 6pm and the last booking is at 10:30pm.

Medi is located in the same building where Bartone used to be in Sharq (Google Maps). If you want to book or check out their menu, their website is

Fashion Funny

694KD for a T-Shirt?

The Italian fashion brand Loro Piana opened up at The Avenues a few weeks ago and last week a friend sent me a TikTok video showing a white t-shirt they were selling for 694KD. I thought it might have been fake because no way a plain white t-shirt (or any t-shirt) could possible be 694KD. Turns out it’s real!

Luckily for us, Loro Piana have a local website with all their items and their prices available to check out. I went through it and found the items which seemed hilariously overpriced and decided to share them.

The Gift of Kings� T-Shirt – 694.0 KWD
The Gift of Kings� Polo – 803.0 KWD
Kilya Bomber Jacket – 7,114.0 KWD
Harlan Coat – 9,967.0 KWD
Leasure Trouser – 615.0 KWD
Owen-Belt – 655.0 KWD
Baby Changing Bag – 728.0 KWD
Twelve Blanket – 970.0 KWD
My Doggie Pillow – 1,172.0 KWD


Self Checkout at Super Markets

Have you guys noticed that most if not all the self check out machines disappeared from Coops? At least the ones I visit no longer have them. I’m guessing either no one was using them or people were pretending to use them but then shoplift their items.

On the bright side, the self checkout machines at Sultan Center no longer require you to sign up to their rewards program. It’s made a huge difference for me because I can pop in and out very quickly without having to wait in any cashier line.


No More Direct Flights to Armenia

Back in July, the Armenian national carrier, Fly Arna started direct flights to Kuwait twice a week. I got excited because the flight from Kuwait to Armenia was only 2 hours long and ticket prices started at 82KD which made it very accessible.

Last week I decided I’d book a flight for the end of the month and when I went to their website I couldn’t find Kuwait. They had even removed the image posted above from their Instagram account. Turns out they canceled the route due to lack of interest.

I found that really weird, obviously it’s going to take time for people to find out there are now direct flights to Armenia and then plan their trips. Now the next best flight is a connecting flight that’s over 5 hours long which sucks.


Promoted: How to Start a Side Business with Bzaaarz

Starting a side business in Kuwait isn’t very easy but Bzaaarz is a new app that is trying to make it easier.

Bzaaarz is an e-commerce app that allows anyone to open an online store and sell items with just a few clicks. The items you can sell are from their vast library of products that encompasses everything from electronics, perfumes, cosmetics, pet food and accessories, video games and a lot more.

The way it works is you create an account with Bzaaarz and then select from the thousands of items they have available in their library for you to sell. Anything you sell from your store you get a small percentage of the profits and the whole thing is fully automated and officially backed by the ministry of commerce and local banks.

If you’re an online influencer this could also be perfect for you. Imagine doing a makeup tutorial and then having all the items you used in the video available for your followers to purchase instantly from your store.

To download the app and find out more, check out @bzaaarz.partner