12 11, 2017

New Brands Opening at Assima Mall

2017-11-12T08:50:25+03:00Nov 12, 2017|11 Comments

Last month I posted that the UFC Gym would be opening up at Assima Mall, but since then Assima have announced that a few other brands will also be opening there.

The upmarket French department store Galeries Lafayette, the French retail chain Monoprix and the National Geographic store are three new brands that will be opening at Assima. The Assima project is located in Kuwait City across from KIPCO Tower and is expected to be completed in 2019.

For more information on Assima, you can visit their website [Here]

Thanks Zaydoun

30 06, 2017

Assima Project on Fire

2017-07-01T13:39:43+03:00Jun 30, 2017|12 Comments

The Assima mall and tower which is currently under construction in Kuwait City (across from KIPCO Tower) caught fire earlier today. The fire started in the afternoon and by the time I passed by in the evening, the whole site was engulfed in flames. Solo Pizza, Sola Taco’s and A’s Chicken were forced to close down since their shops are located right behind the construction site.

So if you were wondering what all that smoke coming from the city was, now you know.

Update: Below are some epic photos taken earlier tonight by a reader. Thanks Ricardo!

Update2: According to KUNA, the fire started around 3:30PM and it took 180 firemen to put it out. [Link]

Update3: Now that the fire is out the damage to the site looks to be pretty extensive. According to a reader, the shoring around the site is completely burned and the “shores” are collapsing. Before you start digging to create a hole for construction, you first have to stabilize the sides so they won’t collapse. That process is called shoring. The shoring is composed of steel beams with wooden planks between them [Like this] that hold up the sand walls. The wooden planks are now mostly burnt and the sand walls are collapsing into the site as you can see in the picture above. Thanks Dragos!

3 07, 2016

Assima, a New Mall/Tower in Kuwait City

2016-07-03T12:51:47+03:00Jul 3, 2016|15 Comments

Salhiya are building a new mall/office tower right across from KIPCO Tower in Kuwait City and they’re calling it Assima. The video above is a 3D rendering of how the project will end up looking like but honestly the most exciting aspect for me is that there will be a multistory parking lot which means customers to Solo Pizza which is located right next to this project (check map below) will no longer have parking issues. [YouTube]


via Frankom

9 04, 2018

Al Kout Mall Opening Next Week

2018-04-09T18:48:34+03:00Apr 9, 2018|6 Comments

After a number of delays, the new Al Kout Mall is finally set to open next Monday, April 16th. The new Al Kout Mall is replacing Al Manshar Mall which was torn down back in 2013. The Al Kout Mall website has also been updated with all the shops and restaurants that will be opening there. To check out the list visit alkout.com. Their instagram is @alkoutmall

With Al Kout Mall opening its doors next week and Avenues Phase 4 complete, the next big mall to open up is Assima in Kuwait City which is expected to be ready by Q3 2019.

23 01, 2018

New Malls Opening Dates

2018-01-23T10:52:10+03:00Jan 23, 2018|28 Comments

Avenues Phase 4
The fourth phase of Avenues is on target to open up next month on February 25th. They’ve invited some of the media to take a tour of the new phase at the end of this month so we should get new photos of a nearly complete mall pretty soon.

Al Kout Mall
The new Al Kout Mall is expected to open up in March with an exact target date of March 15th. Al Kout Mall is replacing Al Manshar Mall which was torn down back in 2013.

Assima Mall
Finally, even though Assima Mall construction site caught fire back in June, they’re still planning to open by Q3 2019. I think the fire delayed the project by just a few months since 2019 was always their target date.

17 10, 2017

UFC Gym Opening in Kuwait

2017-10-17T09:21:47+03:00Oct 17, 2017|4 Comments

MMA fans will be excited to know that an official UFC Gym will be opening up in Kuwait. According to a tweet by @UFCGYMME, the UFC Gym in Kuwait will be 4,000sqm and is expected to open in the new under construction Assima Mall by 2019.

UFC Gym’s are located all around the world and in addition to offering MMA classes, they’re also a regular fitness gym. For more information on them, you can visit their website [Here]

Thanks lovelykuwait

6 07, 2017

Avenues Phase 4 Construction Site Catches Fire

2017-07-06T11:24:18+03:00Jul 6, 2017|13 Comments

A short while ago fire was reported at the construction site of Avenues Phase 4. Firefighters are currently arriving at the scene, no open flames can be seen from the main road (as of now) but theres lots of smoke.


According on an engineer from the site, the fire is located in the “Forum” area of Avenues Phase 4 which you can see on the map above.

I’ll update this post with more pictures and information as I get them. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a major fire like last weekend.

update: Looks like the fire was put out before it spread

Thanks Dragos

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