New Immigration Counters at the Airport

Post by Mark


Supposedly service is better as well. I wonder if they’re still allowed to be on their phones?

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Prêt à Manger Coming to Kuwait?

Post by Mark


Now that Pret recently opened up their first location in the Middle East inside the Dubai International Airport, does that mean we’ll also get it? According to a friend who was in Dubai recently and spoke to a Pret employee, it seems that might be the case. The employee didn’t reveal much other than to say they will be eventually expanding around the region which logically should include Kuwait.

Pret is a popular sandwich chain based out of the UK and is super convenient for grabbing a bite on the go which is why I’m not so sure it would succeed here in Kuwait. Not unless they do what “Walls” are doing which is setting up small stations in office towers.

Image Source

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Alghanim Automotive Acquires Ford

Post by Mark


Last month I posted about a rumor that Alghanim was acquiring the Ford dealership for Kuwait and now it turns out that rumor was true. Ford sent out an email over the weekend letting their customers know that Alghanim is now the official dealer for their cars in Kuwait. Here is a link to that [Letter]

This means Alghanim now have the following car brands split between their two three automotive divisions:

Alghanim Automotive

Alghanim Auto

Alghanim Motors

Update: Added Lincoln to the list. Also a reader made me realize that Alghanim Auto is not short for Alghanim Automotive but is in fact a completely different division. So updated post now reflects that.

Thanks Osama

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Last Day for REUSE

Post by Mark


Todays the last day for the REUSE event. I passed by yesterday and my favorite installations were mostly local ones. The one pictured above is a collab by my friends supersoulxxx + kickstq. The installation was called YEEZY-NOMICS and they had every Yeezey sneaker ever released from the LV’s to Nikes to Adidas on display along with their current market prices.

My other favorite installation was also by two friends of mine who are launching a storytelling platform in Kuwait called Hababa. It was a cute installation where people could go in and record their stories.

Another installation I really liked was by the Dutch artist Maurice Mikkers who combines art with science by collecting tears from people and then magnifying them under a microscope. Really fascinating stuff.

So if you haven’t passed by yet do so, it’s at DAI Yarmouk and it’s free. For more details click [Here]

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Post by Mark

Here is this weekends list of events that are taking place. There are two events that you should definitely check out this weekend no questions asked. The first is the Shakshooka at Bayt Lothan event, this will be the last event to take place at Bayt Lothan since it’s closing down after tonight. The second event to check out is the REUSE event which I’ve been posting about all week. Check out the rest of the events taking place below:

Exhibition: Edge by Abdulrahim Sharif
Red Bull Car Park Drift
Shakshooka at Bayt Lothan
Rooftop Movie: Playtime
Harley Davidson Movie Night: Being Evel

Red Bull Car Park Drift
REUSE 2016
Taichi in the Park
Toastmasters Area 17 Annual Speech Contest

REUSE 2016
Autism Partnership Kuwait Walk-A-Thon
Walks at the Park
Yoga at the Park (Yoga with the 3)
Yoga at the Park (Vinyasa Flow – Women Only)
Madeenah Tour: Harmony & Change in East Hawalli

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]
For a full list of upcoming events click [Here]

Sometimes events get canceled or have details changed so double check info with organizers.

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REUSE (Night) Schedule

Post by Mark


I got my hands on the schedule for the musical performances taking place this coming weekend at REUSE. Check it out below and click the names of the artists if you want to find out more about them:

Friday 1st April
Altersal 5.15 pm (45 mins max)
Maotik 6.15 pm (40 mins max)
Nicholson 7.30 pm (45 mins max)
Nonotak 8.30 pm (40 mins max)
The ERA 9.15pm (45 mins max)

Saturday 2nd April
Fari B & Chris Weaver 5.15 pm (30 mins max)
Karim Sultan 6.15 pm (45 mins max)
Magic Island 7.30 pm (45 mins max)
Maotik 8.30 pm (40 mins max)

Just a reminder, this is for REUSE (Night) which requires a purchase of a ticket, REUSE (Day) is free to attend by everyone. For more details on the REUSE event click [Here]

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Ooredoo Buying Fasttelco

Post by Mark


I just received an internal Fasstelco memo (which I can’t share) announcing that Ooredoo will be purchasing 100% of their shares. The memo doesn’t go into much detail on what will become of Fasttelco, if they will continue to be run as a separate entity and keep their brand or if they’ll be merged under Ooredoo which is what I think will most likely happen.

Ooredoo customers are probably going to benefit the most out of this since to my understanding all the telecom operators get their internet from the internet providers. By becoming an internet provider themselves, they can reduce their costs or offer more speed and bandwidth for the same price. Ooredoo just became a lot more interesting.

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Elevation Burger Opening on the Seef Strip

Post by Mark


Elevation Burger is opening up a new location on the Seef Strip in place of where Pintxos used to be. I’m curious to see if Elevation will be able to break the curse of that location since everything that has opened in that spot never ended up doing well.

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Fork Fed: Salads

Post by Fork Fed

Many of us turn to salads when thinking of a low calorie meal option, yet we neglect to realize that some additions to our salad could actually sabotage the caloric amount in that salad. I thought it would be interesting to look at ways we are adding extra calories (perhaps unnecessarily) to our salads.

Going nuts with healthy fats
I’m guilty for this one. Just because olive oil is a healthy fat that does not mean we can add an abundant amount to our salads and still stay low in calories. Always keep in mind that 1 tablespoon of olive oil does has about 120 calories, adding more tablespoons could easily sway your salad to a 500 + calorie salad. Choose a nut or an avocado (not both) and limit the oil in your salad to control your calories and still get some healthy fats.

Romaine is your green of choice
With salads it’s important to discover other greens that could be added besides romaine. Many of us rely on romaine lettuce due to its availability virtually everywhere, which is a great source of vitamin A; but mixing up your greens will make sure you get plenty of fiber, feel fuller and get a variety of nutrients. Think of using rocca, baby spinach or even kale every once in a while.

No chicken please
Many of us avoid sources of protein in our salads, and we tend to get hungry again within an hour which could lead us to overeating. It’s always a good idea to add protein to any of your salads, and keep in mind that protein doesn’t just mean chicken or steak; you could also add eggs, low-fat cheese or even salmon or tuna as sources of protein.

Croutons and toppings
You’d be surprised how many added calories croutons and other toppings could add to your salad. Most croutons or breads have been deep fried to give you that crunch in your salad – and to me, crunch always means one thing -HIGH CALORIES! Beware of these added toppings even if you are having your salad as a main course. The same goes with toppings like dried fruits and nuts, yes they may be healthy but if we’re not careful with the amounts in our salad the calorie amount could go overboard. Instead, measure out your toppings and make sure you have more veggies and greens to feel full.

Extra dressing please
Now we all don’t want to have a dry salad, but dressings could increase the caloric amount of your salad to be the same of a huge burger. Really watch what dressing you choose to add to your salad. Creamy dressings are a big no-no and filled with calories, the same goes with balsamic vinegar. Unless you are buying expensive aged balsamic vinegar, most of the ones found in restaurants or even the grocery store are actually loaded with added sugars. My tip, ask for your dressing on the side, this way you can measure how much is added to your salad. Also, always aim for vinegar like apple cider vinegar or even lemon to enhance the flavor of your salad minus the added calories.

I hope you enjoy these tips, just remember that with any food – healthy or not – portion size is key.

Post by Hyatt Al Sayegh, a Clinical Dietitian and Dr. Sears Health Coach.
Founder of Fork Fed.

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REUSE x 248AM Giveaway

Post by Mark


The REUSE event is taking place this weekend and we are collaborating by giving away two tickets (KD40 value) to the live musical performances that will be taking place over the two days as well as an invitation to the official meet and greet dinner with all the international and local artists that will be taking place on Thursday, March 31st.


To win the tickets and dinner, all you need to do is let me know in the comments below what the name of the event is. Simple as that.

I will stop accepting entries in the comments section by tomorrow morning (Wednesday March 30th) at 11AM and then randomly choose one winner and notify them via email.

Rules: Only one entry per person and please make sure you use a working email since the winner will be contacted by email. If winner doesn’t respond, another winner will be randomly chosen.

For more information on the event click [Here]

Update: I closed the comments for entries and using chose a winner which was #31 Serena Jackson. If she doesn’t reply by end of day I’ll draw another winner. Thank you to everyone who participated.


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