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A couple of weeks ago I was having lunch with a friend and not sure how the subject came about but I brought up the fact that I’ve been having a really hard time finding a nutritionist to contribute with posts on the blog. Thats when my friend recommended Hyatt from Fork Fed. So I checked out her blog and instagram account and right away knew she would be perfect. Her posts were not too long, they were interesting and I loved her photography taste so I right away got in touch with her and asked her if she would be interested in writing here. She thankfully agreed and starting from today she will hopefully be posting here on a frequent basis. Her first post is up below so check it out.

On a side note if there are any other kind of topics you’d like to see covered on this blog let me know. Right now I’ve got contributors for business, nutrition, video games and law posts plus I’m trying to get someone for fitness. What else would you like to see here?

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Fork Fed: Are you Reading your Labels?

Post by Fork Fed


Hello everyone! I am very excited to be able to write on 248AM. I am a clinical nutritionist that has worked in various areas including food safety, pediatrics and now do a variety of work with adults. I understand that nutrition can be a confusing subject and many of us have different opinions of food and health.  My goal is to help you all make an  informed decision to achieve a better and healthier life!

Many of us are health conscious and sometimes can’t help but feel deceived once looking at the nutrition label properly. They aren’t the easiest to figure out, some are complicated while others are simply deceiving. Here are a few tips to help you navigate through that nutrition label the next you pick up packaged food.

  1. Serving size is KEY! Many manufacturers use the smallest serving size possible to lure you into a lesser caloric amount. You’d be surprised to know that you could be having 5 or more servings by consuming the entire food in your package. To be more accurate with calculating your calories, proteins or fats make sure you check how many servings their information covers, as well as how many servings you’re going to eat.
  2. Calories are not everything. Although many of us believe that this number could be the most important on the nutrition label, but you could be wrong. Where your calories are coming from is far more important. Try to avoid foods that have a bulk of their calories coming from saturated or trans fats or sugars. Also, keep in mind that “Calorie-Free” means less than 5 calories per serving, this number could add up depending on how many calories you choose to indulge in.
  3. Fats are important, but not only for how many calories they provide but more so for which type of fat is being used in your food item. You want to make sure your fats are not coming from saturated or trans fats (they lower the good cholesterol and increase the bad ones). Instead opt for a product that contains more unsaturated fats, and definitely don’t be fooled by a “Zero Fat” label on the package. According to the recent regulations you can now place a “Zero Fat” label in your package if it contains less than 0.5g fat per SERVING! (Again serving plays a big role here)
  4. Carbohydrates could be both good or bad. Instead of focusing on how many grams of carbohydrates you food item is provide, I suggest you look at the source of carbohydrates. Is it mostly sugar? Or is the bulk of your carbohydrate intake coming from fiber? Anything with less than 0.5g sugar per serving is legally labeled as “Sugar-Free.” As for the fiber, you should aim to get more than 3g per serving (especially in cereals and whole grains).
  5. Ingredients are, in my humble point of view, the most important piece of information you can get out of a nutrition label. Foods in an ingredient list are listed from highest content level to the lowest; therefore if sugar, dextrose, or high fructose corn syrup are one of the first 3 ingredients on that list expect to be consuming a high sugar food. It is important that you recognize the foods listed because ultimately you are what you eat!

I personally believe that buying food items that do not require any food labels (fresh fruits, vegetables) is much easier and healthier than buying processed or packaged ones. Either way, make sure you read that label to make your informed decision.

“I think about food because you can’t think without it”

Post by Hyatt Al Sayegh, a Clinical Dietitian and Dr. Sears Health Coach.
Founder of Fork Fed.

Photo Source

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FIFA stops Gerrard, Pirlo and Hernandez from playing in Kuwait

Post by Mark


The Kuwait Champions Challenge is in a few days and already three players have been stopped from playing in Kuwait due to the fact Kuwait was suspended by FIFA in October because of government interference. The three players banned are Steven Gerrard, Andrea Pirlo and Xavi Hernandez. [Source]

I just tried accessing the Kuwait Champions Challenge website to see if they’ve updated the players list but the site seems down at the moment.

Update: Here is a good article for CNN on this muck up by a good friend of mine Motez Bishara [Link]

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Alshaya Privileges Club Card

Post by Mark


Alshaya have finally launched their loyalty card called “Privileges Club”. The card will have a number of benefits including automatically entering you into their monthly prize draws, giving you access to exclusive offers, and also offer you something they’re calling “VIP Experiences” where you will be allowed to pre-shop certain sales before the general public does, or get bigger discounts on certain collections.

I signed up to it yesterday while picking up tea from Teavana. It’s an easy process but you need to give them your name, phone number and birthday. I honestly didn’t want to give them my phone number since I didn’t want to get any ads on my phone but the employee told me she would put a note that I didn’t want to receive any messages. That was a complete fail since 15 minutes after leaving the store I got two messages, one welcoming me to the Privileges Club and the other telling me about a Sprinkles Cupcakes offer. I mean I don’t mind these Privileges Club messages every now and then I just hope they don’t give my number to their other Alshaya brands.

A Privileges Club app will be released soon which will allow you to control things such as what kind of SMS’s to get but right now if you want to unsubscribe from any of the Alshaya SMS mailing lists, all you need to do is call Alshaya support up on 1821212 and request to be removed. The process takes 48 hours and you can thank me later.

Update: Right after I published this post I got another message from Alshaya about a Katsuya offer. These messages should hopefully stop by tomorrow since 48 hours would have passed but if they don’t I’m going to end up canceling my card.

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3D Printers Must Now be Registered with CID

Post by Mark


If you’re planning on ordering a 3D Printer off the internet you should know that customs have released a new decree stating that all 3D Printers must now be registered with the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). I am assuming this has to do with the fact that it’s becoming possible to print firearms with these printers because I can’t imagine why else the CID would be interested in knowing who owns a 3D printer.

via @forzaq8

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Russell Peters is Coming to Kuwait

Post by Mark


In case you haven’t heard, Russell Peters, the popular comedian and actor will be coming to Kuwait next month for a one night comedy event. Tickets went on sale yesterday and they range from KD20 all the way up to KD750 for the VIP section.


There’s been a lot of negative feedback on social media regarding the ticket prices with a lot of people saying they’re too expensive. The thing is I don’t think they are. If you put aside the KD750 for the VIP area, the most expensive ticket is KD60. I’m not sure what people are comparing the prices to but based on my personal experience KD60 for the best tickets in the house is pretty cheap. For example last year I paid KD100 for a Bob Dylan ticket and it wasn’t anywhere close to the stage. I paid KD200 this summer for front row tickets at a Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson concert and I paid another KD200 for a UFC189 ticket that was so far away I spent most of the time watching the fights on the large overhead screens. KD60 for great seats is a pretty good deal for Russell Peters in Kuwait.

Regarding KD750 for the VIP tickets, I called the organizers to get more details about them. Firstly it isn’t KD750 per person, it’s per table and each table holds 5 people so it’s KD150 per person. But according to the organizers these tables are no longer available since they’ve decided to give them away to certain people instead of selling them. So most expensive ticket you can currently buy are the KD60 Platinum ones.

Anyway for those of you who’ve never heard of Russell Peters you can watch the two videos below. For details on the event you can click [Here]

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Q8 Taxi App

Post by Mark


Until Uber comes to Kuwait we’re kinda stuck with alternatives for now and the most recent one I found out about is the Q8 Taxi app. I haven’t ordered a cab with it yet since I haven’t had a need for one, but I have been playing with the app and noticed two interesting things about Q8 Taxi. The first is that there always seems to be a cab nearby. The second is that the taxis they use have working meters. The description under “Car Type” in the app is “Meter Taxi” but I thought that might just be a generic description so I called customer support to confirm their cabs actually use the meters and they confirmed to me that they do. If thats the case then this could be the best app to use until Uber becomes available.

If you’ve used the app before, let me know below of your experience. For those of you who are interested in downloading the app, it’s available for both iOS and Android. [Link]

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Update on the Salmiya Garbage Situation

Post by Mark


As you can see from the picture above, the garbage situation in the sand pit behind my house still hasn’t been sorted (it’s been years of me complaining). I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to just add more bins.


But the reason I’m posting about this today is because I wanted to see if you guys could spot something. The picture below was taken this morning after the garbage trucks came. Notice anything?


Yeah the garbage trucks cleaned the garbage on the ground but didn’t empty the trash bins. Back in August I posted a timelapse of the garbage being cleaned up and the trucks were leaving one of the bins full while emptying the other three. Turned out that one of the bins belonged to the previous company that had the garbage contract and the new company, not to cause an issue with the previous company was leaving their garbage bins alone. Really stupid shit but now I have no idea whats going on because all four bins aren’t being emptied and the already terrible garbage situation has become worse.

I just want them to add more bins, clearly the bins in the area aren’t enough since I’ve been talking about this issue for years now. I don’t know, am I asking for too much here?

And for those of you who are going to argue back by bringing Lebanon into this, yes yes Lebanon is a big garbage dump, I know that. But, I think of Kuwait more highly and would rather compare it to the likes of Calagary, Canada’s oil capital instead of Lebanon.

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Business Therapy: Problems and Solutions

Post by Loaay


In a recent business event in Kuwait, I asked the audience: “What would you do if one of your employees rushed over to you saying, “There’s a long queue at the counter in the new store”?” Most of them replied, “Open another counter.” The long queue issue disappears and everything is back to normal, right? Wrong. While opening another counter might be a quick fix to minimise the customers’ negative experience, a long queue is a result of an issue, not the issue itself. And without knowing what the actual problem is how can you tell if you have the right solution?There are many reasons why such an incident occurred: the employee may not have been well-trained; he or she is just slow; your process is too long; an IT meltdown; the store is poorly designed; or some customers are queuing for the wrong reasons, just to name a few. To start go to the store with your team and observe. Take pictures and videos if possible. Discussing a long queue is one thing, being there or at least seeing photos of it helps framing the challenge. Next, map the customer journey (and the employees’ too). Breaking down the current customer experience step by step allows you to spot pain points that may have led to the long queue or to even bigger issues. One particular advantage is that it allows you to see the business from the customer’s perspective – a critical tool for innovation and development that many managers and business owners don’t practice enough.

What follows is analysing your value chain, a formal way of referring to your suppliers, vendors, or strategic partners’ interactions with the business. What areas is the business weak in because of the quality of the services you receive from your value chain and what areas are strong because of it? This analysis helps to realistically evaluate solutions. Last step is mind mapping. Basically, layout all the data you gathered and look for insights and repeated patterns that can give you clues for possible solutions.

You might think by now that the steps above are theoretical and needless because you understand your business, your industry and your customers well enough to jump straight into the solution. That’s exactly where you’ll miss great opportunities for development. Innovation is a process that depends on design thinking principles and tools. Not knowing such tools makes managers rely only on their own experiences and intuition, which are great but not enough for sustainable growth. This week’s tip: Only when the right problem is identified can you explore possible solutions.

Post by Loaay Ahmed, a strategic business therapist since 1995. He currently lives and works in London, UK, while earning his master’s in Service Design Innovation, and managing knightscapital in Kuwait. For Loaay’s advice on business or work matters, send a short email to Regrettably, only the questions chosen for publishing will be answered.

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Pet Cremation

Post by Mark


A friend messaged me early this morning telling me their pet had passed away during the night. He messaged me because he wasn’t sure what to do with the body. He had considered burying it somewhere but he had read that it was illegal to do so and was hoping I would have an answer for him. Luckily, I had just recently read on Desert Girl’s blog about how the International Veterinary Hospital (IVH) had recently started offering cremation services.

IVH offers two different types of cremation services for your pets. The first option is a standard cremation in which your pet gets cremated with other pets. The cost of this option is KD10. The alternative option is to get an exclusive cremation in which your pet is cremated alone and you are given the ashes to keep. This option is more expensive costing KD23. According to Desert Girl, IVH has urns/boxes you can select from to put the ashes in or you could bring your own box.

Our long time family pet passed away (pictured above) years ago but I still remember how traumatic the experience was. Hopefully the information above will relieve some people of the stress involved with the arrangements involved with their pet. For IVH contact details and a map to their location, here is a link to their [Website]

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