A Portuguese Delicacy in Kuwait

Post by Mark


Three really good friends of mine recently launched a brand of Portuguese tart pastries called Al Nata. It’s not a home business, it’s a legit operation with a proper setup (I’m in love with their kitchen). The tarts are called pastel de nata and are very common in Portugal, since one the guys is Portuguese he started making them and bringing them during gatherings and they were always a huge hit. They have a delicious custard filling and I could have them all day long if I didn’t put a limit on myself. And I’m not saying that because they’re my friends, the tarts are actually delicious.

They’re currently being sold exclusively at Sultan Center where they are being baked on site. My friends are also visiting different Sultan Center locations where they’re offering visitors free samples to try out. Today they’re going to be in Al Kout and Salmiya and then Jabriya over the next two days. But, a box of 6 freshly baked natas costs KD3.600 so just pick up a box the next time you’re at Sultan Center. They’re available right now in Salmiya, Shaab, Souk Sharq and Al Kout branches and you can add Jabriya to the list starting from tomorrow. Here is a link to their instagram page where they have a ton of mouth watering pics [@al_nata]

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Kuwait is Flooded

Post by Mark


If it wasn’t for Google Maps advising me to take the Fahaheel Expressway on the way to the city this morning, I would have gotten stuck 40 minutes on the Gulf Road. Turns out part of the Gulf Road before KFC was completely flooded. Based on the videos I’ve been watching all morning on @kuwaitup2date, it looks like a bunch of places got hit pretty bad during the night. Check out the videos [Here]

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Nuqat Creative Conference 2015 – Workshops

Post by Mark

Nuqat is the largest creative conference in the MENA region and the upcoming one is taking place next month. They’ve just announced the various workshops that are taking place during the event so if you’re interested in registering for one check them out [Here]

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Mohammed Taher, Brave Wave and the Generation Series

Post by Patrick


I previously interviewed Mohammed Taher, the Kuwaiti creative director and founder of the Brave Wave record label. Since then he’s been busy helping in the releases of various projects like Keiji Yamagishi’s (Ninja Gaiden’s composer) first solo album, Shovel Knight’s soundtrack and an album by duo composers Saori Kobayashi (Panzer Dragoon) and Yumiko Takahashi (Suikoden) under the name of AKANE.

It doesn’t seem like he or Brave Wave take any breaks because they recently started a new label called the Generation Series. Under the Generation Series name they’ll be releasing definitive, remastered soundtracks of classic games. The first game they’re working on is Street Fighter II. The Verge recently interviewed him and sound engineer Marco Guardia about the challenges they faced working on such a huge project.

The project is interesting for various reasons. First of all, convenience. Video game soundtracks are hard to come by and when you do find them they usually cost more than they should because of rarity. The reason I personally think the Generation Series is interesting is the idea of preservation. Other forms of media (like film) have people restoring and preserving them. Preservation is a new concept when it comes to gaming, especially video game music, so I really appreciate Brave Wave taking the initiative.

It’s great to see Kuwait being represented by someone like Mohammed Taher, so be sure to visit Brave Wave’s releases page to support them.

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Sidra Food Complex Opening Tomorrow

Post by Mark


Sidra is another new food complex that is located and opening in Mahboula. This one belongs to Alshaya and includes seven of their American brands including: Starbucks, The Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang’s, IHOP, Shake Shack, Pinkberry, and Texas Roadhouse. The complex is opening tomorrow (Wednesday, October 28th) and here is the location on [Google Maps]

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United Airlines Ending Flights to Kuwait

Post by Mark


Effective January 13th 2016, United Airlines is stopping their service to Kuwait. A reader emailed me a link yesterday with some information about it and there seems to be a bit of conspiracy to why they’re ending the flights. Originally the article stated its in retaliation to the whole issue with Kuwait Airways refusing to fly Israeli passengers but the article was later updated stating it was due to financial reasons.

I called my contact at United Airlines and they confirmed to me that they will be ceasing operation in January. No official reason was given to the stoppage but according to my contact they hadn’t achieved their target and also maybe because of security reasons. Not sure what kind of security reasons but it did remind me of the rumor that British Airways were going to stop flying to Kuwait unless the airport upped their security game.

In any case its disappointing we’re losing United. I flew with them a few weeks back to Knoxville, Tennessee and they were by far the fastest way for me to get there. Their plane sucked since it was old, dark and cramped.. but it was a direct flight straight to Washington so saved me a lot of time. Next year would have marked 10 years of United Airlines operating in Kuwait.

Thanks Michelle

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Places that are open 24/7 in Kuwait

Post by Mark


Back in 2011 I posted a list of places that are open 24/7 in Kuwait. Figured its about time I update the list with your help. If you know of a place that is open 24 hours and isn’t on this list, let me know in the comments:

Places open 24/7 in Kuwait:

• Burger King – Bneidar Gas Station 1, Bneidar Gas Station 2, Fintas, Hawalli, Messilah and Plajat.
• Caribou Coffee – King Fahad Road (towards Chalets)
• Coffee Republic – King Fahad Road (towards Kuwait City)
• Costa – Dar Al Shifa Hospital, Hawalli
• Dunkin Donuts – Amman Street (Salmiya) and Fintas
• Finger Sushi – Kuwait City
• Geant Easy – Salmiya
• Gloria Cafe – Salmiya
• Hardees – Bida’a and Salmiya (opposite Fanar)
• Johnny Rockets – Salmiya
• KFC – Kuwait City, Salmiya (opposite Fanar)
• McDonalds – Airport, Al-Qosour, Al-Rai, Bayan, Bnaider, Fintas, Jabriya, Surra and Yarmouk
• Pizza Hut – Faiha, Fintas, Hawalli, Mishref and Salmiya City Center
• Pizzetta – Seef
• Prime & Toast – Seef
• Shawerma Shuwaikh – Bneid Al Gar
• Starbucks – Dasman, Hadi Hospital and Salmiya opposite Fanar
• Subway – Khaldiya, Mangaf
• The Grove – Opposite Kuwait Stock Exchange

• City Centre – Dajeej
• Co-op – Al Adan, Al-Faiha, Al Qousor, Al Qurain, Dasma, Jabriya, Mishref, Qurtoba, Rumaithiya, Salmiya, Salwa and Yarmouk
• Saveco Supermarket
• Sultan Center – Dajeej, Fahaheel, Hawalli, Jabriya, Mangaf, Al Rai, Salmiya, Salwa, Shaab and Souk Sharq
• Trolley Market – Alfa Gas Station Hateen

• Burgan Bank – Airport
• Debenhams – Airport
• Edge Fitness – Crown Plaza Hotel Farwaniya
• Gold’s Gym Salmiya
• Oula Car Wash – Jawazat Roundabout, Salmiya
• NBK – Airport
• Pharmacy 24 – Baghdad Street Salmiya
• Platinum Gym – Salmiya and Kifan
• Viva – Airport
• Wataniya – Airport
• X-Cite Electronics – Al Rai, Fahaheel and Hawalli
• Zain – Airport

Note: The list above might not be accurate, please call locations before heading there

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My Favorite Pick Yo

Post by Mark


Pick Yo opened up a new location in Shuwaikh a few months back and it’s definitely my favorite branch of theirs. It’s fairly big, cozy and their fridges are the most stacked with food items compared to their other locations. For people working in that area its also one of the very few good places for lunch. If you’re interested in checking it out, they’re located in Lilly Center near Tilal Complex. Here is the location on [Google Maps]

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Yeezy Season 1 Launching in Kuwait

Post by Mark


The Kanye West, Yeezy Season 1 collection is launching worldwide on October 29th and Kuwait will be included as part of the launch. Like with the Yeezy Boosts, Harvey Nichols will be carrying the Yeezy Season 1 collection exclusively in Kuwait. I’ve got my eye on two pieces which I’m hoping (a) I will be able to pull off and (b) will be worth the price. I’ve seen some price lists floating around the web and most of the pieces looks pretty expensive. According to my contact at Harvey there will be no shoes released with this collection, the only accessory will be bags. They’re also just releasing menswear so tough lucky ladies. If you’re interested, the pieces are launching this Thursday, October 29th at 10AM at Harvey Nichols in Avenues. I’m assuming they’re going to sellout pretty quick.


One interesting tidbit I learned from my contact is that they will be releasing the white Yeezy Boosts sometime November/December. According to rumors online, Adidas might be releasing a new colorway for the Yeezy’s next month but no official announcement has been made yet. In fact, Adidas are expected to make a Yeezy Boost announcement tomorrow so it could be in regards to these white boosts.

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Battle of the East Tickets

Post by Mark

120 of the best athletes from around the world are coming to Kuwait this weekend to compete in Battle of the East, the most recognized and respected crossfit event in the Middle East. The event it taking place at Marina Crescent this Friday and Saturday and if you’re interested in watching the event you need to purchase a ticket. For more information on the event and tickets click [Here]

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