Al Busal: Selfie Star in Ebola scare

Post by Holla


Famous “Daloo3” the selfie star chimpanzee was apprehended from the Kuwait local zoo on Sunday for resisting arrest after being confronted with the serious offense of allegedly spreading the Ebola virus to 2 innocent local children according to reports from the Ministry of Health.

The investigation began when the 2 victims, who are brothers, were taken to Adan hospital for treatment of water diarrhea and violent vomiting and were put on a Pepsi and Sprite drip to aid in electrolyte absorption and stomach disinfection until their condition stabilized. Once they recovered they indicated to the hospital doctor and staff that they felt the incoming symptoms shortly after their interaction with the infected monkey after they took a selfie with him feeding them for fun as a joke. But, their parents thought that they were just lying as usual to get off school until their condition worsened to near death which prompted them to call the driver to take them to hospital.

Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior, further investigation of this mysterious case led to the swift discovery and rapid arrest of the sick criminal monkey who was the local zoo entertainment star and often posed for selfie opportunities with fans. The Egyptian handler M.H was also arrested and referred to the relevant authorities for smuggling the infected monkey from Egypt by sedating it with powerful heroin drugs and hiding it in his underwear while passing through customs undetected. Both the animal culprit and human handler are awaiting trial and sentencing and will be scheduled to be deported back to Egypt after serving their prison stay.

It is now suspected that as many as 10 cases of Ebola that were discovered this past year were all due to this monkey but they were never verified since the source has been unknown or ruled off as foreign in nature of course since Kuwait is usually totally disease free. The zoo is currently closed down for complete animal elimination and for the bony stable renovation expected to debut in Jan 2017.

Post by Holla

Al Busal posts are 100% fictional, satirical and in no way be taken seriously.

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Kuwait Cosplay Spotlight

Post by Mark

The vlogger highlighting our local cosplay scene is Tali xoxo, a popular Canadian cosplayer who was in Kuwait for the last gaming expo. [YouTube]


Thanks alniniofanclub

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Order Fresh Fish Online

Post by Mark


Kuwait Fresh Fish is a local website that allows you to order fish online, either fresh or cooked. The website design is terrible but the idea is there. I know a lot of people who would rather have fish delivered to them instead of getting it themselves and then having to risk their car stinking of fish for the next couple of days. Personally I wouldn’t use it since there is a Sultan Center down the street from me.

Kuwait Fresh Fish works with cash on delivery and they charge 750 fils for delivery. The major flaw I see with the whole service is that their delivery time is from 4PM to 9PM which rules out seafood for lunch. Here is a link to their [Website]

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Pokemon x Sultan Center

Post by Mark


Out of curiosity, are people still playing Pokemon GO?

Update: Here are the full list of rules [Link]

Thanks Bollywood Over Hollywood

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Nuqat Membership Program

Post by Mark

Nuqat are mostly known for the creative conference which they hold every year (one of the largest in our region), but throughout the year they also offer various workshops and courses related to the creative field as well. Last week they launched a new membership program that includes a lot of benefits and if you’re planning to attend this years creative conference then you should probably sign up to it. Some of the benefits include:

– Free admission ticket to the Nuqat annual conference, not including workshops
– 15% discount on any paid event
– 15% discount on paid workshops and courses
– Access to a set of free courses during the year
– Priority seats to free and paid workshops and courses during the year
– Quarterly E-Newsletter: Receive exclusive up-to-date news on what’s happening in Nuqat.
– Invites/Priority seats to events of interest including: gallery previews, think tank sessions, research discussions, roundtables, film screenings, private musical performances, networking events etc.
– Discounts from various partners [Details Here]


The annual membership costs KD35 but admission ticket alone to the Nuqat annual conference this year for example is KD45 (unless a sponsor subsidies it). So if you’re planning to attend the talks this year then just by becoming a member you’re already saving KD10. If you’re interested and are looking for more information, check out the Nuqat page [Here]

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Kuwait Cancels Plans for Nuclear Power Plants, Going Solar

Post by Mark


The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) retracted its plan to build a nuclear power plant, as Kuwait had planned earlier to obtain a license from the UN in this regard. MEW said its decision to scrap the project was because studies proved it was unfeasible and of high cost, in addition to having alternative projects that are better in production and cost such as solar energy and wind. An official said Kuwait needs water desalination stations, but as for power stations, plans provide for several stations. Some of them will be built soon, and some between 2020 and 2030. [Source]

Back in 2010 the Ministry of Electricity had stated Kuwait was going to build four nuclear reactors and they would be up and running by 2022. But then in 2012 after the Fukushima disaster those plans got scrapped. So no idea why they’ve just announced it again that they’re scrapping their nuclear plans, unless somewhere between 2012 and 2016 they had reinstated the plan.


In any case, solar should have been the priority in the first place and our neighbors UAE are already ahead of the game in the region with their Shams Solar Power Station (pictured above and video below) which is one of the largest solar power plants in the world.

Update: Just a few figures to help you understand why Kuwait looked at nuclear power plants to begin with.

– Kuwait consumes around 13,000MW of electricity
– The new Shamal Al Zour Al Oula gas power station in the north of Kuwait that is under construction will produce 1,500MW when complete
– The Shams Solar Power Station in the UAE produces 100MW
– The Ivanpah Solar Power Facility in the USA is the largest solar station in the world and it produces 392MW
– The Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant in Japan is the largest in the world and produces 7,965 MW

So one nuclear power plant could supply more than 60% of Kuwait’s power needs while the largest solar station would supply just 3%.

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Movies Now Showing in Kuwait

Post by Mark


The movies below are now showing at Cinescape and Grand Cinemas:

New This Week:
Don’t Breathe (8.3) ♦
Genius (6.8) ♦
Hunt for the Wilderpeople (8.4)
Life on the Line (5.1)
Mechanic: Resurrection (6.5)
Monkey King: Hero Is Back (7.3)
War Dogs (7.3) ★ ♦

Other Movies Showing:
Free State of Jones (6.7) ★ ♦
Jason Bourne (8.3)
Rabid Dogs (5.6)
Riot (5.2)
Skiptrace (6.5)
Suicide Squad (8.2) ♦
The BFG (6.8)
The Conjuring 2 (7.8)
The Legend Of Tarzan (6.7) ♦
The Secret Life of Pets (6.8)

Numbers in brackets refer to the IMDB rating at time of publishing.
★ is for movies I’m interested in. ♦ implies movie might contain censorship.

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Johnny Rockets 1995

Post by Mark


It was around 5AM and I was sitting at Johnny Rockets Salmiya waiting for my meal when it suddenly hit me, the place hadn’t changed one tiny bit since it first opened back in 1995. I quickly snapped a few pictures and decided to send it to my high school crush who I used to frequent Johnny Rockets with all the time. A minute later she responds… Memories!!!!

Back in 1995/1996, during my senior year in high school, Fuddruckers was the place to go. I mean there weren’t that many options anyway, none of the restaurants you see on the Gulf Road today existed back then, we didn’t have any malls like we do today except for Laila Gallery, Zahra Complex and Salhiya. So as teenagers we spent most of our time either hanging out at each others homes or the ice skating rink which was honestly pretty cool back then with Snap and Soul II Soul being blasted loudly by the DJ while we played with the arcade machines and watched people skate. So when Fuddruckers opened everyone in Kuwait was there on the weekends. It used to be super crowded and such a fun place to just chill and meet up with teens from other schools. Then Johnny Rockets opened and everyone started going there.

We were around 5 in my group, 2 girls and 3 guys and we started going to Johnny Rockets instead of Fuddruckers like most other teens. I lived on Salem Mubarek Street so my friends would just get dropped off at my place and we’d hang out in my room for a bit before walking down to Johnny. We usually headed to the Video Club first which was across the street from Johnny so we could check out the latest music tapes and CDs. We’d then visit the bookshop next door and flip through the magazines before heading over to Johnny. By the time we’d get to Johnny we would all have spent whatever little money we had on music tapes or magazines so we’d put whatever change we had together and order one cup of tea. I only ever ate there a handful of times as a teenager, and the first time was on a date with my high school crush. Our love affair with Johnny Rockets didn’t last very long though. Since the place was small and Johnny became the “it” place to be, it used to get overcrowded and mostly with teenagers like us who would only order a couple of drinks and then sit there. Forever. So, Johnny Rockets started implementing a minimum order, I think it was KD1.750 per person, so we couldn’t afford hanging out there anymore. Instead we started chilling outside Johnny Rockets, on the sidewalk until a short while later McDonalds opened up above it and it became our hangout spot.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is that sometimes we don’t appreciate things until they’re gone, but I want to take this moment and appreciate Johnny Rockets while it’s still here. Thank you Johnny Rockets for not changing and still being here.

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Post by Mark


It’s a tiny list but there are a couple of cool things taking place this weekend. On Friday there is The Comedy Garage featuring some hilarious comedians and then on Saturday you have #IGNITEKuwait hosted by The Burrow in collaboration with Puma. Check out the full list below:

The Divan’s Movie Night: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Hatha Yoga with Rosie
Summer Sunshine – Family Fun Day
The Comedy Garage


If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]
For a full list of upcoming events click [Here]

Sometimes events get canceled or have details changed so always double check with the organizers.

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Conrad Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn Coming to Kuwait

Post by Mark


Back in April I posted that Conrad Hotel and Hilton Garden Inn both might be coming to Kuwait as part of The Avenues phase 4 expansion and today this news was officially announced. Conrad Hotel will be part of The Prestige section of the mall while Hilton Garden Inn will be connected to the new section of the mall thats being built called The Forum.


Hilton Garden Inn will also be the brand’s largest hotel in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region with 430 rooms. According to the article, both hotels will be opening in 2019. Here is the link to the article [Link]

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