Information News

Regular Mail to be Delivered to Your Home Starting February

According to the Ministry of Communications, starting February 2023, regular mail that arrives to Kuwait will be delivered straight to your home for a small fee. This means you no longer have to figure out which post office your package arrived at and then go through the hassle of picking it up yourself.

The package tracking system is also being revamped and improved since the current one is fairly basic and not that informative.

This is really good news because if the post office starts delivering mail straight to me I might just start shipping more stuff to them instead of using more expensive couriers like Shop&Ship and MyUS.

Movies News

Kuwait the Only Country Censoring ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

Kuwait is in the news again and this time censoring the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. There were three scenes cut, the first is a 10-second LGBTQ scene where one of the female characters kisses another female character on the forehead. Another scene cut out is of a woman giving birth and the final scene removed involved the line “A god to his people.”

Only one minute in the 2 hour and 41-minute film was taken out which isn’t too bad, but the odd thing is, Kuwait is the only country in the region that doesn’t have these scenes. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar all are showing the unedited version of the movie. How bizarre. Source

Apple News

Kuwaiti Banks Testing Apple Pay

Local banks have started testing Apple Pay after the Ministry of Finance dropped the idea of trying to levy a tax on Apple. Apple Pay allows you to pay by tapping your phone or watch to a payment terminal without needing to have your physical card on you. Apple Pay already works on our existing Knet machines but until now it hasn’t been possible to add your Kuwaiti debit or credit card to your phone.

All local banks are expected to launch Apple Pay at the same time, so no matter what bank you use, you’ll have Apple Pay.

I’m curious to see if adding a local Kuwaiti card to my US Apple account will cause some sort of conflict. I don’t think it will. Do you have a non-US card connected to your US Apple account? Does it change anything?

Food News

Food Delivery Going Back to Normal Today

The other day I posted about a new rule regarding delivery companies that went into effect yesterday. The new rules had to do mostly with delivery companies like Talabat, Carriage, and Deliveroo not being allowed to use third-party drivers amongst other things. I posted how this was going to cause a major disruption in the food delivery service and yesterday, it did.

When the new rule was announced, companies were given less than a month’s notice which meant they didn’t have enough time to implement all the new rules. Thankfully the Ministry of Interior just announced that they will be putting a hold on the new rules, and instead implement them starting January 1st, 2023.

So food deliveries should go back to normal today.


Winter Wonderland Might be Coming to Kuwait!

According to Kuwait Times, Kuwait is currently in advanced negotiations to host the Winter Wonderland this winter season. One of the proposed locationswould be the Shaab Park spot and the event would be run by the same company that managed Winter Wonderland in Riyadh.

With the current lack of entertainment parks in Kuwait, this would definitely be a huge hit so hopefully it does work out cuz we desperately need it. Also, it would be cool to have it open up down the street from me.


Nayef Palace Now a Islamic Heritage Site

Last week I posted about Khazal Palace possibly losing its heritage site status due to major alternations in the restoration, but on the other hand, there is good news for Naif Palace in Kuwait City. Last week it was designated an Islamic Heritage Site by the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO).

Naif Palace, which covers an area of 28,802 square meters, was built in 1919, during the reign of Emir Sheikh Salem Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah. It has 219 rooms and also houses a mosque, a garrison dormitory, and an ammunition depot.

For more on this, here is the link to the original news story.

On a side note, does anyone know if the palace is open to visitors on regular days? I know they open it during Ramadan for the canon firing but what about the rest of the year?


Know Your Rainbows Part 2

The Ministry of Commerce has shared some more bad rainbows you need to look out for. I honestly have no idea what the three bottom ones are for, but I’ll make sure to report them if I see any.


Know Your Rainbows

Yesterday the Ministry of Commerce issued guidelines to differentiate between a regular rainbow and LGBTQ+ flags with the hashtag ‘participate in censorship.’ At first, I was like is this the most pressing issue they have right now? But then a friend pointed out they might have done this because people were probably flooding them with complaints about LGBTQ+ flags being sold in Kuwait when in reality, they’re just products with regular rainbows.

How to Tell a Good Rainbow from a Bad Rainbow:
🌈 = Rainbow and has 7 colors = Good Rainbow
🏳️‍🌈 = LGBTQ+ flag and has 6 colors = Bad Rainbow


Palace of Justice Saved from Demolition

The Palace of Justice building was designed in the late 70s by the Scottish architect Sir Basil Spence, the same architect behind the Coventry Cathedral. The building was scheduled to be demolished once the new building under construction next door was completed but thankfully that isn’t happening anymore. The National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters has added the Palace of Justice on the list of modern heritage sites (source) which means it should no longer be demolished.

Happy for the Palace of Justice, but sucks that places like the Ice Skating Rink didn’t get added to the list.

News Television

Netflix Not Getting Banned in Kuwait

The court has dismissed the lawsuit filed by a Kuwaiti lawyer against the MOC demanding the blocking of Netflix due to the Arabic movie Perfect Strangers. Phew… Source