Watch the Kuwait Motor Town Inauguration Live Online

Post by Mark

The inauguration of Kuwait Motor Town is currently being broadcasted live on KTV 1 as I am typing out this post. If you want to watch it you can stream it online [Here]

Update: The opening ceremony has finished.

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Track Your Mail by WhatsApp

Post by Mark

post office whatsapp number

According to a reader who went to pick up mail from the post office, you can now track your package to see if it’s reached the post office by WhatsApping the tracking number to 99919010.

You can also continue to use the MOC website to track your package [Here]

Thanks Dwane

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Niqashna – Freedom of Speech in Kuwait: Is more needed?

Post by Mark

Niqashna is a platform for open debates that was launched early last year. Every few weeks they discuss an interesting subject and tonight they’re debating freedom of speech in Kuwait. The debate is in Arabic but the Q&A will be in both Arabic and English. If you’re interested in attending (its free), you can get more details [Here]

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New Music: Dust Bathing – Tamara Qaddoumi

Post by Mark

Earlier this month I posted a music video called “Flowers Will Rot” by local artist Tamara Qaddoumi. The track was off her EP “Dust Bathing” which is now available to listen to on different music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. So if you’re interested in hearing more of her music, search for her in your favorite music app or listen to her music directly on her website [Here]

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Power and the City. Modern Architecture of the 70s in Kuwait and Madrid

Post by Mark

AGI Architects recently published an interesting article called on the modern architecture of Kuwait in the 70s. If you have any interest in architecture you should check it out [Here]

From the same article, I also found a link to a Danish architecture photographer who had some interesting insight into the original Central Bank of Kuwait building (which I’ve posted about before). This is what he had to say about it as well as about the refurbishment:

Bharani sent me a link describing the fate of modern architecture in kuwait, including jacobsen’s late project for the kuwaiti national bank, built after his death by business partners dissing & weitling. I thought I’d share it with you.

the house in its original state bears a resemblance to the national bank in copenhagen, but with important differences: the fort-like cube above the base with its hidden courtyard, the dome in front of it, the sun screen facade, the slanted walls of the base, suggesting mud-brick construction, all have more or less local precedents.

not all equally subtle – the gold dome may well hurt your eyes – they nevertheless point to the possibility of a kuwaiti modernism which would not simply be a copy of western architecture.

that a local version of 20th century architecure arrived by way of copenhagen may cause some to reach for their copy of edward said’s ‘orientalism’, but I believe they would be wrong. since le corbusier’s love affair with arab architecture, it has been part of the DNA of modernism and has often been met with the admiration and study afforded a true role model.

the central bank has changed, should you be in doubt. its current state shows a make-over in a style I like to call hotel lobby exotic, and which not only renders any building instantly provincial, but also shows a trend I have been following for a while and from a distance, that of self-orientalism in architecture.

I lack the necessary masochism to appreciate eward said’s slut-shaming of the entire west except as a polemical stance, but here’s a useful concept: self-orientalism is most obvious in the staged sights of mass tourism, in which western stereotypes from the days of colonialism are applied or should we say self-inflicted for profit.

on a smaller scale your local ethnic eatery could be pandering to stereotype, we all know examples of that, but the real interest always lies at the level of architecture where we are invariably talking politics.

lately, we have seen new mosques in copenhagen in a similar style – two parts budgetary cynicism to one part fairground attraction. few have commented on their inadequacies – with the cartoon crisis still in fresh memory, nobody wants to draw the attention of the muslim right or of the Danish nationalists for that matter.

what the mosques show only too well is how poorly we are answering the question of what it means to be a Danish muslim as opposed to just being a muslim in denmark. or how poorly the 200.000 people struggling with this question daily are represented by their own institutions.

it is no accident. islamic institutions are financed from abroad by conservatives to whom integration itself is a threat. when Danes fear that muslims will forever be strangers in the land, this fear is willfully confirmed by silly orientalist ornament, designed to be misread.

yet, it strikes me as obvious how well architecture could provide a dignified answer. the lessons of islamic architecture are already found in the legacy left us by jacobsen, utzon and spreckelsen. the stern repetitions of the great persian brick monuments are mirrored perfectly in many of kay fisker’s buildings.

how easily we could build democratic institutions that would be right at home in copenhagen, yet feel like home even to a newcomer. how easily we could set in stone the values that unite us. only the state could pay for such a thing, but it would finally release Danish muslims from the subjection to foreign interests.

the muslim world cannot be expected to do it, split as it is along any number of lines you can think of, be it national, ethnic, shia/sunni, moderate/fanatical, educated or not, grotesquely rich or grotesquely poor. it is a house divided against itself, as the expression so tellingly goes, offering us the architectural equivalent of a fast food vendor dressed in a fez.

If you want to check out more pictures of the Central Bank when it was originally constructed, click [Here]

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The Future is Ours

Post by Mark

The Kuwait Investment Forum (KIF2018) took place last week and on that occasion, they released the promo video above which showcases Kuwait while also containing information on the different upcoming projects and investment opportunities that are available. Looks like its full speed ahead for Kuwait 2035. [YouTube]

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Tyga is Coming to Kuwait

Post by Mark

Tyga, the American rapper is coming to perform in Kuwait next month. No idea how they managed to make this happen, but the same guys who brought Russ to Kuwait are now bringing Tyga. Too bad the concert is taking place at the uninspiring Mishref International Fairgrounds, kinda feels like it needs a nicer venue than that.

If you’re a fan and want to find out more, click [Here]

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One Lap Around the Kuwait Motor Town Race Track

Post by Mark

One of my readers was able to get access to the Kuwait Motor Town race track and shot a video of a lap around it. The track will sadly not be ready to use this season since it still needs a final layer of tarmac. You can actually notice the high curbs in the video, that’s because of the 4cm top layer that’s missing. The inauguration of the track is still scheduled for March 28. [YouTube]

If you can get me access to the track let me know!

Thanks Mohammed!

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Far Cry 5 Out in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I’m a huge fan of the Far Cry series and the 5th installment which is scheduled to be released worldwide on March 27 is already available in Kuwait to purchase since yesterday. In Far Cry 5 you play the role of a sheriff’s deputy who is part of a task force sent to Montana to arrest a leader of an armed religious cult. I’ve been playing the game all morning and I’m loving it so far.

If you’re interested in the game it was being sold at Rihab for KD20 yesterday. It’s also available to order online from Alfuhod and GamesQ8.

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Post by Mark

ASCC Museum

An oddly busy weekend considering things have been slowing down recently. In addition to the below events, Avenues Phase 4 opened up this morning so that’s something you could check out this weekend. You also have the new ASCC museums to pass by if you haven’t already. Check out this weekends events below:

Carmina Burana by Carl Orff
And Then There Were None
Cinemagics Rooftop Movie: Mommy

Carmina Burana by Carl Orff
Exhibition: Four Hundred Days
The 9th Annual ACA IB Art Show
Trip to Blue Lake Farm
Chef’s Table, Modern Spanish Cuisine
Book Club – The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma

LadySoft Run 2018
KTAA Spring Bazaar
Exhibition: Four Hundred Days
The 9th Annual ACA IB Art Show
Indonesian Coffee Festival
DVDV Debut Album “Ai Am” in Kuwait
Cinemagics Rooftop Movie: North by Northwest
Soulful Saturday Dinner – Ramen

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]
For a full list of upcoming events click [Here]

Sometimes events get canceled or have details changed so always double check with the organizers.

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