Sultan Center Installing Recycling Machines

Post by Mark

Last night I spotted a recycling machine at Sultan Center Salmiya. It wasn’t working so I’m assuming they’re still setting it up but from what I managed to find out its a TOMRA Reverse Vending Machine.

One of the benefits of these machines is that it works with a loyalty program, so how I am assuming the way they will be used is when you recycle plastic bottles or cans, instead of getting money back you’ll get points added to your Sultan Card. If that’s the case then it might just get people to recycle.

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Summer Activity: Wakeboarding

Post by Mark

Things usually slow down considerably during the summer months because of the heat but there are still things you can do and one of them is wakeboarding.

Q8 Balance is a wakeboarding school that charge by the hour. They provide you with all the gear you need to wakeboard and they use one of the best wakeboarding boats available. All the wakeboarding is done inside the lagoons in Khiran which is great especially for beginners since you don’t have waves to deal with. Q8balance charge KD35 per hour which is pricey, but what I usually do is go with a friend or two and split the cost since it’s too exhausting to wakeboard the full hour alone plus, not as fun.

I book my sessions over WhatsApp a week ahead of time since they’re usually super busy. So if you’re interested in wakeboarding, they’re on instagram @q8balance and their WhatsApp number is 66130092.

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Vinyl Players at Rocket World

Post by Mark

If you’re in the market for record players I spotted a few for sale at Rocket World in Shuwaikh. They’re carrying the GPO brand which I hadn’t heard of before but going by their website they seem to make a variety of retro products.

I wrote the prices down to share in the post but I can’t seem to find them, so sorry about that. Anyway, if you don’t know Rocket World, it’s a store in Shuwaikh across from Vol.1 that sells random trinkets. They’re on instagram @rocketworldkw

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Tour the New Kuwait Airways Terminal (T4)

Post by Mark

Over the weekend I got a tour of the soon to open Kuwait Airways Terminal 4. I hadn’t seen that many photos of the terminal and so was really surprised at how beautiful it was. I took a ton of photos so I’ll take you on a quick tour of the airport starting from the entrance all the way into the plane, and then I’ll go the other way, from the plane all the way to the exit. Here are some interesting points first:

– The new terminal is located on the right just before arriving at the main airport. There are signs up now that point to terminal 4 and there is also a new exit that was constructed. Here is the location on [Google Maps]

– The new terminal is only for Kuwait Airways flights.

– In the photos, you’ll notice signs for E-Gates. Yes, it’s happening but I wasn’t able to get any information on it other than the fact they’re going to implement it. I was not given a timeline but it could be very soon which would explain the urgent move to new passports for Kuwaiti citizens and the voiding of old ones.

– The only area I wasn’t allowed to photograph was the business lounge. It’s located on the far right of the departures terminal and spans two floors. It has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the runway, and unlike the Kuwait Airways lounge in terminal 1, it didn’t look tacky.

– The security check area is going to be proper, similar to setups you see in large airports abroad and it will also have full body scanners.

– Terminal 4 will be managed by the South Korean Incheon International Airport. The Incheon airport holds the record of being ranked the Best Airport Worldwide for 11 consecutive years so it’s going to be in good hands.

– The boarding gate for US flights has an extra security check, the rest of the gates don’t.

– The plan is to eventually have US Border Control at the terminal similar to how it is in Abu Dhabi. This would be huge if it happens.

– All the waiting area seats throughout the terminal have both power ports and USB ports.

– The terminal is expected to start operating on July 25th, although I’ve also heard the date August 8th being thrown around. In both cases, the terminal will start operating with a limited number of flights with the first route being just Dubai. They will then continue to add other GCC flights before adding the rest of their destinations.

That’s some of the most important points I wanted to highlight. If you have any questions or things you’re curious about let me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer them for you. To check out pictures of the terminal as well as the full tour from start to finish, click [Here]

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And the award for the dumbest coffee shop name goes to…

Post by Mark

After going viral yesterday they’ve now renamed the account to @closed292 and they’ve left the unapologetic message below.

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Movies Showing in Kuwait this Weekend

Post by Mark

Screenshot from Skyscraper

The movies below are now showing at Cinescape, Grand Cinemas, Sky Cinemas and VOX:

New This Weekend:
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (6.5)
Skyscraper (6.0)
The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir (7.4)
The Lullaby (5.8)

Other Movies Showing Now:
Adventures of Petey and Friends (2.8)
Avengers: Infinity War (9.2) ♦
Ant-Man and the Wasp (8.0)
Deadpool 2 (8.1) ♦
Escape Plan 2: Hades (3.8)
Incredibles 2 (9.2)
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (6.8)
Loving Pablo (6.2) ♦
Ocean’s Eight (6.3)
Solo: A Star Wars Story (6.3)
Tag (6.9)
The First Purge (5.5) ♦
The Little Witch (6.3)

The movies below are also now showing at the Scientific Center IMAX theater:

Amazon Adventure 3D (6.6)
Amazing Mighty Micro Monsters 3D (7.4)
America Wild: National Parks Adventure (5.9)
Dream Big 3D (7.9)
Hurricane 3D (7.0)
Solo: A Star Wars Story (6.3)
Tiny Giants 3D (8.0)
Watermelon Magic 3D (7.4)

Numbers in brackets refer to the IMDB rating at time of publishing.
★ is for movies I’m interested in. ♦ implies movie might contain censorship.

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Water Damaged iPhone X Repair Costs in Kuwait

Post by Mark

In case you’re curious about the cost of repairing a water damaged iPhone X at an authorized dealer, here is what I found out when I took mine to Digits.

– They opened my phone to find the interior still wet even though I had my phone in a bowl of rice for three days. They dried out the interior and put the phone back together, the cost of that was KD10.

– My rear cameras were still fogged up. Because the camera assembly is enclosed they can’t open it up themselves to dry it out. The solution they offered me was to replace the whole camera assembly which costs KD55. I decided not to do that.

– My front facing camera was working perfectly now (not foggy anymore) but Face ID was still disabled in the settings with no way to turn it back on. According to support if the problem didn’t resolve itself, then the only way to fix it would be to replace the internal phone board. That isn’t something Apple does instead what they do is allow you to swap your damaged phone for a brand new one. The cost of that? 230KD. For a phone that’s badly damaged, I can see that being worthwhile but not in my situation.

Anyway I took the phone home and dumped it into telephone rice again. By evening time the rear cameras were no longer fogged up but Face ID still didn’t work. I’m just gonna keep it in rice for a few more days and if Face ID still doesn’t work I’ll just use the phone without it.

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Sponsored: 100% Organic, Air-baked, and pure Good Stuff

Post by Sponsor

Let’s face it, we can’t help ourselves to when it comes to delicious French fries and juicy burgers, but do we really need the side of cholesterol to go with it? Good Stuff is Kuwait’s first fully air-baked restaurant that serves organic and natural foods such as wraps, bowls, salads, and burgers that’s all cooked through air-baking.

So what’s air-baking? It’s an innovative new cooking method that uses only heat and steam to cook the food. Air-baking uses zero frying, giving 60% less fat and calories when cooked (allowing food lovers to enjoy their favorite meals without the guilt!). You can now have your fries without having to worry about it being deep fried or drenched in high calories. By having a fully air-baked menu, Good Stuff is able to keep the nutritional value when cooking, without having to sacrifice taste. Ingredients used are all organic, natural, and fresh, giving customers the best quality. Good Stuff sticks to its core offering in giving people 100% taste, with 0% guilt.

Aside from serving wholesome organic meals, Good Stuff gives the public exactly what they need, a place to eat clean and live clean too. With the growing concerns over health and environmental issues throughout the country, Good Stuff holds a social responsibility for not just the community’s health and well-being, but for the environment’s health as well. Good Stuff is about being clean in the way that we eat and in the way that we live too. The store is designed using only raw and recycled materials, having everything as well be 100% plastic free. The brands mission is to be “simply green in everything”, aiming to provide the community with a healthier lifestyle overall. The lights and equipment are energy efficient, no paint is used on the walls to avoid the use of harmful chemicals, and biodegradable packaging is used to help keep the environment clean.

So do good, eat good, and come by to Good stuff to take a seat – because guess what, the chairs are recycled too.

Instagram: @goodstuff_kw
Telephone: 2202 5008
Visit Good Stuff at:
– The Lake at Abu Hasaniya
– Al Maha Tower at Bneid AlQar

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Tampopo Ramen Shop

Post by Mark

Until just recently, if you wanted good ramen in Kuwait you were basically out of luck. There weren’t many places that had ramen and the places that did usually had a pretty average bowl. But, last week a new ramen place opened up in Kuwait called Tampopo and it’s great!

The chef behind Tampopo is Maryam Alnusif (or Mimi), many of you might have heard of her since she is behind Shakshooka and The Secret Garden project. Tampopo is actually right next to the Secret Garden, it’s a small place with a main seating area composed of a bar running along the kitchen counter, as well as a bar facing the opposite wall and another bar stretching across the main storefront window. The menu is extremely simple with just three ramen dishes to choose from: Chicken, duck and vegan ramen. They also have a few cocktails and surprisingly, really great tasting non-alcholic Japanese Asahi beer.

I was there with some friends and so we ordered one of everything. My favorite ramen bowl was the vegan one followed by the duck and then the chicken. Because we got there early at around 6:30PM, we managed to find seating, but by the time we were done with our bowls, the place was already packed with people waiting to be seated. I loved the food, the atmosphere and all the people behind Tampopo so I’m definitely going back again this week. Plus its walking distance from my home which is pretty convenient.

Because Tampopo is still in a soft launch phase, they’re only open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6PM to 10PM. But, starting next week they might start opening on Mondays as well. They also right now only accept cash but should start accepting knet next week. For a map of the location and to stay up to date on their store timings, check out their instagram page @tampopo.ramenshop

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Mass Food Poisoning

Post by Mark

So last week there was a case of mass food poisoning in Kuwait because of a falafel restaurant in Hawalli. Supposedly the former partner of the restaurant conspired with an employee to poison the falafel and today Kuwait Times mentions they found the food to be contaminated with salmonella and other types of bacteria. Around 300 customers got food poisoned and yet none of the newspapers or news outlets have mentioned which restaurant had their food contaminated (at least none of the English outlets). I really don’t understand why news media continue to shy away from posting the name of the restaurant especially in a case like this where many other people might be infected and not know they are.

When there was an E. coli outbreak at Chipotle in the States, all the news outlets wrote about it, but if the same outbreak had taken place in Kuwait they’d probably just describe Chipotle as an American franchise.

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