A Fairytale Setup

Post by Mark

Found this video on Vimeo of what looks to be a setup for a wedding or some sort of other event that took place in Kuwait. Whatever the event was, the setup looks magical, like something out of a fairytale. It was done by the UAE based company DesignLab Experience and I’m super impressed. [Vimeo]


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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Post by Mark

According to the weather forecast it’s going to be nice and sunny weather but there aren’t that many outdoor activities this week anyway. If you’re into photography there a Photographer’s Bazaar taking place at Symphony mall today. If you’re into Opera’s or want to experience one, the Ahmadi Music Group are performing Don Giovanni today and tomorrow with tickets for both nights still available as of this post. Finally the Madeenah Tour will be stoping by my neighborhood on Saturday which is fun so I might be crashing that. Check out the full list of events taking place this weekend below:

Exhibition: It’s a Mad World
Exhibition: Sibeel Water by Ammar Al Attar
Calligraphy & Watercolor Workshop
Autism Awareness Lecture
Opera: Don Giovanni
Rooftop Movie: In a Better World
Photographer’s Bazaar

Calligraphy & Watercolor Workshop
Opera: Don Giovanni
Taichi in the Park
Yoga at the Park (Hatha Yoga)

Yoga at the Park (Vinyasa Flow – Women Only)
Yoga at the Park (Yoga with the 3)
Madeenah Tour: Salem Almubarak Street
The Divan’s Debate Tournament
Rooftop Movie: Tokyo Story

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]
For a full list of upcoming events click [Here]

Sometimes events get canceled or have details changed so double check info with organizers.

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Kuwait – Discover the Opportunity

Post by Mark

QCPTV just released their 3rd documentary on Kuwait which will be aired on British Airways flights this coming July. This 3rd part focuses on the changing economic and investment climate of Kuwait, as well as showcasing the lifestyle and vibrant city life Kuwait has to offer. This film will be aired onboard British Airways international long-haul flights across its global network throughout the month of July. [YouTube]


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25th Anniversary of 1991 Kuwaiti Oil Fires

Post by Mark


In April of 1991 following Iraqi military setting the Kuwait Oil Fields aflame, photographer Sebastião Salgado documented the environmental disaster. The New York Times featured some of his photos a few days ago which will be featured in his upcoming book, “Kuwait: Desert on Fire” which will be released by Taschen this coming August 2016. Check out his photos [Here]

If you want to purchase original prints of some his photos can you do so from [Here] but expect to pay on upwards of KD2,000 for a print.

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A Man, a Skyline and Lots of Poetry

Post by Mark


There’s something about this instagram account that I find very liberating. The account belongs to a guy called Ahmed Abou Hameed and I found it by chance while looking for old Datsuns in Kuwait. Ahmed owns a beautiful classic Skyline GT and the account is just pictures and videos of him and his car traveling around the region. The guy seems very chill and also a poet since most of his captions are full of poetry.


Just flipping through his account kinda makes me want to take a road trip with him. He seems to love his Skyline and also picnics in the desert. It’s all so odd, I mean most of the photos look vintage because of the car and the way he looks but then you have his choice of music and all this poetry that just tops everything off. I love it and can’t get enough of him and I respect him a lot for actually driving his pristine condition Skyline everywhere instead of parking it to gather dust.


I think I’m the only guy who writes in English on his account although most of the time I’m tagging my friends who don’t understand what I find so fascinating about this guy. I like him, I love his car and he seems like a cool guy so check out his instagram account @a.a7mad.1973

Update: Ahmed somehow found out about my post and shared it with his followers on his instagram account along with the poem below. Now I need to give a call and see if I could have tea with him somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


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How to get Netflix USA working again

Post by Mark

For those of you who’ve been using some sort of VPN or proxy service to access the US version of Netflix you’ve probably realized that’s no longer working. Since Netflix has started cracking down on VPN and proxy users a lot of the services stopped working with Netflix. I was personally using StrongDNS and later moved to OverPlay but both now stopped working with Netflix. But after a bit of research and trial and error, I did find one provider which worked with Netflix, Smart DNS Proxy.

They have a page up with the necessary steps you need to take to get Netflix to work with their service. I’ve been using it for a week now and even though it’s slightly buggy it’s been working for me. Basically by buggy I mean sometimes when I want to play a video it gives me an error that I can’t because I’m using a proxy. But after pressing play a few times the warning disappears and the video starts playing.

Smart DNS Proxy costs the same as the other providers which is $4.99 a month but a few days after I signed up to the free trial I got an email offering me a discounted rate and I ended up paying basically $20 for a year which is pretty cheap. So if you’re looking for a DNS service that works with Netflix USA, these are the guys I’m using right now. [Link]

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Small Business: Concretist

Post by Mark


A lot of the small local businesses that pop up on instagram seem to be related with food, but every now and then you get one that isn’t. Concretist is one and I’m so in love with their products.

Concretist is all about concrete if you couldn’t already tell from their name and the photos here. They create different items like candle holders, pots and coasters all by hand using concrete. Their work is very minimilist and tasteful which is why I knew I needed to get something as soon as I saw their stuff. I ended up ordering one of their candle holders, 3 small differently shaped plant pots and a larger custom pot for my beautiful orchid. I actually wanted to get more of their items but I just couldn’t figure out where I’d put them at home.


The guy behind Concretist is Faisal Al-Ghoul, a Jordanian expat who works as a banker during the day but stays up late at night to work on these beautiful concrete creations. He got into concrete out of curiosity when he found a bag of it outside his house one day. Wanting to see what he could do with it, he started experimenting with the concrete and later started creating items for his home. When his friends saw his creations they also wanted some so he started making more and his small business started like that.


Since everything is handmade and made to order, there is usually a short waiting period unless he has the item in stock. My items are taking two weeks to produce which actually isn’t that bad. I like that it takes time but if you’re hoping to get a last minute gift for someone, this isn’t going to be a practical option, not unless you plan ahead which is what I’ll be doing. I also love the fact that you can order the pots with plants since saves me the trouble of going to the plant nurseries myself. Faisal’s prices are very reasonable, if anything I actually think they’re a bit on the low side since for example his small pots start at KD12. Considering they’re hand made and he can only produce so many, his prices are a steal since they’re kinda like little art pieces.

If you’re interested in checking out their items or ordering anything, you can check out the Concretist instagram account @concretist

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Wireless Charging at IKEA

Post by Mark


IKEA Kuwait now have their wireless charging range available including their wireless charging pads and furniture with built-in wireless charging spots. I read about these products last year but didn’t think they were launching them so soon. You can now for example buy a bedside lamp that includes a wireless charging spot so in the evening all you need to do is put your phone on the lamp base and it will start charging. It’s simpler than having to plug your phone into a charger and it also means less wire clutter.

Some phones already have wireless charging built in but if your phone doesn’t (like iPhones) then you’re going to have to purchase one of their covers to use with their furniture. If this interests you, here is a link to the IKEA Kuwait product page which has more information on it. [Link]

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New Restaurant: Backyard

Post by Mark


I didn’t try Backyard yet, I just passed by it yesterday because I was meeting with a friend but I left in complete shock at how unexpectedly beautiful the location was. Backyard is located in the Argan Business Park, a place I didn’t even know existed until a few days back. It’s a very striking and impressive glass structure located at the far end corner of the Free Trade Zone. There are no markings or any signs outside the building, and because of its heavy use of dark glass, the building could easily pass as a headquarters for a secret spy agency or the offices of Darth Vader Enterprises if such a thing existed.


Once you walk inside this complex though you’re suddenly in an open air courtyard with beautiful pools and greenery. Just gorgeous landscaping which caught me by surprise. And right there over looking the pools and greenery is a new restaurant that just recently opened called Backyard.


The chef is Bernat Rodriguez Candel which some of you might know of if you have any friends at C Club since he’s also responsible for the restaurant over there. Chef Barnat is also now responsible for Backyard and flipping through the menu I caught a few things that I’d want to go back and try. I wish I knew about this place last week when the weather was still cool during the day but it shouldn’t be that bad right now if you go in the afternoon. They also have indoor seating but really it’s their outdoor seating that I found very serene. Right now they’re open from Saturday to Thursday, 8AM to 6PM, here is their location on [Google Maps] and here is a link to their instagram account @backyardkw

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Being Misunderstood

Post by Mark


Over the weekend I had the strangest encounter with someone on Facebook. A girl who I’ll just call “F” added me as a friend and I accepted thinking I knew her because we had a lot of friends in common. But, after flipping through her photos I realized we had never met so I unfriended her. She didn’t take that very well and sadly, this isn’t the first time where my none offensive or aggressive actions were misunderstood. I don’t know what it is about me but it’s really weird how I tend to piss people off pretty frequently without even trying, check out the conversation below:

(Warning: May contain drama)

F: I recall adding you. and i recall an accept but thank you for the unfriendship

Mark: hey, just saw this message, sorry i accepted your friend request thinking we had met before but when i realized we hadn’t i unfriended.

F: sure no worries. my intention was to get to meet everyone in Kuwait so far everyone i added on fb from kuwait i had met
sure good luck !

Mark: i hope you didn’t take it personally, its just with my facebook account i only add or accept people i’ve met in person before.

F: no i don’t take it personally i dont even know you ;)


***** Next day a friend sent me the message above so I messaged her back *****

Mark: ummm why are you asking my friends about me?

F: because i dont trust ur answer and i thought it is weird and odd

Mark: ?

Mark: Which answer

F: and ur enttiled to do what ever u want just i like i am

F: i use facebook differently and now i m sure 100% u have a problem with me
so i got my answer it is not because you do not know me

Mark: Lady I have no clue who you are, Don’t take it personally

F: what bothers me is how people are easily lie to one another without confronting the truth
it is not taking it personally too to ask about it
i cant trust you

Mark: I think you’re mistaking me for someone else
We’ve never met

F: oka i think you r are violating my personal space ..
maybe ur right. i think your someone else.

Mark: Listen not sure what your problem is but I just thought it was weird you were asking people about me.

F: not asking them im questioning your credibility
and your honesty
and what i got is that your weird.

Mark: What does my credibility and honesty have to do with me unfriending u cuz I don’t know u?

F: because i have 5000 friends and i always use facebook to get know people .. i use it for many reasons .. and i found your justtification totally odd

Mark: Wtf

F: okay i have to go back to work..
take care..

F: you know whats funny ? is that i added like 41 people who are friends with ****** because im back home to kuwait and i didnt know anyone .. and thought of making a film about their work and get to to know their life and discover the new kuwait i have been absent from.. so i thought you are one of those open minded people who are trying to create a good mood here and social life.. with your blog.. but again.. your atittude is strange to me and i never saw it from anyone of the 41 pees i added so hence the shock..

F: now it is not your fault it is my fault for thinking you are like me.. open to socializing and new friendships. please refrain from talking to me and sorry about bothering you :)
have a wonderful night.

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