Tour of the Kuwait Cultural Centre Construction Site

Posted by Mark

The Kuwait Cultural Centre is currently under construction on the Gulf Road and the video above is a guided tour of the construction site. The tour is 40 minutes long and in Arabic but you can skip through various sections of the video if you just want to get a rough idea on the current status of project. [YouTube]


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Vietnamese Food

Posted by Mark


Quick question, does anyone know of a Vietnamese restaurant in Kuwait?

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Review: The Smallville Hotel – Beirut, Lebanon

Posted by Mark


Around two weeks back I was in Lebanon for the weekend and stayed at a hotel called The Smallville. When I’m in Lebanon I usually stay at one of the beautiful guesthouses like Beyt, but because I was booking last minute I couldn’t find any availability which is why I ended up booking at Smallville. The hotel is fairly new having been open for around a year now and going by the pictures online it looked like a trendy place to stay. More importantly though it was fairly affordable compared to some of the other options I was looking at.

After spending two nights there I can easily say it’s now one of my favorite places to stay when I go down to Lebanon and it’s incredible value for money.


The hotel itself is located in a quiet neighborhood but its still very close to Achrafieh, Gemeyze and Downtown. The room was fairly large and I had the regular “Premium King” room yet it came with a small kitchen, a seating area and a balcony with a view. The staff where really friendly throughout the stay even when I stumbled into the hotel lobby at 6AM from a night out and started mumbling to them about my checkout time (which they replied telling me I could checkout whenever I woke up no issues). It feels like a hotel made for fun party goers and I like that because you feel comfortable even when you do silly things.

My room cost me $118 a night and I booked last minute so you could probably get it cheaper if you book earlier. When I was checking out the manager gave me his card and told me to contact him the next time I want to book since he could offer me an even better deal. I’ve already recommended the hotel to some friends who ended up loving it as well so if you’re looking for a trendy and affordable place to stay in while visiting Lebanon, then I’d highly recommend The Smallville. Here is a link to their [Website]

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Assaha Lebanese Restaurant

Posted by Mark


Assaha isn’t a new place, they’ve actually been open for around three years now but I only discovered it a few months back when I had a business lunch there. It’s now become one of my favorite Lebanese restaurants which I frequent often alongside Leila.


Assaha is a Lebanese chain with locations around the world including Lebanon, London, Qatar, Sudan and Iraq. The building on the outside looks like an old Lebanese house and once you’re inside that look continues. There are a lot and I do mean a lot of seating space all around the inside of the building, but my favorite is the courtyard space in the back which also happens to be the no smoking area (pictured above). Once you’re in the courtyard you no longer feel like you’re in Kuwait anymore.

The food is obviously good or else I wouldn’t be recommending the place and the service is even better. They also have raw meats for those of you that are wondering. If you’re interested, Assaha is easy to find since they’re located on the Gulf Road, right next to Steak and Shake. Here is their location on [Google Maps]

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BMXing around Mubarakiya

Posted by Mark

World Champion BMX Flatland Master Viki Gomez visited Kuwait to put on several shows and while he was here TJCfilms managed to shoot a video of him performing stunts all around Souk Mubarakiya. Check it out on top. [YouTube


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Mishwarna – Episode 7

Posted by Mark

The LOYAC series Mishwarna is now being produced and released every two weeks instead of a weekly basis because the producers want to spend more time on the production. I didn’t notice an improvement in production quality this week and the content still seems very short, especially for two weeks worth of work. Personally I think they should go back to doing this weekly because 4 minutes of content every two weeks just seems a bit lazy.

In this episode of Mishwarna, Rawaf and Tamara covered Souk Mubarakiya but they barely share anything. They didn’t recommend places, share an interesting little spot they found or even share their favorite spots. So what was the purpose of the video? For something as busy and packed with interesting things as Mubarakiya, I am surprised they weren’t able to create a much longer video with so much more interesting content.


For those of you who’ve been questioning why I’ve been sharing these videos on a weekly basis even though they’re not great its because I’m supporting them. A lot of people create content but then get demoralized and kill the project when they don’t get enough viewers. I wanted to send viewers their way in hopes of getting them more excited about these videos so they could work on improving them. But 7 episodes in I still haven’t noticed an improvement and it’s actually taken a step backwards by now taking two weeks to produce the same content they were producing weekly. This is why unless there is a dramatic difference in the next episode, this will probably be the last video of the series I share. [YouTube]

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New Police Rescue Car Livery

Posted by Mark

Based on the video above that has been circulating Whatsapp, it looks like the local police enforcement are getting new “Rescue” vehicles with their very own car graphics that look a bit rice. Based on the video they’re just waiting for approval before releasing the cars onto the streets. [YouTube]


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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Posted by Mark


It’s a super busy weekend again. My personal picks are the Gardens of Al Andalus which is the first exhibition being held at the newly opened Al Shaheed Park. If you’re a UFC fan like me then the Gold’s Gym opening is a must just because you’ll get to see and meet the legendary Anderson Silva. On the other hand if you’re a Harley fan then on Friday you should pass by the dealership since they will be revealing the Street 750 as well as offer test rides. Finally on Saturday the Secret Garden is holding their second Saturday Night Lights event, the first one (pictured on top) was a lot of fun with a lot of great food. Check out the full list of weekend events below:

Kuwait Dino Park
Exhibition: Gardens of Al Andalus
Gold’s Gym Opening with Anderson Silva
Out of Kuwait Film Screening

Kuwait Dino Park
Exhibition: Gardens of Al Andalus
Behind the Scenes Seminar
Culinary Event: Pie, Pie & More Pie
Harley-Davidson Street 750 Reveal

Kuwait Dino Park
Exhibition: Gardens of Al Andalus
Be A Gunner, Be A Runner 2015
Guided Tour: Grand Mosque
Akon Concert
K’S PATH Open Day
Madeenah Tour: Mubarakiya
Saturday Night Lights
Kids Story Telling
Play: Antigone

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]
For the rest of the months events click [Here]

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This can’t be right

Posted by Mark


Awhile ago as I was pulling up into my street and into my buildings underground parking, I noticed a cop car parked on the side of the road. I then noticed a bunch of cars that were parked legally on the side of the road had tickets on them. So I pulled up next to the cop and I asked him if this was a no parking street, he replied saying no he’s ticketing them for “عرقلة” which means obstruction.


What exactly are these cars obstructing (for example the 4 pictured on top)? I checked the tickets and noticed he left the space where he’s supposed to explain what the ticket is for blank. That can’t be right or fair can it?

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Al Shaheed Park is Now Open

Posted by Mark

The beautiful and recently refurbished (or should I say completely rebuilt) Al Shaheed Park which I posted about [Here] is now officially open to the public. They’re open every day from 5AM to 10PM except on Fridays where the park is open from 1PM to 10PM. There is no entrance fee but there are some park rules which are the following:

– No smoking
– No littering
– No use of bicycles, skateboards, skates, or recreational scooters inside the park.
– No outside Food or beverages.
– No barbecues or picnics.
– No pets allowed.
– No damaging any part of any building, sign, sculpture.
– No picking or damaging any flower, plant or tree
– No writing on the walls.
– No stepping inside the lake and fountains.
– No sitting on railings or climbing on any part of the buildings.
– No engaging in business or commercial activity inside the park without authorization from the Park Management.
– No distribution or placement of notices or advertising device without approval of the Park Management.
– No film or photography requiring equipment or exclusive use of an area without permit from the Park Management.
– Please supervise your children at all times to ensure their safety.
– Please note that stepping on grass is not allowed except in the Circle of Peace, Amphitheater and around the Constitution Monument. Baby Strollers are not allowed on the grass except for wheelchairs
– Please note that the Park management has the right to ask visitors who violates the rules & regulations of Al Shaheed Park to leave the park immediately.
– Please note that the park management reserves the right, if necessary, to stop picture taking and video recording.

The rule I had an issue with is regarding the no film or photography but after asking them about it, turns out its geared more towards commercial photography and not personal photography.

So if you’ve been wanting to check out the park you now can. For more information check out their instagram account [Here]

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