Help Me Update the Suicide Prevention Hotlines List

Back in 2018, I posted a list of suicide prevention hotlines in Kuwait. I updated the list again in 2020 with more numbers but today I realized those numbers not only no longer work but have rotated back into the public and are now owned by other people. I called the Kuwait Center For Mental Health and asked them if they had a suicide prevention hotline, that call turned out to be a joke.

The guy I spoke to didn’t understand how a hotline would help a suicidal person and told me the person needs to come to them. So after explaining to them the benefits of having a hotline, he said the person should seek help from his family who will then bring them to the center. I thanked him then hung up.

So now I need to update the list of numbers but I’m at a dead end, I think most of the information might be available online but in Arabic. In any case, if you can help me update the list of numbers, get in touch with me.


Kuwait Post to Start Delivery Soon

Back in December, I posted that starting in February regular mail would start being delivered to your door. February came and went with no sign of that happening. Actually, I personally had to drive to Sabah Al Ahmad last week which is an hour away because someone at the post office read my office building “Wafra Downtown Tower” on my package and thought I lived in Wafra. They sent my package to Sabah Al Ahmad which although the post office there was a much better experience than the Sideeq one, its pretty freakin far…

Anyway, it looks like the post office will start home delivery pretty much right after Eid. They have a new website up, and according to the website they’ve teamed u[p with a local company called “Sail Shipping & Logistics” to handle local deliveries.



Do you remember this tree?

It’s a do you remember this kind of morning. There used to be a huge tree inside Fashion Way (Mothercare) next to Sultan Center in Salmiya. I never thought much of it until a reader asked me if I had any photos of it since he couldn’t find any. I thought it was weird he wasn’t able to find any photos so I look myself but I also couldn’t find any.

Luckily another reader had a photo of it and sent it to me. I don’t know the story behind the tree but I do remember it was animated, and thinking about it now while looking at the photo, it was actually pretty impressive.

Thanks @janna_xxx


Kuwait Unplugged is Back!

Kuwait Unplugged, one of the first blogs in Kuwait is now back online after being offline for years. The blog was launched back in 2003 by “Zaydoun”, just a couple of weeks after me and my friends launched Qhate (he hated the name, and probably still does).

I didn’t know Zaydoun back then but years later got to meet him and we became friends. A super interesting guy and I was really disappointed when his blog went offline since if you traced the start of Kuwait’s online social media scene, it all began with Kuwait Unplugged and Qhate. I’m really glad his archive is back online now, if you want to take a walk down memory lane or just browse through really old posts to get an idea of what life in Kuwait was like 20 years ago, here is the link.


Give – Donating this Ramadan Made Simple

Give is a local non-profit organization that aims to improve the process of donating to charities. Their online platform connects people with registered Kuwaiti charities in order to make it easier to discover what projects are available and to donate to them all from one place.

The Give website lists different projects in various countries you could donate to not just Kuwait, so if you want to donate to a certain cause that’s not local, you can also do that. As of this post, they have 47 different Kuwait-based projects listed ranging from snacks for low-income workers to sponsoring an orphan child. Navigating the various projects and finding one that is of interest to you is very easy, the whole experience actually is very simple and I really like it.

The process of donating once you find a cause is really fast and you don’t even need to create an account or give them your name or email address. It took me less than a minute from the moment I found a project I wanted to donate to till I checked out and finished paying.

It’s a really impressive project and with Ramadan coming up, I felt it was important to repost about them so download their Apple or Android apps or check out their website or


Watching Formula 1 in Kuwait (2023 Edition)

I just got back from watching Formula 1 in Bahrain and honestly, I always found it super boring watching the races live. You only watch an F1 race live for the experience, not the actual race since while you’re at the track you’re really only watching a corner or two of the race.

My favorite way to watch Formula 1 is through the official F1 TV app. It’s really the best way to watch F1 since you get to watch all the practice sessions, post-race shows, and of course the qualifications and races. For the races, you get to choose between two different English commentary teams as well as have access to multiple cameras and race data. The subscription costs around $80 for the whole year which isn’t bad if you’re an F1 fan.

Technically, Kuwait isn’t a supported country in the app, but there is a way to get around that.

Firstly, you need to get an F1 TV Pro subscription. You can’t use your credit card to subscribe because it won’t accept Kuwait-based cards so you’re going to need an Apple device and a US Apple Store account. If you have those two then can subscribe to F1 TV from inside the F1 TV app and pay for the subscription using your Apple account.

The second thing you need is a VPN or a SmartDNS service, similar to the ones you use to access streaming services like HBO, Hulu, etc. I prefer using SmartDNS since it’s super easy to set up on the Apple TV. I get mine from (affiliate link) and it costs me around $5 a month.

Once you have your SmartDNS set up, it’s just a matter of launching the app whenever there is a race and you’re set. Easy.


Larger Winter Wonderland Opening in September

Fadel Al Dosari, the CEO of the Touristic Enterprises Company recently revealed a bunch of details during an interview with KTV relating to the second season of Winter Wonderland. Here are some of the points I found the most interesting:

  • Winter Wonderland will close on April 1st
  • Work on Winter Wonderland season 2 will start immediately after closure
  • Season 2 will occupy a 40% larger footprint
  • Season 2 will increase the number of games from 22 to 35
  • The number of restaurants and cafes will be increased
  • Season 2 will be ready to open by September and will remain open for 6 months
  • Season 2 operating hours will be longer and start earlier in the day
  • It’s expected by the end of the current season, 600,000 visitors would have visited the park
  • They’re aiming to receive 1.5million visitors next season and up to 15,000 visitors a day

If you’d like to watch the interview, click here.


Fireworks Show Tonight

Just a reminder, the fireworks show is happening tonight at 8PM. They’ll be closing down the Gulf Road from the 2nd Ring Road all the way to the British Embassy from 5:30PM onwards.

If you’re planning to watch the show, you might be trying to figure out where to park. My recommendation is Al Shaheed Park Phase 1 (or the Al Khalejia Parking lot but that place gets busy at night anyway and is probably muddy because of yesterday’s rain).

The reason I’d recommend Al Shaheed Park is that the parking is huge and is designed with heavy traffic in mind. There is also a pedestrian bridge right outside which allows you to cross the busy highway without any danger.

There is also an underpass with a raised sidewalk that will also allow you to cross under a strip of highway again without any danger. After that, the only road you have to cross is the Gulf Road which will be closed to cars anyway.


Souk El Tayeb & Tawlet are Coming to Kuwait

The most popular farmers market in Lebanon Souk El Tayeb is coming to Kuwait from March 16 to 18 and will be held at Al Shaheed Park. Not only that but they’re also bringing their award-winning restaurant, Tawlet which recently ranked #19 MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Tawlet is their farmers’ kitchen where cooks from around Lebanon come and tell their stories and traditions through authentic home cooking. It was one of the spots Anthony Bourdain visited on his show and described it as a “sort of utopian showcase” for the artisans at Souk El Tayeb.

Up to 30 small families will be flying from Lebanon to Kuwait to take part in this and up to 30 small local businesses will also be taking part.

More information will be posted closer to the event but for now you can follow the organizer’s account @leanstart.kwt


When Andy Warhol Came to Kuwait – 1977

Back in 1977, Andy Warhol came to Kuwait under the invitation of the National Council of Arts, Culture, and Letters, and his work was exhibited at the Dhaiat Abdullah Al Salem Gallery. Fred Hughes, his manager, accompanied him from the States, along with James Mayor of the Mayor Gallery in London.

Andy always carried his camera everywhere he went and while he was in Kuwait he took a lot of photos. Thanks to @5892484, I was recently made aware that all the photos he took on his trip are available online at the Standford Libraries Andy Warhol Photography Archive.

While researching for this post I also found this interesting tidbit from James Mayor about their trip to Kuwait:

I had a girlfriend who was on the board of the Arts Council of Kuwait who had offered to hold an exhibition of any artist of my choice. I suggested maybe Andy Warhol and she jumped at the chance, as did Andy who gave up his invitation to President Carter’s inauguration at the White House to do it. I remember during the lay-over at Frankfurt airport on our way to Kuwait having what I thought would be my last drink for a week or so (boy, how wrong I was!); we were met off the plane by a tomato soup coloured Rolls and ushered away to non-stop parties. At the first dinner we were welcomed by the largest drinks trolley I have ever seen and after dinner the white-gloved English butler offered us all ready-rolled joints on a silver salver. At another lunch a sheik came up to me and said ‘You have brought me Andy, now bring me Salvador!’ Sadly no commissions materialised but I did manage to sell one Marilyn portfolio and a couple of sets of Soup Cans. source

Click here to see all the photos from that trip.