Endangered Sea Turtle Brutally Killed in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


Over the weekend a video went viral showing an endangered sea turtle being killed on a beach in Kuwait. In the very graphic video (which I won’t share on this blog), one man is seen sitting on top of the large turtle with a small kitchen knife in his hand while his family and friends can be heard in the background encouraging him to cut off the turtles head. You can even hear a voice of a woman and a child in the video, both in support of the killing. Once the perpetrator starts cutting off the turtles head, a second man comes into the video frame to help hold the turtle down. Once the head is cut off the child in the background yells out that he wants the head while everyone else watches the now dead and decapitated turtle bleed on the beach.


The Environment Public Authority (EPA) is now offering a KD3,000 reward to anyone who can identify the people in the video. It’s a very horrific crime but animal abuse sadly isn’t very rare in Kuwait. Last year some guys were driving around with shotguns shooting and decapitating stray dogs and then posting pictures all over Instagram and they were never punished so I am hoping this time around the perpetrators will be punished and made an example of.

Most of the articles on the sea turtle killing are in Arabic but KUNA have a poorly written piece on it which you could read [Here]

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1st Healthy City in Kuwait

Posted by Mark


Yarmouk became the first healthy city in Kuwait this month by fulfilling the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO). Some of the requirements they fulfilled included:

– Fighting against obesity
– Having a walk marathon
– Beautification and cleaning of the city
– Setting up a well-equipped walking track
– Planted trees
– Saved power and water
– Washed streets with water and soap
– Organized exhibitions for young entrepreneurs a
– Established an environment-friendly park
– Organized cultural, social, educational and health symposiums and lectures
– Urged people to donate blood
– Combatted smoking
– Fighting swine flu

I think thats really great now if only the same formula could be applied to my area or other areas around Kuwait. Checkout the article on KUNA [Here]

Photo by Samira

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The locust are coming!

Posted by Mark


Kuwait is expecting unwelcomed guests next week – swarms of desert locusts are set to arrive to the country due to climate change and increased temperature, a veteran meteorologist said. The swarms are expected to be considerably large compared to recent years, according to forecasts by “some environmental and agricultural groups”, said Dr Saleh Al-Ojairi in a statement Monday. [Source]

Deep-fried locust anyone?

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Kuwait Airport Loses Power

Posted by Mark


According to @watannews the power went out at the Kuwait Airport earlier today. According to rumors I’ve heard the backup generators also ended up failing. Doesn’t look like any flights were affected though.

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Lawyer Accused Of Worshipping Devil

Posted by Mark


Former MP Mohammad Hayef has accused an unidentified lawyer of devil worship after the latter stuck pictures and hung dummies of scary characters outside his house in Jabriya area as part of his child’s birthday celebrations.

According to sources, when former MP Mohammad Hayef alerted Jabriya Police Station about some people worshipping the devil inside the house, police officers rushed to the house to discover the residents were celebrating a child’s birthday. They demanded the owner of the house, who is a lawyer, to remove the pictures and dummies.

The lawyer expressed surprise over the reaction of the former lawmaker, affirming that he will sue Hayef over the issue especially since the pictures of his house has been circulating on social networking websites as a center for devil worship. [Source]

I love the local news.

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Tons of spoiled food found in largest ever raid

Posted by Mark


Sources quoted by the Kuwait Times said the two-day operation carried out Sunday covered four warehouses owned by a single company, with items seized including meat products, fish, poultry and other ingredients. [Source]

Why doesn’t the local media mention which company and what the product brands are? Shouldn’t they warn people who might have already purchased the products?

Photo from ArabianBusiness

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Dedicated gates for Jazeera Airways at Kuwait Airport

Posted by Mark


Jazeera Airways said on Monday it is in the final stages of launching a dedicated gates facility at Kuwait International Airport.

The airline said in a statement that its investment in Kuwait Airport will lift the airport’s gates capacity by 30 percent and will offer a “better, easier, and more streamlined boarding experience for customers”. [Source]

Originally I remember reading that they were going to have their own dedicated terminal but I guess that didn’t work out and they’re now going to have dedicated gates instead.

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Six Flags opening in Dubai

Posted by Mark


Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, the world’s largest regional theme park company, and Meraas Leisure and Entertainment, have announced plans to bring a theme park to Dubai.

In a joint statement, the companies said a new strategic partnership will bring a Six Flags-branded theme park to the emirate. The project is planned to open in late 2017 and will be located within the multi-themed park project in Jebel Ali launched by Meraas.

I’m jealous. [Link]

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Kuwait Airways will have WiFi and GSM on flights soon

Posted by Mark


According to an article published on Interactive Travel, the new Kuwait Airways planes that will start arriving at the end of the year will allow you to use your mobile phone during flight as well as connect online via WiFi.

The airline has ordered five A330s and seven A320s, all of which will be line fitted with Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir. The first A320 and first A330 will be delivered in December 2014 and May 2015.

If this actually happens I might start flying Kuwait Airways again. [Link]

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Kuwait Airways to cut 1,000 jobs this year

Posted by Mark


The airline’s first female CEO, who took control in December, said eventually she would like to reduce staff numbers even further.
“My target is 4,500 but I can’t do that this year,” she said.

The airline is undergoing a major restructure after two decades of being burdened with old, inefficient aircraft, staff protectionism and a bloated workforce of 6,000.

I want to be optimistic but I find it hard to believe they’ll fire 1,000 government employees. [Link]

Update: Nevermind, I missed the line that said all the employees they are going to fire are foreigners. Now it makes sense.

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