Startup Investment Guide for Kuwaiti Investors

Post by Mark


Abdullah Alshalabi, one of the cofounders behind the local startup FishFishMe has published an article on his blog on how Kuwaitis should go about investing in startups. He shared his own investment theory along with an investment cheat sheet, so if startups interest you, check out his post [Here]

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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Post by Mark

Super tiny list this weekend. One new thing I’ll be doing from now on is adding table top gaming events from Good Game to the list like the Magic: The Gathering event taking place on Friday. If I find out about anything else taking place this weekend I’ll add it to the list but for now this is whats going on:

Ramadan Bootcamp by Diet Care
Cooking 101 at The Yard

Yoga Flow with Rosy
Good Game: Magic: The Gathering

Yoga at the Park (Hatha Yoga)

If you’d like to share an event on the blog [Email Me]
For a full list of upcoming events click [Here]

Sometimes events get canceled or have details changed so double check info with organizers.

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Wholesome Foods, A New Organic Supermarket

Post by Mark


If you were hoping the American supermarket chain Whole Foods would open in Kuwait one day, well this is the closest thing you’re gonna get. Wholesome Foods is a new supermarket that Saveco have opened up and not only does it have the same name as Whole Foods, it basically has the same interior look and color scheme along with a similar concept (they mostly carry organic and healthy food products).


It’s not a very large place, but it’s two floors and they have a good variety of items you won’t find at other supermarkets. They’re located in Salmiya in The View building where Marks & Spencer is so the place is pretty close to where I live. Since I’m always frustrated with the lack of product range at Sultan I’ll probably be passing by Whole Foods (can we just call it that?) to pick up whatever I can’t find anywhere else.


If you’re wondering about the prices, they’re similar to Saveco. Whole Foods is open daily from 10AM to 1AM and here is their location on [Google Maps]

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Truefitt & Hill Barbershop Opening in Kuwait

Post by Mark


Truefitt & Hill is the oldest barbershop in the world established back in 1805 in London, and they’re opening their first location in the Middle East here in Kuwait at the Symphony Mall. I hadn’t heard of them until a redditor mentioned them and according to him they’ll be opening up by the end of the year.

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Lebanese Food Blogger Comes to Kuwait, Visits Worst Places

Post by Mark

A very popular Lebanese food blogger came to Kuwait as part of his Middle East food tour and guess which restaurants in Kuwait he goes to review? Semsom, Kosebasi, Margherita and the Radisson Blu buffet! Talk about the dumbest things a food blogger can do, you come all the way to Kuwait from Lebanon to review restaurants, and then you go to places that you already have back home? I don’t get it.

A friend on twitter suggested its probably because those places paid him to review them which would make sense and if that is the case that sucks. On the bright side, you can use this video as a reference of where NOT to take guests who are visiting Kuwait, except for Freej Swaileh since that place is legit. The even sadder part is when he asks his local guide if he had a week in Kuwait where he should go, the guide replies saying there are tons of places and then proceeds to mention six of which three are malls. *sigh*

Check out the video on [YouTube]


Note: Just to clarify, I meant worst places as in worst places that represent the local food scene and not worst places as in the worst food.

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Security Screening Updates at the Kuwait Airport

Post by Mark

According to a recent news report on Al Rai, the Kuwait Airport have updated the security screening stations on departure. The airport increased the security stations from a previous total of four to a new total of six. One station for first/business class passengers as well as flight crew, two for GCC residents and three machines now for expats.


On a related note, Kuwait Airways no longer flies direct to New York but instead has to stop in Ireland for a security check before continuing to the States. I understood that it’s due to the poor security checks at the Kuwait Airport. United Airlines stopped their Kuwait – Washington route earlier this year and one of the rumored reasons was because of poor airport security and it makes sense now. Last year there were also rumors that British Airways would halt all flights from Kuwait unless security at the airport was improved.

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The Approved Market Now Delivers

Post by Mark

The Approved Market is a small healthy foods supermarket which I frequent often and I found out a couple of days ago that they now have delivery. The cost for delivery is KD1 and you can order by calling or whatsapping 69096438.

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Early Photos of Kuwaiti Landmarks

Post by Mark


Found these two photos on @domestic_arch_kw which I hadn’t seen before. The one above is obviously the Kuwait Towers while the one below is the Fatma Mosque.


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Gay, Ex-muslim. Kuwait to anywhere.

Post by Mark


Here’s my situation: I’m a 22 years old guy from Kuwait. I ran away from home because i got in a heated argument with my father one day which hinted that I wasnt as straight as he thinks i am and that i didnt believe in islam (the religion of my family & my country) so I woke up the next morning to him on top of me trying to strangle me since I committed two things that are punishable in Islam by death (1-being homosexual. 2-leaving islam) but I was able to break free and leave the house and never come back.

I lived in public parks for 6 months. Tried to clean up once every while and apply anywhere I can and got a job . Later I was able to afford a car but not a place to rent …weird? I know. But in here nobody will rent you a place unless you’re married because everyone is so concerned that single people will use those apartments to have sex and host parties where alcohol would be involved (which are all illegal, yeah.. the pre-marriage sex the alcohol and the parties).

No idea if this is real or made up but it’s an interesting read nevertheless. [Link]

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Angelina Opening This Week

Post by Mark


The popular Parisian tea house Angelina is finally set to open up their first location in Kuwait in the next couple of days. I say finally because their coming soon hoarding had been up for so long I thought they were never gonna open.


Angelina are well know for their almost pudding-like hot chocolate and is a very popular tourist hotspot in Paris with sometimes long lines of people waiting to get in. Their first branch in Kuwait will be located on the ground floor of Hamra Tower.

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